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I like that it is a commuter-friendly school, but there are a few things that should be addressed a bit better. The parking can be a real mess at times posing a huge issue. Also, some of the programs such as the chemistry department might need to change up professors or implement some different teaching styles, as many students have expressed concern about this. Overall, there are still some positive things such as the friendly staff. The school is very safe and is ranked as one of the safest schools in the nation, which is something to appreciate and be thankful for.
Overall, I have loved my time so far at OU. I've had the best professors and I feel like I am having a great academic experience and I have become more social by joining organizations on campus. However, the administration is awful with the outrageous yearly tuition raises, the dormitories are terrible (heat is on constantly and can't turn it off--so very hot, even in the winter months), and the financial aid process is a nightmare.
Friendly Campus, Great disabilities dept., Very good Professors. Easy campus to get around. Parking is Free, Laundry in the dorms is free. Dorm food is TERRIBLE.
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The school is safe and the engineering, medicine and writing programs are top notch. The people are friendly and the campus itself is beautiful.
OU is a great place to get your degree! Love the area its located in, the classes, and the professors. The area around OU is very commercial and there are a lot of housing options nearby. I would recommend it to anyone looking to graduate at a safe, close-knit university with less debt!
Most of my experience has been great! I had issues with the financial aid office, but that was resolved
Extremely boring and some professors are good while others are absolutely terrible. The fellow students were boring as well.
This college is very inspirational as the people around you are motivational and nice. The professors are helpful and there are endless student services that are free. The people are easy to work with and help with your problems as best as they can. The only thing I would change is the parking.
Campus was really nice and you always felt safe. There are lots of activities and groups to get involved in.
Finishing my four years, living and working on campus, I have grown a tremendous amount. Oakland has been a home filled with friends who felt like a family. Studying Communications I felt satisfied with the courses and
Loved my professors! OU is safe too, with diligent and friendly on-campus officers who are always there for the students.
As an alumni of Oakland University, I can honestly say that the undergraduate education I earned from OU has been a great investment. I am employed in a county position that utilizes my undergraduate education. I was a non-traditional student and the staff always worked with me, encouraged me, and accommodated my needs. There is a top-notch staff here with over 90% of professors holding PhD's. The campus is full of a wide range of cultures, ages, and interest groups. There is an awesome basketball team and there is ALWAYS an event to attend. OU will give you the tools you need to network, help your community, travel abroad, and earn a well rounded education. The campus was rated the third safest in the United States, and It is very centrally located near the freeway as well with great food, entertainment, and shopping in a short driving distance. Oakland was the perfect school for me and I have goals to remain apart of the community there for years to come.
I like the strong feeling of community and that teachers really care and want to see you succeed! There is alot of diversity and acceptance by both staff and the student body. Like all colleges, its is expensive, but there are alot of opportunities to get academic help.
This is only my first semester at Oakland but so far the experience has been welcoming. The students are all very helpful and the staff memebers ive spoken with were very helpful. When trying to find my classes and sign up for classes everyone was very helpful and supportive.
The professors at Oakland University are extremely helpful with any questions a student may have. Students on campus are also very approachable as well as the staff whenever you have any questions or concerns.
I would recommend for anyone who is going for nursing to look into Oakland university or Oakland university continuing education.
Oakland is a good school for where it is located. In the metro Detroit area, very close to I-75 and M-59 it is easily accessible. Excellent for commuters. however, their engineering program is their pride and joy while the business school could certainly use some work. The school itself is beautiful. A very nice campus with a very homey feel.
From what I've seen so far as a transfer student, OU has a lot to offer students and the campus itself is pretty spectacular.
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OU is a nice campus, the building are renovated, & brand new. IT is great, never worrying about out of date IT.
Parking is free, which is a plus BUT parking can get terrible. It might take hrs to find a spot. Campus weather emergency is not the greatest. this campus is a large commuter school;if your car isn’t working properly, etc.. OU forced students to wait outside, or in a building that did not have correct seating or computers/books..The campus should have a better weather emergency plan. On a brighter note, OU is in a nice area of Metro DET. I feel very safe walking on campus. Security keeps students up to date & are prompt. The teachers encountered are pleasant, knowledgeable, and caring.
The school is very small which is something that I was looking for. The campus itself feels more academic than social so don’t expect parties or anything like that. The professors are extremely nice along with the students but the way that they teach is awful especially in their math classes.
I love the campus and the student orgs. My only complaint is that the academics for gen. ed. classes are too diverse (as far as difficulty, content and grading).
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