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I love Ogeechee Technical college! Being that I been in Florida my entire life, im use to diversity and at Ogeechee im still surrounded by different people. The faculty is very generous and the students are helpful as well.
I've always loved Ogeechee Technical College. Instructors are helpful and are there to help you succeed. Campus is nice and easy to navigate.
The best thing about OTC is that the professors give you a chance to learn. They don't rush the education.
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Ogeechee Technical College has an amazing staff. They are all very helpful, never failing to show me how things are done or what to do to get where I need to be (educationally and when I'm lost, physically). There is not anything I would change. It isn't too big, nor is it too small. The professors are amazing, and I have yet to have one that isn't funny or nice.
Ogeechee Tech is a great school to learn what you need to enter the job market quickly. Everyone has been professional and friendly and I know that when I leave here, I will have the skills that I need to get the job that I need.
Well, I wouldn't say it was best since I took over a year to transfer my credits but that would be blamed on the other 3 schools that I requested the transcripts from.
Well, I'm taking hybrid classes so thats 50 online and 50 in class and I personally don't like staring at a screen too much since I work full time at an office. But, The work load is fairly manageable and very user-friendly.
So far the classes are small and teachers are always helpful and available
So far I just started at OTC and I love the environment, The teachers and education!
Didn't really work a lot with peers but did some team effort work
I have not been affiliated with the alumni program but I have utilized the career center and got help with my resume and cover letter
I have not participated in anything with the alumni program
Had excellent experience with the teachers
I like the in class training, but did not like where my internships were located because I actually did not learn anything. I have not been able to find a new job in the past two years in my field of study it could be because of my current location because it is a small town and not a big city area
I really enjoyed Ogeechee Technical College of the years, but there are new rules and regulations that I do not care for but over all it is a great school
It did not fit around my work schedule
Have not made it that before.
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It cost to much out of pocket to get

the vet tech program is the only one in several cities around this area, I would choose this school again because i can have one on one time with the professors and they really try to help you pass
There are a wide range of ages and ethnicity's.
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