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Oakwood University is the best university ever. Despite the COVID pandemic, they managed to minimize the risk with only 8 total cases on the entire campus of $1,000. They truly care about their students and faculty, which was evident.
My college experience with digital learning was interesting. Despite the challenge, I was able to obtain information and be productive in my college courses.
I honestly would not recommend this school. Yes, if you’re seventh day Adventist this is the place for you. This school doesn’t focus on black issues. It has strict regulations like no jewelry, sleeveless shirts (women), no visible tattoos, room checks, curfews, cleanliness check. Etc. if anything it’s ran like a cult more than actual college/university that’s enjoyable. The student body has decreased significantly because of the strict rules & regulations. College should be a place where teens turn and grow into adults and this place treats its students like middle schoolers. It also lacks in opposing opinions meaning they are very stern and dismiss other’s thoughts. I spent one semester here and that was enough to leave off campus. Most students make the decision to live off campus for reasons I just stated. As far as the school itself most of the professors are nice. It’s just staying on campus that makes it miserable & depressing.
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I had a great experience at Oakwood University although short lived it helped me get to where I am now. I Wish the tuition was a bit cheaper but the education received was worth it.
I didn't take classes online but my mother did and helping her navigate through her classes was simple and easy.
Well, I ended up taking online classes with Oakwood in the spring of 2020 due to the Corona Virus. For my major, it wasn't hard as I'm an art major/marketing minor, so transitioning online wasn't an issue I had to face. The only downside was that a lot of the teachers at Oakwood are very, very, very old-school. So the transition from paper-back to online was harder for most than some. As time went on, the teachers and faculty became used to it, and the process was very smooth.
Oakwood University is a blessed college. It's quite far from perfect, but those who enter to learn truly depart to serve. It was my last choice when it came to the universities I was already accepted into. But, thankfully and God willing, I am here. I don't regret the time I've spent at Oakwood simply because of the connections I've made. Several things I would change, however, would definitely be the food, room and board, and education when it comes to Graphic Design. It's a new program there, so there are a lot of holes and imperfections. The rooms are quite old and need to be updated, and the food has more days than none where it tastes absolutely horrid and terrible. But, no university is completely perfect - though there are some better than most.
A few of the Professors are on the older range of the spectrum and had a hard time figuring out the online learning thing
Great environment. Café food was Subpar at times. Great people doing Great things. Very nice campus kind of small but nice.
The professors work well with the students, however they take a while to respond to emails and phone calls. Work and instructions are outlined clearly and lectures are not too long.
I would like to see them care more about the students. We are paying a lot of money for a mediocre experience and our voice is not heard. The best experience about the campus is the music and the lifelong friendships formed.
I enjoyed my online experience, after the pandemic occurred in the U.S many colleges were forced to become classes online. Last year i was able to maintain a 4.0 GPA for spring semester. The way the online classes were set up, it ensured success.
I enjoyed Oakwood, as a freshman they built the stepping stone for me to become great and productive.
Due to COVID-19, all spring semester courses were turned into online courses and students took them remotely.
I enjoy attending Oakwood because it is an HBCU with students and faculty from diverse backgrounds and cultures. The academics can be challenging at times but are not overbearing, as long as you do your part. The dining options ( particularly the cafeteria) could be better, but it appears that there are some provisions being made in that area. Also, communication to the student body about important matters needs to be swifter and universal across the board.
Oakwood is a good school and I hope these matters will be adressed as I continue my education there, so I may improve these ratings.
I'm currently a sophomore at Oakwood University. I enjoyed the atmosphere of worship and being able to attend AY meetings. Another thing I liked about Oakwood was the sense of community. They make sure to welcome you and you become apart of a family.
However, I did not like the food. I wish we could have a varieties of more options and even healthier options. Also, I wasn't to fond of us getting charged for the smallest circumstances. We go through a lot with financial aid and it's stressful when we are charged for more money.
I do not like going to school online. It was very stressful and sometimes the teachers don't give us enough information in the email to complete our assignments. There is something special about one on one help with a teacher and I enjoy that. I am a visual learner so I work best with I am physically there with a teacher.
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I did take online classes and I actually only had an issue with one professor who did not put much effort in communication. Otherwise, I was able to complete my classes and stay connected to the teachers.
I truly believe Oakwood University was the right choice for me. Coming from Canada, I had never thought of going to an HBCU; however, it was extremely beneficial as a black student because I have had the opportunity to relate, share, and learn about my history and current experiences. Additionally, the Christian environment is beneficial because I have been able to get advice from great mentors, and relate with other young people who also share the same values. Finally, I love to be in a school where I can meet and network with people from all over the world, not only the States.
The only problem I had with learning online at Oakwood was I felt that because of Co-vid 19 it seemed like it had been hastily put together.
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