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I like my time at Oakland University. The school is very welcoming. It is located relatively close to my house, so I'm not far from home. The school is big enough that it feels like a university but not too big that I feel like a drop of water in a giant ocean.
it's a friendly campus. i would just prefer there was financial support to students. how can a full time student afford going to a university when they work only couple days a week? it makes stressful for students who want to succeed. i would like to be supported financially to fulfill my dream in becoming a physician assistant.
Oakland has a campus where they are concerned about your safety. They have classes where the professors genuinely care about your academics. Overall, Oakland University is a great campus and a great experience.
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My first year, there was a lot I did not know what to do when it came the best classes to take, how to set up a good scheduled also how to handle my finical aid and Oakland really helped to put me on the best possible path to succeed. The campus life was pretty good lots of clubs an extracurricular to participate in. The campus inst huge so getting around is easy. Parking is a nightmare.
Oakland University has been a great experience thus far. I have enjoyed professors, other students, and the many clubs it has to offer. However, the math department has been lacking for years. They do not provide enough resources or teachers to help a student succeed.
Oakland has a beautiful campus and all the buildings are relatively close; it normally take 10 minutes to walk across campus. We just got new dorms which are super nice. The head of our honors college is Australian and fantastic. The only things that are not the best about OU is the caff food and our math department is awful.
Oakland University is an amazing commuter college. There are so many different opportunities. For example, as only a sophomore, I have been told about so many internships I can easily apply for like to work in the Biology labs or to intern at the Rec Center.
Also, there are so many clubs to join. There is not a single club that will exclude an individual ranging from the GSA Club to Ballroom Dancing. The only thing I would personally suggest is to not overload oneself with so many classes in order to thoroughly enjoy being at the university.
The only downside to this university is that the math department is severely lacking. Many of the professors do not know how to connect with their students and teach them to the point many students do fail or do badly in their classes.
I am honored to be a part of such a diverse and fun university.
The staff are super friendly and helpful. I was exploring my options and the other universities I visited were just rude and made me rethink my decisions. I'm glad to have been accepted into Oakland and can't wait to see what my future holds.
Oakland University is definitely a school on the rise. Most of the school's current downfalls can be attributed to its current state of undergoing improvements (e.g. construction on buildings and parking lots to make room for both commuters and on-campus residents). The campus is beautiful when not being affected by construction, and the buildings are accessible for the most part. Oakland's academics are up to par with institutions of similar size and reputation; weak academic spots are limited mostly to the mathematics department. Oakland offers both tutoring and writing center for its students and various other helpful resources that are covered by the rice of tuition. I am proud to be an Oakland University Grizzly, and I look forward to receiving my diploma from an institution that is constantly imporving year-by-year.
Class sizes weren’t too big, everything was manageable. Professors weren’t very good most just read from a PowerPoint
I enjoy my time at Oakland very much. I find it affordable and a worthy venture. Joining clubs is an essential part of the college experience and there's many to choose from at Oakland. No one feels left out and professors will work with you to promote success and good habits.
What I admire about Oakland University is the academics and the tools given to help their students thrive as well as the access given, but what the school seems to flaw in is its dance program. Don't get me wrong I love the staff but the program its self I think needs to be more versatile to accommodate all levels of talent.
I love that the professor's work with you and you having problems. I love how the campus system signed for your safety. My overall experience at the university is good and I would recommend that other people go.
When I went to go visit Oakland University a few months ago I loved the experience it held great dorms that allowed you to completely custom them (Where your bed goes bunk, etc.), Good programs on writing and Excellent programs that are on campus.
I stayed home my first two years of college. I went to Schoolcraft for my general education courses with the intention of transferring to Lawrence Technological University for Graphic Design. My reason for deciding to be a transfer student was to cut my tuition in half since Lawrence Tech is a private institution. After Schoolcraft I lost interest in Lawrence Tech and decided to take campus tour of Oakland and Wayne State.

After researching both institutions, I decided to attend Oakland. You never meet a stranger, when you speak to someone, an instant connection begins. The following semester that I started, I became an ambassador to give my testimony as to why I chose Oakland and what I like about being a Golden Grizzly, and there's nothing that I would change about campus.
I lived on campus, and I truly feel this is the best way to experience Oakland. There is a true community feeling, there's always a friend somewhere on campus, and the students are really focused on doing the best they can at succeeding! The professors are genuinely interested in their students and are very, for lack of a better term, real to their students about the requirements to pass their classes. I loved every minute of my time here!
Oakland has a wide variety of options to choose from. They are close to home and I am able to live off campus as well. The staff makes sure you know everything possible before even starting classes. The school has many classes, organizations, and education help to fit anybodys interests and needs.
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Great learning atmosphere with a lot of opportunities to make friends and put yourself out there. Wish there was more parking and housing. Cafeteria has made great strides in the last 4 years and is continuing to grow.
Oakland University has all the right tools to be successful. The professors are extremely caring and helpful and will work with you one on one to make sure you’re getting the help you need. I’m so proud to say that I attend Oakland.
Great professors, academic and social environment is open, friendly, and comfortable. Advisers and counselors are helpful. Campus is beautiful, great for walking, jogging, biking.
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