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Everyone around is very respectful and welcoming. The professors do their job very well, and the learning experience is life changing. Also there are plenty of free tutoring options when in need of help with courses.
It is a great place to take the first credits in your college degree at a much lower price. There is no lack of amazing and qualified instructors and it is no different than the education you would receive at a university.
Oakland Community College helps its students get to where they want to whether it’s a certificate, an associate’s degree, and/or transfer to a university. I have had good professors here. Also, they have some clubs that you can join here.
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I really like my academic advisor and how he has steered me to select instructors. He also has provided guidance on how to get the most out of my course selection so that when I transfer I will have taken the required courses based on my transfer school and selected degree.
I love Oakland Community College. The teachers are very helpful, the campus is clean, there is a lot of diversity, and the classmates I did speak with were very helpful with the assignments. The changes I would like to see are, to provide more online courses for the students. This would help the people who work and would prefer to do online courses rather than go to the campus. I would also like for the school to add the Social Work classes to other campuses so people don't have to drive so far to complete their courses. Another thing that would be great is to provide a bus system that went to pick up handicap students or elderly people that wanted to take classes and didn't have to depend on family and friends. This would be more convenient for the student. Finally, to provide online visual tutoring.
I have taken an online course through Oakland Community College in order to transfer my credit to a different college to be on track for the fall semester. In my experience OCC has been helpful through the admission process, financial aid, class registration and more. I enjoy the way that OCC does online learning as well. D2L is easy to use and it is easy to communicate with professors.
Oakland Community College was a huge step for me. It challenged me to be responsible and understand the objectives of being an young adult. I’m currently enrolled in the fall, and I see myself completing any challenge that comes my way
Professors are amazing and very informative! Saved a lot of money and learned a whole lot. Being at this college got me ready to transfer easily into a University.
Oakland Community College is a great school for the first two years. I didn't think it would be great at first, but after joining the cross country team and starting my own club, I made so many friends. The school is so cheap and I paid close to $2,000 for 25 credits! It may not be a party school, but as long as you try to get involved, you will meet many people and make friends!
I have completed two Associates degree form Oakland community college and have had a tremendous experience, I would surely refer other people to join for saving and excellent academics.
I been attending the school for almost 2 years. The teachers are very helpful and care about the students
Great college to see if you would like to go further with your education. I was a returning student after 20 years and it was the perfect place for me to restart my education. OCC honored all of my credits from 20 years prior. I have since transferred to Oakland University and OU transferred 100% of my OCC credits. There are some extremely dedicated and talented professors at OCC at an affordable cost.
It’s a great atmosphere, with good knowledgeable Proffessors. Very good Paralegal program and culinary arts programs. The best campuses are Royal Oak, Orchard Ridge, and Auburn Hills.
I'm a student at a traditional university who was hoping to take some gen ed courses this summer. I experienced so many problems with OCC that I've decided to take the courses at a different community college.
The registration times for classes are between 7am - 11:45 pm. If you try to register for an online course, you have to take a 3 business day-long session to prove that you are ready for online classes. (I've taken 2 online classes at my university, but that didn't matter to OCC.) To top it all off, when I tried to sign up for classes, I was told that I needed to take the new student orientation quizzes. At the end of it all, I didn't get into the classes because they were full. After 4 weeks of this, I'm going to a different community college.
I have been going to OCC for more than a year now. Have encountered many great professors and overall environment is really good. Very cot-efficient as well.
I started this to go here right out of high school, I was scared and I did not know what to expect. However, I had a great experience at this school. The teachers were excellent, food was awesome, atmosphere was amazing as well. The classes that I took at this school really did help me in not only my goal to graduate, but my goal to succeed in my life. As well as learn new things that I may not have known, and refresh the things that I did know. I went to the Southfield campus and the Orchard Ridge campus and I absolutely loved it. I could not have ask for a better place to start.
Excellent teachers and facilities. Very low cost alternative if you are transferring, or only pursuing a two year degree. Do not expect a vibrant social scene here, there isn't one. If you are only here to learn and save money, you will enjoy it. If attending expecting to become any kind of "college scene" you will be very disappointed.
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I have met so many great people and have been taught some of the greatest professors! Coming here as a freshman was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I loved attending OCC.
I’ve been at Oakland community college for 8 years. I never feel like the staff don’t care about the student. I love how the professors interact with the students and are very informative on the lessons. I feel comfortable reaching out when ever I feel like I am behind in a class. There are many opportunities to excel at this college. They have free tutoring for the students and they are very helpful. They also have ways that you can be active in the school and provide jobs for all the students. I always recommend OCC to new students and tell them to never be intimidated, you’ll do just fine and you will love it.
The teachers are eager to help you learn. The campus is very pretty and there are many ways to get help, including the councelors.
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