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Odessa College has been a good community college in my area, my classes this year only have nine students. which reminds me of my old high school. Knowing that all of the students will have a good one on one with the teacher if their having trouble.
Student life is awesome they include all the students, and teachers to participate if they wish. It is a great way to talk to other students, and develop friendships with the student life on campus if their out of town.
I live in odessa tight by the college it looks like a nice place. Im gonna get my lcdc and they have a good program.
Odessa College has great academic programs for any major who is looking for nursing programs up to business.
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Excellent Instrumentation and Electrical Program. Lots of support from the oil industry, especially Chevron. The Technology Department has top notch training Equipment. I love the 8 week course format. Aspen Top Ten!! Very affordable at $1092 for 12 hours.
I love Odessa college. Everyone is so friendly and involved with this school. The president of the school even attends like every event and he’s so nice to talk to. The teachers are good and it’s a good place to learn.
The advisors are always a big help and always go the extra mile to make sure you are enrolled for the correct classes regarding your degree. The professor's are amazing and make the time to make sure all material is understood when necessary!
The main thing I liked about Odessa College is how everyone is so eager to help you with anything. They will answer any and every question you have. They have a strong support system. They are very friendly which makes everyone feel welcomed. What I want to see more of is this Professors being proactive with the students with their academics. I have not really seen a professor that look happy teaching or atleast that they do not mind teaching.
I have truly enjoyed my time at Odessa College. I have been extremely fortunate to be surrounded by many professors who care about my success.
The registration experience was nice! And your first ever class is free on them! The professor’s are real patient and nice when working with you! I love this school!
This is my first year in college and i have no complaints. It actually a very decent college. My teachers are very nice and helpful. Everyone also seems to enjoy themselves.
Odessa College is great for all students. Not only are their professors helpful with classes, but the campus is great.
I am still attending Odessa here and I think that it is a great place to further my education until I transfer to a University. Overall, I think that my experiences with Odessa College are some of my best with colleges. They are genuinely friendly staffed and all the professor care about all individual students and they want us to succeed.
Odessa college is a good school because I like the educators and professors really take the time to get to know the students and want to see students succeed in their career choices. I really appreciate what Odessa College does for the students and how they make it interesting to motivate students to finish school.
I took online dual credit classes here while in high school and I loved each of them. They weren't too hard, you just need to take time to complete the assignments. The professors were great and if you would email them asking a question or something, they would respond right away. They had a few cool campus activities for the students and stuff but they could do a little more.
Odessa College is a great place for students who are very driven to getting a degree. Schooling is great, extra curriculars are lacking.
Odessa College is a great place to go to school for. The classes are great and the professors really care for you.
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Provides great online courses with professors who are just like real people. Very helpful for high school dual credit students.
I enjoy the atmosphere at Odessa College. it is laid back and friendly. Most of the professors are very nice and are willing to work with you on scheduling and the content of the class. They do not treat homeschoolers as well as people from public schools but it is a very good place to transition from highschool to a university. They help you understand more about what you will be doing at a university level. Overall I have enjoyed my time at Odessa College and am looking forward to what the future holds for me there.
Odessa College just won the ASPEN award for the top ten community college. This is a great start for a person to begin their road to their career. The professors are great, the campus is amazing, My experience here at Odessa College is going great so far, I love everything about this college.
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