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I like that Oakland Community College is more than just an average college. It is designed to get one in and out without having to spend as much as they would at a normal 4 year university. They have some student orgs so one can get involved in the school. It has many campuses and is near many universities and many students use it as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. The school has a way of making their students feel like they are a big fish in a small pond with the dedicated faculty, professors, and services that are provided at the college.
since this is my first time going to college i wouldn't say this school is terrible but getting things prepared for the semester took longer than needed.
Oakland Community College was a great place to start my journey back into school after a 20-year hiatus. They have many campuses with classes being offered at so many different times they could fit almost any schedule, even on the weekends. They have excellent Associate and technical programs, as well as transfer agreements with almost every 4-year university in the state.
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very excellent! the teachers care, there is a lot of help, it isn't too expensive and the student body is diverse.
I took a few duel enrollment classes my senior year of college and really enjoed the classes I took there.
I love the diversity of programs, people, and events. There are plenty of organizations to join, opportunities to get involved, and so much more! It's affordable, even if you live out-of-district. One thing that is a mixed blessing about the college are the campuses; there are five campuses in different locations in Oakland County, meaning you can throw a rock and hit an OCC location. The downside is you have to drive between different campuses to take different classes because each one has a specialization. Highland is Nursing and Medicine, Auburn Hills is STEM, Orchard Ridge is Theatre and Culinary Arts. Royal Oak and Southfield seem to be more for General Education.
I like how that the drive is close to my house. The only downside is parking in the Royal Oak area is terrible you park in the parking structures so you don’t get ticketed.
I transferred to OCC after spending 2 years struggling at a State University. OCC has provided me with the opportunity to get back on my feet and made learning and keeping up with my classes more manageable.
What I like about Oakland Community College is their class sizes. The smaller class sizes makes it easier to talk to your teachers to build trust and openness to talk to them and ask questions. Their Online website is really easy to follow and their pricing for classes is very affordable.
I highly recommend looking up professors on They have some great teachers but they also have some crappy ones. It will make or break your experience
I have no issue with this school. When I was ready to go back to school I was able to reach out to the school and schedule an appointment with a counselor within no time. I was able to reapply easily and all the staff was really helpful.
I'd like better counselors in general. Nobody here has truly helped me in ways that I have not already helped myself. They are all unaware of transferring credits for online classes, which is what I do most of my schooling on. I had an emergency surgery two years ago, and only one teacher was helping me before it happened. I found out six days in advance before the surgery, so I had no time to get all of my work or school things together, and I ended p paying for two or three classes that did not count for anything, and I now have incomplete grades and withdraw grades that prevent me from receiving financial aid. Overall, the college is average. Not a lot of help is available, I feel as though I have absolutely no guidance.
Great places to start college courses. very helpful when needed, schedule flexible, wonderful libary to learn/complete work studies.
I had a good experience. I liked the food around the campus and the school. The teachers were helpful and are willing to teach and show us
what i liked about oakland community college is that it is an affordable college and i have heard that this is a good college to go to.Also because this college has the program i want to major in which is business.
My experience at Oakland Community College was excellent i enjoyed the visit and they treated me very well. I like that it's a 2 year college and it helps me in my career in Auto body repair I also enjoyed that program which helps me on my certificate.
I loved my time at OCC. I found that the professors were always willing to help you and genuinely wanted to see you succeed and do well throughout their courses. I met some really fun people in my classes and made some great friendships. I wish that their was more of a student life at OCC. I felt like their were very limited clubs and activities that I really wanted to be apart of but I still wanted to meet people and put myself out there. It was hard, however, to do that when all the events and school activities just didn’t seem to jump out to me in the slightest. I also wish they offered more English courses. I had a hard time finding any that sounded interesting to me, but overall, I had a great experience at occ and I wish I could be my 4 year university as well.
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The professors at OCC are great, in my experience. I am in the SLS department primarily, and every instructor is a member of the community and are very experienced, as well as being great instructors. I found it relatively easy to sign up for classes and the various locations are all just as good in addition to being convenient.
This is a great place to build up credits and have them accredited. Then if you wanted to you can transfer your credits to a university like Michigan State or wayne state for an example.
5 different campuses, a lot of varieties in professors and class schedules, all credits transfer to big universities as well!
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