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Ogle is a good senery if you’re not used to the fast movement, you meet so many people and connect with others on so many levels. You learn about the beauty behind everything, once you’re in you’ll never want to leave.
Administrators are nice and friendly but fail to complete a task without multiple visits. The schools sounds great and fun environment to learn in. I have an issue with students not being able to practice on each other. That is how you truely learn.
We have some books and tests online and it is very easy to work with and get to.
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Career services are top notch, and ogle is always there to help guide us in the right direction!
The overall experience at ogle is amazing, words cannot even describe.
There are always going to be chances and opportunities to be recruited by a wide array of employees, from the face off challenges to the fashion shows ogle puts on.
Very hands on, the instructors are always eager to help and show you how to do it right if you are struggling.
When I came in to apply, admissions staff was very eager to help guide me and show me what the school was all about. Lots of time was spent with me to help me decide if this was the right school for me or not. Had a very detailed tour of the campus, and shown how hours were kept.
Each instructor here is completely invested in every student in the building. If your instructor is busy, another will come to help you out. Every class you take is very hands on and the career readiness program is fantastic.
Many salon owners I have met have graduated from Ogle. The certification programs offered here are highly lucrative in finding a salon to work at when you graduate; not to mention the recruiters that come in once a week to do presentations.
This school makes it so easy to pass your TDLR comprehensive and practical tests. The entire last section of your theory classes are spent practicing and practicing and practicing until you get it right.
It's just fantastic. I've made friends here that I will have for a very long time and a few whom I will work with and collaborate with in the future. The potential for success here is absolutely phenomenal; if you work hard, you will garner amazing results. I would definitely choose this school over again if I had the choice.
The evening program takes almost twice as long to finish, which can definitely be a bummer, but is a wonderful option for people who need the day time to work and/ or take care of their family. There is make up time available for those times when you cant make it to class and the requirements are pretty reasonable.
The class sizes vary. It depends on how many people apply and are accepted by the same start date as you. Regardless of the number of students, instructors always find time to help you if you need help; they also explain things very clearly and leave little room for misinterpretation. There are many opportunities to become certified in several other courses (at an extra fee-one of the few downsides) like micro weave extensions, acrylic nail services, hair straightening services, and many more.
One of the best things about this school is that employers love to recruit from Ogle. We get salon owners and booth renters in every week to speak with us for an hour about what it's like to start a career in this industry. Many people get started on an apprenticeship before they are graduated and are in the salon almost directly after receiving their license.
The cosmetology program has some of the best instructors I've been privy to receiving an education from. It is a very hands on type of learning; the first day you'll be learning techniques on how to color, style, or cut hair. You are also very well prepared to begin building your clientele while in school; you have around nine weeks of training before going onto the salon floor to begin performing services on guests. Once you are out on the floor, you will attend a theory class once a week, which provides you with the information you'll need to pass your TDLR comprehensive and practical exams. You get two breaks a day; one thirty minutes and the other fifteen minutes. There is a decent sized breakroom with two refrigerators and four microwaves and two vending machines. There is ample parking in the back and a bench area under a tree if you need to take smoke breaks.
I've had an absolutely unforgettable time here. The instructors are more than happy to work with you on your weaknesses and greatly encourage you to cultivate your strengths. The financial aid department has been with me every step of the way and the school director Larissa Chaney has been an absolute fount of strength and support for many of us here at Ogle who have had a difficult time balancing work and school. All in all, I could not have chosen a better school to help me hone my craft and begin my career.
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Accepts Anybody – Though I don't attend Ogle until July 11th, 2011, when I toured Ogle, I saw people of every race. Their appearances were clean and stylish. I felt comfortable with every one there.
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