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Oberlin College met my expectations in the academic sense, for I find it challenging and have had very positive experiences with the professors that work here. However, there are many downsides I have come to realize with attending such a small isolated school. Many academic and otherwise interests are not represented here and the location can make for some frustration for people used to a much more fast paced lifestyle.
I absolutely hate it here. Essentially if you aren't a left wing socialist you aren't the majority and you''ll feel uncomfortable. Sure the academics are gnarly and you'll make friends, but like me your friends will want to transfer and so will you and that'll consume your thoughts. Because it sucks. You like sports? Oberlin doesn't like you. I won't deny that some sterotypes about jocks are true but Oberlin Athletes are the furthest from the steroytpical athelte, in fact, they are belittled by the rest of the student body, it's like a reverse high school social setting. Way too weird and liberal and close minded, needs other view points- I don't mean Neo-Nazi KKK standpoints by the way, just moderate conservatives and the rest of the Obies shouldn't belittle and isolate those who aren't socialist leftists or shroomheads.
I graduated from Oberlin in the 1990s, and later went in academics and am now a university professor in the UK. I will give Oberlin the highest praise that I possibly can--even in the hindsight of wide experience, I would not have chosen any other university or college in the world over Oberlin. To this day, it is the place that I found the most fascinating, the most filled with interesting and unique people (faculty and students alike), and where I found the highest level of commitment to knowledge. There is no doubt in my mind that the success I've enjoyed (e.g. a Fulbright fellowship and a tenured post at a major research university) is largely attributable to the superlative education I received at Oberlin. All in all, not only did I spend four of the best years of my life at Oberlin, but in my professional opinion, it's one of the best places in the world to go for your undergraduate degree.
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Academics are amazing! The professors really care about the students. The administration does too. Everyone on campus is supportive and wants each other to succeed. Oberlin will open doors all over the world for anyone who attends.
Overall, I like Oberlin a lot. The social scene can be difficult sometimes, but as long as you put yourself out there, you will succeed. Also, professors really want you to succeed, and will take the time to help you.
Absolutely terrible! Talk to the students who think sushi is racist. This is the reason society has regressed, because education has become less intellectual and more emotional. Pick a more academically focused university for your children or for yourself if you are choosing. Trust me, you will thank yourself for it and the better future you gave yourself.
friendly and open-minded people that are dedicated to helping you learn, and students that genuinely want to learn. the campus is beautiful but dorms are just okay. the meal plan is a rip-off for freshman and sophomores.
you have to be MADE for oberlin to love oberlin. academics are great, social needs some work. i love all my professors they are very helpful and accessible. the food is actual trash here, if you want good food eat in a co-op. some of the dorms are nasty but most are okay. the town is very very small so beware if you don't want a tiny town. very granola and white.
I'm a graduate from the Class of 1952. Basically Oberlin taught me how to think and how to organize. Skills that I used in graduate school and my entire professional life.
Very unique college experience, academically challenge, and the place you go to learn who you truly are. You will meet the most unique and genuinely lovely people there. And even though it's in the middle of nowhere, if there's something you want to do, the school will find a way to help you do it. But, it;s not for everybody.
As a current student-athlete, Oberlin offers a plethora of classes with the ability to concentrate your interest in a very specific area of interest. There are no TA's, professors are helpful and lead all the labs, diversity is outstanding, Music Conservatory offers daily concerts/recitals/performances, approx 3,000 students, double majors and and dual degrees are frequent occurrences, and the sports programs are rising.
It's gone pretty well so far. Oberlin is a complicated place with a lot of politics underlining the community. I love the academics here but socially I feel that Oberlin is difficult in a number of ways. In the context of being a POC, the community is small so it can feel difficult to really have some distance from others when needed. I will say that overall most people are well meaning though usually people are very self serving/ selfish though not in a mean way. This something that can be understood when spending time on campus. The campus is alright, it's pretty flat. The winters are typically harsh though this year was very lax. Even though I've said many things that are negative, I love Oberlin because the people here are very smart and are willing to engage about almost anything.
Oberlin was a fantastic experience - such smart students and professors, such intellectual excitement -- and great music!
Diverse living options that include menu and dining from true vegan to typical American. Relatively diverse student body but reportedly not as diverse as 30 years ago. As known.....political left but accepting of other views. Safe quaint local community. Admin very helpful and attentive in most respects. Third Semester program very well done. National art museum on campus....4 of 5 Profs last semester very approachable. Open door.
The academics are excellent. The professors are always there to answer questions and help. The classes are very small. Even the lecture classes are small, never more then 140. The campus is lovely, small intimate and 1950s-ish. The food is better then most. The dorms are the dorms. All in all it's a wonderful place to spend 4 years.
Great faculties-all my professors are available and are very willing to help every time I asked. The advisor system is eapaecially helpful; as an international student, I receive a lot of support from the dean of students, who helped me make an important connection with an alum. The career center and writing center are also impressive. This is the best part of this school: as long as you try to get support, you get almost everything you want from the community.

The community is friendly and supportive, but it is very very left. Also the workload is heavy-as a good academic college. I did enjoy my first semester here, but I know indeed there's gonna be much more challenges.
I was a chemistry major (class of 2016) and I honestly loved the program. The professors are great and really care about the students. The school itself is full of people who care and the grounds are beautiful, as long as you don't mind snow and cold in the winter. The co-ops are great, and better financially, if you find the one that works for you. Many of them are vegetarian so you need to be aware of which ones are going in or else you might get stuck in one as a meat eater. The students in co-ops aren't trained to cook, they're trained in safety so your food might be safe but really bland or just bad. The housing isn't bad, but the process for living off campus is pretty awful, you can only do it as a senior and even then not everyone who wants to is allowed to. If you want a house instead of a dorm room it ends up being more expensive than it's worth.
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We don't have Greek life
Although Oberlin is not known for their athletics, the facilities, equipment, and coaching are great. There's a noticeable gap between athletes and regular students on campus, but at the end of the day the athletes on campus are a true community.
I absolutely love Oberlin. I was worried about fitting in as a women of color, but there's so many different kinds of people. I'm extremely happy with my choice
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