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The food is not the best here. That was a big problem at first. The amazing people you meet here kinda make up for it.
Oakwood has its pros and cons like any other school would have. It can be annoying at times, but overall, it's what you make of it. I overall enjoy it. It fits my lifestyle and my friends have been great so far. It's a good school and the professors I have had so far for the most part have been wonderful.
Oakwood is an HBCU with a great Christian background. Having to deal with no meat on campus and vegetarian food 24/7 may be difficult, but its worth the experience of the friendly people and atmosphere.
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As a foreign student, Oakwood university as a whole as made thing easier. nice environment. great spiritual environment.
My experience at Oakwood has been life changing! It has grown me and shaped me to be better as a young man, and leader in the world.
Oakwood has honestly been OK for. Though I do love the music program and all of the spirituality I feel like there could always be improvements. They could do better on making sure freshmen know everything they need to know. Whether that's how to get around campus, the rules, deadlines, fees, and definitely information on everything you need to have by the end of the semester for your major
The teachers at Oakwood are really caring and they are very genuine. I like that Oakwood's campus overall, is very pretty. They also have many resources available for students. I like that there are many options for classes and the teachers care about their students. One thing that I would like to see changed is the food, but otherwise I enjoy the worship, choirs, music, and christian environment overall.
The atmosphere here is amazing. The music and spiritual aspect is the best here then any other school.
I Love How Every At My School Is So Nice and Polite. The Professors Try And Help As much As They Can. An On Campus Life Is Very Fun, When Going To The Sports Games And Etc.
This is my first year at Oakwood University so far this is the best school ever, I feel so comfortable around people and on the campus in general. My mentor Toson Knight was the president here once he got me and a couple of my other friends into the school. Oakwood is a great place and I recommend anyone who wants a bright future to attend Oakwood University!
Oakwood University has a lot of strengths and weaknesses that cause attending here to be a double edged sword. The students and faculty members are fantastic people with unique backgrounds and experiences. The programs offered here are up to par or excellent. The major problems with attending Oakwood is the on campus food needs great improvement, financial services and account services need a better system, and living conditions are just okay.
It is a very peaceful and calm environment , as well as a good place to go if you want to be reminded of your relationship with God
Your overall success at Oakwood University depends on your intended major and place of residence. I find that Music and Nursing majors are more successful at this college. It does have a great music experience and very diverse.
What i like about Oakwood is their wide diversity in nationalities. Oakwood takes alot of students from around the world. The teacher really take their time to help you understand and grasp what they are teaching as and as an individual.
I am a junior at Oakwood University in Huntsville, AL and I love being there! Going to Oakwood was the best decision I could have made for my education. The campus is full of love, diversity, excitement, and Black Excellence. If I could change anything, I would suggest upgrading equipment and remodeling some of the older buildings. Overall I am very satisfied with my Oakwood Experience.
The Atmosphere Educationally and other wise is very conducive. Student and Staffs are pleasant, very supportive and encouraging. Looking forward to a great year ahead.
A wonderful Christian atmosphere , where students and staff are nice . A beautiful campus, with all the things that a college student needs. I love my dorm and the staff is helpful and understanding .
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I enjoyed attending this university and I would recommend it for others. I believe it was a good investment into my future.
What i liked about oakwood university was the diversity and how everyone came from all different walks of life. The kindness of the faculty and professors were amazing and the professors were very patient and kind with the students. Some things that I wish were different at oakwood would probably be the different buildings that aren't used that should be remade into things such as a student center.
My experience at Oakwood University is something i'll take with me for the rest of my life. It's a very small school so it has this family atmosphere where it feels like your connected with everybody. I think Oakwood needs to work on getting their name out there more because they have a lot to offer.
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