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Seemed just as if I was still in high school. All the classrooms look just like high school. Easy classes, easy to pass. Professors are easy to work with. Class sizes are very small.
I love how Oakland community college has a comfortable feeling as soon as you walk in. College can be really scary and it's a new huge experience for incoming college freshmans but Oakland community college is a safe, exciting, and a good place to get a good education.
I've attended all of Oakland Community College's campuses and I've enjoyed the Royal Oak location the best. Each location has it's own individual personality. I've also come across multiple faculty members that have gone above and beyond to help me with my study habits. Overall, this community college has impacted my life for the better and I'd recommend it to anyone graduating high school in the near future.
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OCC is a great school for it to be a community college. They thrive on transfer rates for students seeking to go to a 4 year accredited university.
I attended OCC the first three years of college. I was a high school graduate from outside the U.S, so transitioning to a college back into the U.S was a nervous but necessary step. Adapting to the new life as college student required to make her own schedule, in addition to learning how to adult was initially very intimidating. I quickly found myself, however, adapting to my surroundings, as I wasn't anxious anymore. OCC eased the process for me; the councilors, teachers, student body, & administrators were all very thoughtful & caring. I became very fond of the school, recommending it to anyone considering going to a community college first, rather than straight to university. Its resources also opened doors for me: I became a Student Ambassador for a year, & a SI Leader the other. My years at OCC have opened my eyes to the future I want to have, as a pre-PA, while allowing me to experiment and take fascinating classes (such as astronomy) I've always yearned to take.
The staff is extremely nice and caring. The ability to go in during the professors office hours is nice considering their not at absurd hours of the day, and are always willing to help. The tutoring I've used a lot mostly for math and chemistry.
Overall, I enjoyed it there. It just sucks that a lot of the classes are so spread out over the campuses. It's a real pain.
I enjoyed almost all of the professors that I had for the 2 semesters that I have attended so far. The classes were not too difficult, and I felt I learned valuable material in each and every class. The only thing I did not like about the college was that wild geese often roamed the sidewalks and would defecate upon them quite frequently, though I did enjoy seeing the animals walk around freely and not be bothered by any students.
Small class sizes. Teachers are helpful and understanding.Small class sizes. Teachers are helpful and understanding.
Oakland Community College is a good choice for students who are coming out of high school, and seeking an affordable route to attain an associates degree. It gives students more time to discern what they want to do by the range of classes they have available to them. However, I would like to see more internship opportunities. Also, OCC needs more athletic programs for students who are into sports and have degrees in this field.
The instructors are helpful, understanding, and accommodating if necessary. The classes are small and friendly.
Oakland Community College is a great starter school for students looking to save money and get their gen-ed requirements complete before transferring to a four-year university. Academics are good. Most professors are very nice and caring, they want their students to do well. Student life is pretty diverse and growing rapidly. The campus food is better at some of OCC's campuses compared to others, but overall not too bad for a community college. There is no housing or party scene to comment on because this is a commuter college. Financial aid and the counseling office kind of suck. They are not very friendly and it can take a lot of time and quite a bit of fighting to get through to them if you come across an error or issue. That's the biggest annoyance that exists to be honest. Of course each campus is located right in the heart of each town so there is a lot to do and places to go with only a short walk or drive!
OCC was available anytime, the professors work with you and if you try and give they won't give up on you! There's nothing I would not change I think it's the best school ever to start off in your freshman year. Well worth it!!
I like how the counseling department was extremely nice and helpful. The campus is a nice size and the food is great. The class sizes are a decent size also making it easier for students to get more one on one help with professors if needed. Overall I've had a great experience at OCC.
The staff has made my time at Oakland Community College very memorable. I got back into studying and communicating with those around me. The professors are outstanding.
I am about to finish my first year of college and it's been a breeze. Going into a University right after High School can be kind of nerve wrecking and more stressful. It's a good thing that 2 year colleges exist. There are smaller class sizes and you can get a lot of help from your peers and professor while in class. Not to mention it's really affordable. The teachers are great, the building is great, the staff really cares about helping you find the right path for you. My experience at this college has been a good one and I'm glad I chose to enroll here.
I have only been here a year and it is an okay school. It's a great place to start though! My main complaint is that the people who work in financial aid are very rude and act like coming to them is a waste of their time.
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I went to Oakland Community College for a year and a half. The teachers are great, very helpful, and committed to having each and every student succeed! The campus police are incredibly kind. There was one time I had a tier fall off when I was trying to leave and one of the officers sat with me until my parents could come get me and then continued to stay and help when we were trying to fix the tier. He sat and helped us until midnight. Unfortunately the school in a whole is not very committed to keeping their sports programs. I ran cross country while I attended, I loved all of the coaches I had, but the person in charge of all the sports programs, did more for most of the other sports. For example, the softball and golf team both went on a spring break trip for "conditioning" to the southern states. Whereas, when the few of us on the cross country team who qualified for Nationals, were unable to go due to the school not having enough money for us.
I was lucky enough to have some great professors. The credits from this institution transfer to every school you would want to go to and they have a variety of courses to take and degrees and certificates to earn. They are located in multiple locations which makes it easy to attend school no matter where you reside. They also offer online courses and are in the process of expanding their online programs. They also offer courses for every semester so it's even easier to finish your general education credits and move on to a university sooner. They used to offer free printing everywhere but stopped a few years ago and raised tuition anyway. You can still use the free printing in the counselor's office. They have a nice sitting area near the school cafeteria which I regularly used while waiting out the long breaks between my classes. Community colleges have a bad rep, but this one is good and will help you go far with the right course of action.
I liked the professors most at Oakland Community College and the resources that the college had to help students
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