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I like going to Oakwood very friendly Christian college would not go any else. It is safe there’s no alcohol on. Campus teachers and students are very nice and there’s always some to help or pray with you I love the diversity of the school and the a academic experience
My tenure at Oakwood was enjoyable. I met a lot of great people, and great professors. The professors take time with the students and genuinely want to help students succeed. Although the school was enjoyable, I think more inclusion and expansion would be good for the school.
Oakwwod University is one of the best universities, I liked this university for its education and more in the spiritual, I believe that studies go hand in hand with God and that better than studying in an Adventist university with very good professors, there are all kinds of culture. I like it because there is no discrimination and I feel safe inside the university.
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Oakwood University is a pretty much overall amazing school. The only thing I’d change would be the cafeteria food and menu. It is horrible and it really takes away from that experience very much so.
Oakwood University is a Christian HBCU. Here you can find exactly what you're looking for; from great friends to an improved relationship with God. I believe like any other university, there will be highs and lows but for the most part, you'll get what you put out. Oakwood is also known for its musical prestige and academics (specifically pre-med). Many of the students here, graduates or not, go off to do great things in the world. Aesthetically, it is a relatively small campus but so much work is being done to make it better each year. In spite of it being a 4-year university, it doesn't have a huge variety of majors to choose from. Don't get me wrong, it has a good selection, but not as wide variety as anyone would expect. People are friendly, faculty is graceful, the food is not the best, it's in Alabama so everything closes early, and there aren't co-ed dorms. Just a few observations of mine.
Oakwood University is the perfect environment for learning. The spiritual and social life is amazing. God is everywhere on the campus. The
So i am about to be a freshman at oakwood university. iI been there before for ou live and breath of life. My experience was fun and interesting. The vibe is okay, student and teachers respect each other. A teacher saw me and my friend walking with our luggage and offer us a ride to the dorm. All I remember that he said he was the science professor. The breakfast is good over there, but their lunch and dinner not so good as the breakfast in my opinion. But you will make life long friends over and hopefully your future spouse. Lastly they put God in everything they do. In the end of the day, that's what really matter in the long run. Having Jesus Christ as your personal savior.
The oakwood experience makes you feel like you're really part of something. With this college, there's a strong feeling of individuality that permeates through the campus. Plus the level of leniency an understanding with the staff is phenomenal.
My experience at Oakwood is like no other. At Oakwood you have teachers and staff who care about their students and the success of the school all surrounded with a Christian environment.
Oakwood University has been in the family for years and i only have good memories. It is a good experience as you will not get this kind of experience anywhere else.
I love the atmosphere of Oakwood University, the people there are a real family. The worships are amazing and the teachers are super supportive in the classroom.
There is no other University like Oakwood! The atmosphere is very open and loving. The extracurricular activities range from sports to poetry clubs. My favorite thing at Oakwood is the music. We are home of the Aeolians, Choir of the World 2018. There is also student led choirs that give the campus an opportunity to experience different styles of music. I also enjoy basketball season. Oakwood has very competitive fans, which makes attending basketball games a highlight of the semester. Although my school has a lot to offer, there are some things that need to be changed. I would like to see our expansion as far as the facilities on my campus. Many of our department buildings could use renovation because everyone enrolled in certain programs cannot fit comfortably within the space. Overall, Oakwood is a place to grow and develop mentally, spiritually, and academically. I am glad that I chose Oakwood for mt undergraduate experience, it was the best decision I’ve ever made.
The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming. I was able to achieve a good academic standing through hard work and the support of those around me. There are also extra curricular activities and groups on the campus as well.
Oakwood University is a great school, I would have not made it as far if I did not attend Oakwood University.
I was happy to go to an HBCU because I am from Jamaica and would like to be around like minded people because they have a high Caribbean population. It was a nice experience. My teachers were very helpful and available to help and sort out the correct grade. I was always given an rubric of what to expect and it made my classes much easier. Oakwood's cafeteria does have sanitation issues because the plates and cups are dirty and the food is not very tasty. Otherwise, the school is good.
I love the fact that the campus has a sense of community where everyone is concerned about you and your well being spiritually, emotionally, financially as well as your education. The campus is aesthetically pleasing, There are worship services, athletics, various clubs and very diverse group of students from worldwide.
I like the Christian atmosphere and the musical talent that comes out of Oakwood university. The friendships that you develop are life long friendships. Oakwood has people from all over the world attending the school, which means I can go anywhere in the world and know someone.
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It's a wonderful, exciting, great, good, playful, engaging, connecting experience. I hope i get accepted to this all black college.
What I like about Oakwood is the environment and the people. Everyone is friendly, welcoming, and family-orientated. What I would like to see change is the activities and student friendly places on campus. There are almost no student centers in which students can relax, study, and have a good time.
The campus is very attractive. The atmosphere is very calm and inviting. The staff was extremely helpful and courteous.
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