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A wonderful Christian atmosphere , where students and staff are nice . A beautiful campus, with all the things that a college student needs. I love my dorm and the staff is helpful and understanding .
I enjoyed attending this university and I would recommend it for others. I believe it was a good investment into my future.
What i liked about oakwood university was the diversity and how everyone came from all different walks of life. The kindness of the faculty and professors were amazing and the professors were very patient and kind with the students. Some things that I wish were different at oakwood would probably be the different buildings that aren't used that should be remade into things such as a student center.
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My experience at Oakwood University is something i'll take with me for the rest of my life. It's a very small school so it has this family atmosphere where it feels like your connected with everybody. I think Oakwood needs to work on getting their name out there more because they have a lot to offer.
I love the Christian environment. The people are very kind. The food isn't that great, but the campus is beautiful.
I enjoyed my academic experience at Oakwood and made some great friends in the process. I had the privilege of meeting Professors that helped shape my career. I am so thankful for the blessing of these people in my life.
Oakwood has a strong biological science program. It offers a lot of opportunities to get into summer programs, research programs and medical schools after graduation. I also like the diversity at Oakwood. We have students from all over the world who come here and we get along with each other. We also have a strong Christian bond.
I like Oakwood University because It helps me to explore opportunities with my college career. It allows me to discover internships and help me reveal my true love for Social Work. They also have a vast majority of clubs that help you and others make a difference within the community. I was previously on the volleyball team and it was a cool experience traveling from different states and playing competitively. I also am involved in the Social Work Club and am developing friendships and opportunities to help out within the community.
I enjoy the overall atmosphere of the campus. The professors also take time out to help and go the extra mile to see you succeed.
Overall, I enjoy Oakwood and all it had to offer. Although the food isn't the best, the community, hospitality, family like setting, extra circular activities and the friendships are the best part. The worship, and God filled air is just amazing. Overall it's a great school academically and athletically. Everyone is so talented in their own way and it makes us all uniquely different to where we all mesh together perfectly and get along so well.
At oakwood i liked the social, spiritual life, the family atmosphere and the music. what i would change is variety of courses they offered. The university offers very limited selections. Overall it is a faith based university so if your faith is important to you, it is perfect.
Overall, my experience with Oakwood University has been great thus far. You are indeed bless at any church service or concert the school has to offer by The Aeolians, The University Choir (VOICES), Voices of Triumph (VOT), and Dynamic Praise (DP). One of the things I love about Oakwood is the homey feeling of the campus, as well as its nature during fall. You are sure in for an experience when you step on campus. Whether it be in your classes, in the cafeteria, at church, at worships, or even dorm activites. Either way you will be blessed and be fulfilled with an experience you have never seen before.
What I like about Oakwood University is that it's a Christian school where we not only learn about new subjects every day, but we also learn about religious teachings. It is also a Seventh-day Adventist orientation campus and has a church that students attend for divine worship. There are multiple jobs that students can get at the campus while they take their classes. So far, there are no changes I want to see to the campus. It's fine just as it is.
I came to oakwood as a freshman. Not really knowing what to expect. I was nervous about leaving home for the first time and being somewhere new with new people. But as soon as I got there I felt such a warm and inviting presence. We are all one big family and we look after each other most important we keep God first and that makes oakwood stand out from any other school I applied to.
I enjoy the academic atmosphere of Oakwood University. The professors and other students are welcome to support and guide any student who may have difficulties. We strive for success as a family and because it's a small school we can even more guide each other. There's not much I would change about oakwood in the academic sense but if we could have better accomadations for food provided on campus that would be great.
It's an experience like no other. Your teachers actually know you and cares about you as an individual. The spiritual atmosphere is amazing.
Oakwood University is a great environment to find God and receive an education. The dorms are nice, the food is decent and the atmosphere is a delight. The teachers are respectful and God-fearing and they really have you best interest at heart. If I could change anything, I would help some of the departments organize their lives because some majors can be a hassle if not advised correctly.
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this school is perfect if you want to be successful in life. The location of this school is perfect. It is in Huntsville, AL. About an hour from Nashville, TN and about three hours from Atlanta, GA. So the option is available if you would like to travel. This a welcoming christian atmosphere. It has various forms of worship throughout the week. If your wanting to study biology, theology, or vocals this is the place to go. There are quite the long lasting friends here. Friendships here last truly a lifetime.
As an HBCU, Oakwood University provides a unique opportunity for African American students to get both a great education and faster job placement once one graduates. The professors here have good connections within the business and medical fields, so as long as you keep your nose in the books and conference with the professors to discuss grades and other class-related criteria, you're pretty much set.
Oakwood University is a Historically Black College/University. Ever since I began attending I immediately felt at home. Oakwood University is a safe and loving environment and I've learned a lot since I've furthered my education. I am a Christian and the spiritual atmosphere at Oakwood University is absolutely life changing. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a student at Oakwood University and I would strongly recommend it to anyone else looking to grow academically, mentally, emotionally, and physically.
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