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I can't imagine anything changing, the college is perfect. It's basically home away from home. The university is really comfortable and by some woods, so it allows the city people and small-town people to feel equally at home. All the professors are really understanding, every weekend there's something going on in the campus so you never have a boring day, but you can stay in your dorm and hang out if you'd rather not to go places. It's easy to make friends here even if you're an interovert like myself, Oakland University has done so much for me.
I really like oakland university, its a nice campus; and the food was very .and i really like the people there and i felt really safe.
I love how the campus is so diverse and close to my home. Gives me college experience without being too far from home.
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Oakland University was one of the best Universities I've visited. It has many majors you can choose from and its a very safe and clean campus.
I would like to see more student life and weekend life. Oakland University is a commuter school, but I still think it could be more of a "weekend university" if certain measures were taken.
I haven't attended Oakland for very long, but so far it's been a pleasant experience. Seems like a nice, large, clean campus with a lot of stuff to do.
Honestly, I was thinking about going to western. But then I remembered Oakland, this is a very nice college one that can get you to where you want to be coming out of college it is very affordable and when I went to visit everyone made me feel like I was at home, it is not too big or small it is the perfect size college and not to mention its safe. this is a perfect college for anyone. im sure oakland is the perfect fit for anyone
Small classes are great. The people here are awesome too! Most professors really care about their students and their understanding of the material. Easy to get around and find everything on campus.
I love Oakland University, It's smaller campus, and at home feel makes me feel right at home. The professors are always willing to help the best they can. Where they fall short student organizations and services pick up the slack.
Absolutely amazing educational institution with a great variety of degrees. Completely underrated school that more people should attend!
It's my first week in college and the teachers are insightful, intelligent, and pleasant. Everyone has made me feel welcome and they have excellent school spirit! I'm really excited to continue my education here!
What I love about Oakland is that they offer so many services to help you succeed. For example Oakland has Career services which helps you prepare for your life after school. They really help you "aspire to rise".
Overall the school is a really good school, I love the atmosphere and all the people on campus. Almost every person you will come across is friendly.
The one semi bad thing that I have to say is that the financial situation can be really confusing. Receiving you award letter, deciphering your ebill, and financial aid in general is and can be super difficult. But other than the financial things I love everything else about the campus. Also I want to add that me myself have had some problems with the financial aid situation and some of the people I have come across. But I'm not saying that every person has this kind of trouble.
The school is the second safest campus in the US. Beautiful campus and over last couple years expansion has improved campus life for all students. Parking is always crazy and hard to find good parking spot.
Oakland University is a great school! everyone on campus is very open and accepting to all different kinds of people.
I’m a freshman and so far I like the environments. The school give off good energy and vibes for a good and productive day but the school could use more diversity.
I spent all four years of my undergraduate career at Oakland University. I can honestly say that my experience was priceless. Not only did I receive an amazing education, but I was also given a great amount of tools to help me in my future endeavors. Now as a graduate student, I am more prepared and ahead of the game from the opportunities that were given to me at Oakland University.
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Oakland has a lot that it can improve on. The professors are more focused on their research than their classes. Since it is a commuter school it is hard to meet people or have a good party scene/ clubs.
I like my time at Oakland University. The school is very welcoming. It is located relatively close to my house, so I'm not far from home. The school is big enough that it feels like a university but not too big that I feel like a drop of water in a giant ocean.
it's a friendly campus. i would just prefer there was financial support to students. how can a full time student afford going to a university when they work only couple days a week? it makes stressful for students who want to succeed. i would like to be supported financially to fulfill my dream in becoming a physician assistant.
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