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When I first came in to apply and get a tour it seemed like a great school, and it is at its core. The execution is mostly where it fails. With lack of instructors on the floor, very little observation and out of control students the school appears, to me, to be flling apart at the seams. All the focus is making sure the school is obtaining it's payments and passing to TDLR's standards. I agree, most students don't care, but some do and they get left behind and grouped with the rest. The program would be great if more people cared.
Financial aid was helpful while in school. The tuition is toon much and not the the cost. You are better off going to Milan. As everyone I've met that went there have been help and teaching me what I didn't learn at school
The campus has a computer lab but does not have enough computers for the amount of students they hav . More often than not. I was kick out the the lab by teacher. Even when I informed them and showed proof that I was studying for state exams. Computers are provided. Not accessible
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In phase one you are really hands on. After you're just kind of left on your own. You have clients but are given the same type every time so you can't really continue practicing in every aspect of the field. Tland there is some thing you are just unable to do which were promised.
Now that I have graduated and am working with graduates form other schools I now see where my education is lacking. And wish I would have done more research. You are taugh basices not anything that will help you in the work force. But to my understanding it if the schools standard
You're given access to the milady online great tool
Post grad. the school director did contact me once to see how obwas doing. I informed her to I was working but felt that my education was lacking in some areas and would have to take extended courses in area I felt we should have been able to practice more on instead of just over viewed. I haven't heardbfrom her since. I have also been in contact with someone that just wanted to update my file but didn't offer help in finding better options for employment.
They help you find a job when you graduate and then even further down the line if you run into trouble years after you graduate.
it's so fun and everyone is so nice and helpful.
Everyone is different and everyone accepts everyone.
Still cannot really afford to go to school.
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