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Oxy is a unique place that is not for everyone. You'll meet incredible people and make lasting connections, but it is a very small school so that has to be something that you're looking for.
I just transferred to Occidental College from Wabash College—a liberal arts college in Crawfordscille, Indiana. I have nothing but good things to say about Oxy, and I’m really looking forward to finishing my undergraduate degree here!
When I visited occidental college I was not very interested since it was a small campus but then I realized that with a small campus comes more opportunities for students and the campus was very nice and well taken care of.
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Occidental College offers stellar academics with an added emphasis on finding a job/career post-college, excellent food, and an extremely beautiful campus. The professors are generally approachable and flexible, often providing over-enrolment overrides for popular classes when asked in-person and extending deadlines during exam heavy weeks. The students here have a work hard during the weekdays, play hard during the weekends attitude; although the party scene isn't quite as enthralling as what one might find in a frat party at a bigger state university. However, smaller, more private dorm parties are in abundance at Oxy.
Occidental College is one of the most underrated colleges out there. It has excellent faculty who are committed to seeing their students realize their fullest potential and succeed in whatever they are passionate in. Great facilities, beautiful campus, great location, excellent weather year-round. I have formed lifelong friendships and gained great faculty and professional mentors and I am proud to call myself an alum there. Thanks to Oxy, I was able to get connected to many great opportunities such as study abroad, and now I am a Fulbright grantee. It is definitely a very liberal campus so may be difficult for conservative students but this climate definitely challenges conservative students to clearly think through their opinions and convictions, ultimately molding everyone to be a more careful thinker, more articulate speaker and writer, and better global citizen.
The classes are not too easy, but not rip your hair out difficult. The majority of professors in my major are amazing and have really helped my writing skills. The food is pretty good. The major downside is the cost.
My over experience at Occidental college was great, I have a great time visiting a college that I didn't know was nearby to where I live. I get to meet new people with the comfort of my mentors and get to ask them my questions. The program that I'm currently in, MOSTe , has introduced this college to me. We have visited the college so many time, it almost feels like home. The tours that we go on are always fun. We get to have a view on how college really is rather that hearing the complaint that everyone has to say. This experience was really an eye opener and gave us a new point of view on college.
Living on campus is essential to beginning your student life at Occidental. There were about 10 dormitories, of varying sizes and locations on campus. When I was there - late 60's early 70's - there were dorms for men and others for women and others mixed. Eating together in the student union was also an essential part of life at Occidental. There was some diversity when I was there, but more importantly everyone came from a top-notch academic background. Except for its location (near Los Angeles), I would rate Occidental a solid A all around. The only thing I would change is putting the campus in a small New England town (Dartmouth, Middlebury).
My overall experience is pretty good. Small class sizes allow for a better understanding of the coursework. Not too diverse, since it's still a small school. Great location with much to do in surrounding neighborhoods.
Beautiful school, amazing campus. Occidental would be my #1 choice in private colleges. They have so much to offer. A plus is its really close to home so i wont be too far. I'd definitely go there then transfer into a bigger school, i love how the classes have small amount of students. Which is great because then students don't get overwhelmed on not get much attention in the class.
Occidental is a great small liberal arts college. The faculty and administration truly care about the individual students. The population is diverse, and the college is very close to Los Angeles and Pasadena, so there is opportunity to get off campus and go into the city. Additionally, there are plenty of internships and opportunities to make contacts with businesses and firms that do business in Los Angeles.
Occidental was great. I enjoyed the small class sizes and the close knit community. It was difficult to get into some of the science classes I needed, so I ended up in some very difficult classes just to satisfy the basic requirements. I recommend joining extra curriculars and sports if you can, and make use of the amazing library.
Occidental is a great liberal arts college with a great location in Los Angeles. The students are what makes the college great, and the diversity and determination of the student body are what makes Occidental a great experience.
An outstanding school with superb professors who care about their students. Athletics and the arts at Occidental are also great.

Having been on 50+ campuses in the past four years, Occidental probably has one of the most beautiful campuses in the entire U.S. And the weather is fantastic.

Last but not least, Occidental is the only small liberal arts college in the U.S. to actually be in a major city. I can't say enough about the opportunities that this brings for Oxy students.
I am having an incredible experience here. I enjoyed my classes and clubs, and had a great time being active in campus life.
I enjoyed my experience. I loved the location of the campus, however there was a lot of traffic around the campus making it hard to get to. I loved how it was close enough to Universal City/Hollywood, downtown Los Angeles, and basically anything possible that you would like to do. The dorms did not have air conditioning which made the rooms very hot but I loved how they had the concept of the multicultural dorm. I thought that was very unique and a great idea for students. Overall I loved the campus and the food was very good and this college is a definite consideration for me to attend. My biggest setback is the cost.
Beautiful campus and closeness is unbeatable.
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Not a huge part of campus life.
As a Division III school, sports are overshadowed.
More opportunities for science students.