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Oberlin College offers an excellent liberal arts education, whether a student attends for mathematics, creative writing, or the conservatory. Many students here work incredibly hard and contribute to an intensely academic and moralistic social atmosphere, of which an extremely high-performance faculty is also a factor. Many Obies hold their opinions with conviction and are well-equipped to advocate for themselves both inside and outside classroom settings, so come with a strong sense of self-worth. Obies are also characteristically open minded, and closely monitor spaces for equitability. One of the best ways to make connections here is to involve yourself intensely in several interests and support your peers.
Online learning did alright. Fortunately all of my classes did not require in-person class time to complete the course material, and only one of my classes dropped most of its meeting times. However, Oberlin was not able to accommodate the needs of a few students who were sent home and unable to complete their classes from there.
Oberlin still stands as the most transformative educational experience of my life. I found the professors to be deeply engaged with their scholarship and their students. Classmates were bright, curious and concerned with social justice issues. I was a science major (Neuroscience, pre-med) and an English major with an interest in music and found the academic and cultural offerings excellent.
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I didn't take classes online at Oberlin. My classes either took place in classrooms or sometimes at the homes of professors. One of the nicest things about Oberlin was the intimacy of classes, especially at the 200 and 300 levels.
Oberlin College has been amazing so far. All the professors I met have been passionate about their classes--some of them going out of their way to help every individual students. Other than professors there are amazing resources (writing center, career development center, etc) so whenever I have any difficulty I would have plenty of resources to choose from.

Classes are small so far except for my economic and computer science intro classes--but I get sufficient help nevertheless. Obies are also pretty amazing. I already have some close friends despite being a somewhat shy international first-year student (now rising second-year!). The overall atmosphere of Oberlin is friendly and open. It's a small campus, and everyone is nice so far!

In this COVID19 pandemic, Oberlin really showed its capacities. It's one of the fatest colleges to switch to online courses and its professors adapt to the situation very quickly. They are also providing support for students!
Personally, Oberlin worked well for me. I had an incredible academic experience that truly made me a smarter and more thoughtful individual.

However, the institution is in many ways changing. Over the course of my 4 years here, due to financial problems, hundreds of staff have been unfairly laid off. The amenities have gotten far worse. Student jobs have decreased significantly on campus.

Oberlin also worked well for me because I am a liberal white student. The campus culture really caters to this type of person.
As a first year student, I've so far had great experiences with classes and peers. The administration is currently dealing with a lot of finance-related problems and it impacts student life sometimes. But it's a very good fit for me personally as a queer, Jewish student who wants to engage with those identities and the politics surrounding them,
There are some great professors and staff members, but the administration is horrible for the most part. The facilities are falling apart and not worth the high cost to students. The college has stopped listening to the needs and wants of students, supposedly because of the budget issues. Campus culture is nor for the weak of heart. If you're not extremely liberal you likely won't fit in. There is very little diversity of thought
Absolutely amazing. Provides wonderful experiences to students and gives opportunities to learn at every moment.
I am a sophomore and extremely unhappy with my choice. Although I have had good professors and many interesting classes, there is an inescapable and intolerable cool-kid elitism that makes Oberlin feel much, much smaller than it already is. I don't know what the statistics are, but many kids are just straight up rude, childish, concerned with image, and grandiose. I have definitely met some nice people, but there's this strange fake niceness that WAY too many kids here have. It makes me paranoid and confused. I feel like I am at a boarding school in the East. Which, surprise surprise, is where a good amount of kids come from. Oberlin is so rich that the liberalism is almost laughable. That being said, Oberlin has good academics but not very great minds. Mostly just kids who went to good high schools and come from educated families. I have little friends and am very lonely. I'm trying to transfer.
This college is going down the toilet. Their far-left political ideologies and extremist views is what cost the college $44 million in a lawsuit (look up Gibson's Bakery v. Oberlin College). You would have thought some of the faculty would have been fired, but no they are still trying to fight the case and just racking up legal fees. Wish I would have just went somewhere with actual diversity and a place that accepts new ideas, rather than have to fear violent repercussions just from saying something someone doesn't like.
Great school! I wouldn't have changed my experience at Oberlin for anything! I learned a ton and wouldn't be where I am in my career today without it.
Why I like Oberlin: Amazing Professors, rigourous academics, flexible curriculum

Why I don't: Pretentious students from rich households trying to act poor and "out-woke" everyone, the school is in debt and it shows, limited majors to select from.
My first year was socially and academically strong. All students introduced themselves with their pronouns, which made me (a transguy) feel supported and safe. However, there's a serious lack of individual critical thinking at Oberlin. While I am liberal myself, I do not subscribe to mob mentalities, whether they are conservative, liberal, or somewhere in between. Despite being one of the most liberal students at my high school, I could almost be considered conservative at Oberlin because I am not a communist, and I don't hold other extreme leftist views. A lot of "feminists" on campus hold more anger and hatred towards their oppositions than love and support for their allies; this general feeling of resentment from students creates an environment where I felt I had to "walk on eggshells" to avoid offending someone. I am considering transferring to a school with more diverse political views so I can hold healthy conversations with people and expand my views in a safe environment.
Beautiful campus.
Narrow minded professors with far leftist views.
If your an anti-American Socialist with green hair and penchant for protesting for the sake of protesting this is for you.

Wish I could get a refund after 1 year.
perfect place for study as professors are helpful and students are generally curious about everything. Love the environmental studies building and art museum. A lot of concerts every year. The location is ok and it may be a problem if like public transit.
I had a great experience at Oberlin. The academics were very challenging but in a productive way. Professors really cared about their students and were invested in their success.
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In my time visiting Oberlin College before learning that I was accepted through early decision, I loved it. The academics are great, the location is beautiful, and everyone is very welcoming.
Oberlin creates a lot of opportunities for its students and does its best to work with students to create the higher education that they want to see. While imperfect, I am incredibly grateful for my experiences and education here and feel confident that I will graduate prepared to set myself up for a successful and happy life. As a generalization, Oberlin culture and academics provide many personal and professional challenges that promote growth in students while offering the support necessary to the process. I have enjoyed my time here and have met many lovely friends, professors, and staff members along the way.
Oberlin is truly a home away from home for me. The knowledge I have gained through my classes, my extracurriculars, and my general experiences has allowed me to grow as a person and develop my best self yet.
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