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The university is growing too rapidly to maintain a strong, intelligent faculty. I've struggled with their mathematics department professors for years. They do not know how to teach nor what to teach. The school is obviously investing on aesthetics and not quality.
I really enjoyed my first year at Oakland University. I did not enjoy the business school at Oakland University. The business and math professors were not very interested in the students and how much they learn. Other than that, the campus is perfect for me and I love the city around OU!
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I liked that Oakland is a smaller campus with minimal night life. However, the food is terrible in the dining hall and they make you have a meal plan with too many meals and you will never see the left over money ever again! The dorms are actually pretty nice if you know how to style a smaller sized room and there are very few communal bathrooms.
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I love Oakland Iniversity. The staff and students are all so very friendly and helpful. If you have a question about anything, there is always someone here to help you out. The Honors College staff are exceptional and extremely helpful. It doesn’t matter how busy they are, they always make time for you and make you feel important. The informational session for the Honors College was so helpful in helping me make my final decision to attend here at Oakland University. Everyone here is so approachable and kind. The classrooms are very nice, not to mention the Oak View Honors dorms! This is a beautiful building and has very nice dorms. This is my new home and I cannot say enough about how much I love Oakland University.
Oakland university is a small school, I like how the classes are not that big, so the teachers know you and are more compelled to help students. This school isn’t much of a party school, so you also get to focus on your studies. With it being so small you pretty much know everyone.
The campus is thriving! Everything is up to date and tech savvy. Buildings are continuously being built, the campus is so beautiful. The only downfall, especially when I was commuting, was the parking. They recently built another parking structure though. Academic life was far from easy, some teachers were amazing, some were ok. Dorm life was fun, the OC is a great place to meet people. The library was my second home for a while because of my class load. The quiet floor was always the perfect place to study and the study rooms were great for group projects.
I had a serious issue with a professor being unfair and non responsive towards the end of the semester and I reached out to the dean of the school and even the dean could not help me nor respond. To many professors have that "im better than you" attitude. The counselors were all "pro teachers" and took the professor side without hearing what really happened. Very unprofessional to not respond to a student. I emailed the professor numerous times and he just felt like not responding... The headline of his syllabus states "treat this class like a work environment and be professional" that must not include the professor. I was late for a lot of classes because the parking lot is too small, and was a nightmare. Even in the cafeteria, I had to sit on the ground to eat my lunch because they do not have enough seats and tables for everyone. I passed all my classes and got my degree in four years so im not complaining because I failed, just keeping future students aware.
At Oakland University it is such a friendly and helpful environment. Just the little things such a holding the door open for you is part of the reason I love being a student at Oakland. The teachers, tutors and students are amazing and are always willing to help. The scenery at Oakland is very pretty, especially when its nice out and everyone is enjoying the weather on hammocks. I would definitely recommend Oakland to anyone who is considering going.
It is average college, great at academics but not a good social college. i live on campus, and made a ton of friends. but when i commuted my freshman year, it was not a social college at all. i had trouble making friends and didnt go to any parties because i never heard of any.
I loved attending this university. The professors are awesome and always willing to listen and work with you through challenges. I would like to see parking change. With so many students attending the school, parking can get out of hand.
I love Oakland University. I am working towards a Marketing degree with a minor in Business Analytics. The last 5 weeks of this past Winter 2018 semester I got a job as an Advertising Agent. It's entry level, but this experience is going to help me finish school and allow me to apply everything I've learned thus far. Oakland is a wonderful school. The professors are great. They are personable and very knowledgeable. They prepare you for the real world. Also, Oakland has a very nice campus which is very peaceful and relaxing to walk around. I love Oakland and I would definitely recommend everyone to attend.
A beautiful campus, and overall wonderful University. Living and working on campus opened so many doors, a lot of the professors and faculty really care, and the University is growing and changing, quickly becoming a top University like U of M and MSU.
My experience at Oakland University has been a roller coaster ride. My freshman year was a spectator experience, and I was on cloud 9. However, the difficulties, stress, and struggles of the college life soon kicked into full throttle come sophomore year. This university has taught me a great deal about myself, who I want to be, and where I hope to be in the near future. Ive discovered my passion, life long friends, and have had positive and negative experiences that have shaped me into the woman I am today.
This school offered many different programs. They also provided a ton of resources. There were many events that are held throughout the year. The environment is great.
I love being here. I love the campus, students, organizations and more. I am really glad I chose to come here. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
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My name is Angela Calvano and I have an Associates from Mott Community College and I am a Physical Therapist Assistant. I am currently enrolled at Oakland University with the goal to continue my education by obtaining my Bachelors degree and then ultimately graduating from an Occupational Therapy Program.
I loved Mott and the smaller program that I graduated from because the teachers were very involved and helpful . I did not think that when I chose to attend a four year college that it would be possible to still have one on one help from the professors as I did at Mott. Upon starting with Oakland University, I found this to be very far from the truth. One professor specifically really helped me to better myself. He taught the class about statistics and specifically "P values", how to improve my health by setting "S.M.A.R.T" goals and how to better my writing skills, specifically in regards to research papers.
Oakland University is a very academic school but it does get you prepared for the work world and there are many organizations. At this school you feel like a community and there are great and passionate teachers that are helpful.
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I love Oakland University's library. It has four floors to accommodate the type of studying a student is going to do. The atmosphere at Oakland feels as if I am at home, and everyone is very friendly.
My overall experience at Oakland University was pretty good for the most part. The classes had a great curriculum and weren't too easy, but they weren't impossible to pass either. The professors are usually nice and can break things down to you for a further understanding. The safety is usually good and the campus buildings are usually clean. The classrooms are nicely sized and have many options as far as for lecture and class meeting times. I would recommend going to Oakland University.
Oakland University is an AMAZING University. They are technologically advanced and modern to the times. They offer a wide array of majors. The Campus is private, clean, and SAFE!
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