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In my time visiting Oberlin College before learning that I was accepted through early decision, I loved it. The academics are great, the location is beautiful, and everyone is very welcoming.
Oberlin creates a lot of opportunities for its students and does its best to work with students to create the higher education that they want to see. While imperfect, I am incredibly grateful for my experiences and education here and feel confident that I will graduate prepared to set myself up for a successful and happy life. As a generalization, Oberlin culture and academics provide many personal and professional challenges that promote growth in students while offering the support necessary to the process. I have enjoyed my time here and have met many lovely friends, professors, and staff members along the way.
Oberlin is truly a home away from home for me. The knowledge I have gained through my classes, my extracurriculars, and my general experiences has allowed me to grow as a person and develop my best self yet.
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I am incredibly glad that I chose Oberlin. It's a place that I think any person enthusiastic about learning and questioning the standards of society can find their place. The academics are challenging and will force you to test your morals, and many classes are demanding as far as workload and participation are concerned. I think the fact that Oberlin is so academically focused is why it's such a great place to go to college; I'm a firm believer in a rigorous liberal arts education, and Oberlin delivers. Many of my classes are interdisciplinary to an unparalleled extent of other colleges. I think the other thing so special about Oberlin is our sense of community. Every student at Oberlin, no matter the part of campus they live on, if they are in the College or Conservatory, or if they play sports, are always treated kindly and as equals.
What drew me to Oberlin was how it prioritized cooperation over competition. I’ve found that while students can be very intense and passionate, sometimes to the point of being toxic, many of them are incredible people who want to help each other grow.

I think one of Oberlin’s best and most underrated qualities is student activities. We have a circus, a burlesque club, lots of intramural sports, a growing comedy scene, advocacy groups, a drag ball, and endless opportunities for theatre and music. Most of the time, you can find a way into an activity coming from any level of expertise.

Your experience at Oberlin is generally what you make of it. A lot of people make the mistake of overloading their schedule (very easy to do around here), and become very stressed. The academics can also become overwhelmingly difficult if you’re not careful to balance your schedule. But in my mind, even the difficulties have been worth it.
I enjoyed the community I found both in the college and the town of Oberlin. Diversity needs work, and accommodation for students of color requires deep listening and change.
Oberlin College is a great school, located in a fun Ohio town. I was a college student with many conservatory friends. I loved the music and learning environment. The liberal views on campus challenged my own views; it didn't change my views but it allowed me to think differently and explore.
Loved the diversity of the campus. Small and intimate exactly what I need. Everything within walking distance and the music department was extraordinary. Enjoyed my visit.
A beautiful campus filled with many different types of people. Students are all very passionate and the professors really engage. All my classes are interesting and my overall college learning experience is amazing. The campus has a very historical history, which is fascinating. The food here is mainly local and vegetarian/vegan, and very tasty. There is also a lot of emphasis on environmental sustainability.
I really enjoy Oberlin and all it has to offer. Academics are outstanding. Classes are interesting and challenging, the professors are brilliant and accessible. Both semesters I got the classes I wanted, though sometimes your have to sit in for a first few days before getting in. (Common at liberal arts schools.)

Oberlin is a great size, small enough to feel like a community but large enough to keep meeting new people. Students are friendly. Some are quirky, athletic, political, or musical, but they are a great mix and you may be surprised at the friendships you make. There is always something to do on campus, and it is easy to get to Cleveland if you miss urban life.

Athletics continue to improve, with several conference championships. Conservatory concerts are popular. The dining hall food is average, but if you like to cook or have dietary restrictions, you should consider joining a fun and delicious dining co-op.
Oberlin College met my expectations in the academic sense, for I find it challenging and have had very positive experiences with the professors that work here. However, there are many downsides I have come to realize with attending such a small isolated school. Many academic and otherwise interests are not represented here and the location can make for some frustration for people used to a much more fast paced lifestyle.
I absolutely hate it here. Essentially if you aren't a left wing socialist you aren't the majority and you''ll feel uncomfortable. Sure the academics are gnarly and you'll make friends, but like me your friends will want to transfer and so will you and that'll consume your thoughts. Because it sucks. You like sports? Oberlin doesn't like you. I won't deny that some sterotypes about jocks are true but Oberlin Athletes are the furthest from the steroytpical athelte, in fact, they are belittled by the rest of the student body, it's like a reverse high school social setting. Way too weird and liberal and close minded, needs other view points- I don't mean Neo-Nazi KKK standpoints by the way, just moderate conservatives and the rest of the Obies shouldn't belittle and isolate those who aren't socialist leftists or shroomheads.
I graduated from Oberlin in the 1990s, and later went in academics and am now a university professor in the UK. I will give Oberlin the highest praise that I possibly can--even in the hindsight of wide experience, I would not have chosen any other university or college in the world over Oberlin. To this day, it is the place that I found the most fascinating, the most filled with interesting and unique people (faculty and students alike), and where I found the highest level of commitment to knowledge. There is no doubt in my mind that the success I've enjoyed (e.g. a Fulbright fellowship and a tenured post at a major research university) is largely attributable to the superlative education I received at Oberlin. All in all, not only did I spend four of the best years of my life at Oberlin, but in my professional opinion, it's one of the best places in the world to go for your undergraduate degree.
Academics are amazing! The professors really care about the students. The administration does too. Everyone on campus is supportive and wants each other to succeed. Oberlin will open doors all over the world for anyone who attends.
Overall, I like Oberlin a lot. The social scene can be difficult sometimes, but as long as you put yourself out there, you will succeed. Also, professors really want you to succeed, and will take the time to help you.
Absolutely terrible! Talk to the students who think sushi is racist. This is the reason society has regressed, because education has become less intellectual and more emotional. Pick a more academically focused university for your children or for yourself if you are choosing. Trust me, you will thank yourself for it and the better future you gave yourself.
friendly and open-minded people that are dedicated to helping you learn, and students that genuinely want to learn. the campus is beautiful but dorms are just okay. the meal plan is a rip-off for freshman and sophomores.
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you have to be MADE for oberlin to love oberlin. academics are great, social needs some work. i love all my professors they are very helpful and accessible. the food is actual trash here, if you want good food eat in a co-op. some of the dorms are nasty but most are okay. the town is very very small so beware if you don't want a tiny town. very granola and white.
I'm a graduate from the Class of 1952. Basically Oberlin taught me how to think and how to organize. Skills that I used in graduate school and my entire professional life.
Very unique college experience, academically challenge, and the place you go to learn who you truly are. You will meet the most unique and genuinely lovely people there. And even though it's in the middle of nowhere, if there's something you want to do, the school will find a way to help you do it. But, it;s not for everybody.
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