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Oglala Lakota College has small class sizes with a very hands on staff. Everyone at Oglala Lakota College is extremely nice and helpful. If you have a question that the instructor doesn't know they will direct you to the center director and your questions will be answered.
The experience at this college is great because I'm around all Native people and the culture is unique. I would like to see more courses offered and bigger dorms.
I have went to Oglala Lakota College for one semester. I have had an great experience and expect to get my degree with Oglala Lakota college . The teachers along with counselor's are great to work with I have a good relationship with my advisor she is awesome.
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The school hours really work out for me. It lets me work around my work schedule and other plans for my classes.
It is okay to some extent because I work good by myself so it don't really matter to me.
I am not really sure about that I didn't look into it.
I have instructors that really help me in my careers and future and I really appreciate their concern for their students.
You have some instructors that really help you out and some that are your average teacher that don't go of their way to help you out.
The instructors really help me advance my knowledge of the real world.
One of the perks of going to a small school is that you get hands on experience with the projects and work.
Oglala Lakota College offers get assistance to graduating students, including job fairs, further education, and support through it all.
At Oglala Lakota College there are a wide variety of classes offered at different times and on different days. Also, the college has several centers through the West side of the state so if a class you want is not offered at the center near you, you can take the class at another center.
I have known several Oglala Lakota College graduates over the years and they all have had success in jobs after graduating. The college hosts career fairs at the end of each semester in order to help students gain employment.
So far my experience with the instructors has been great. They are all very passionate about their students and their work.
Oglala Lakota College make me feel involved in my major and allows me to be very involved in my course load. I am currently taking basic classes but have already discussed my course load throughout my years here with my counselor to make sure I stay on track and get my degree in a timely manner.
In entering college, everyone has been so helpful. From helping me set up tutoring to getting my books to proof reading scholarship essays. The teachers are very passionate about their students and making sure that they succeed. Oglala Lakota College is not only about teaching the students but is also about instilling values and strong morals in their students.
I believe that the school is very good at dealing with credit transfers. I don't believe I have had a problem with the school.
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I have not yet signed up for any online courses in the college I attend, although it is provided.
I am not quite sure of this area as I have not seen anything or asked about that yet.
I would have to say that there are some opportunities of internships, and job offers in the school. I would have hoped there were more but it is adequate. It is possible to find at least one per semester.
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