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My daughter completed her first year of college at Nyack and although the overall experience was good, we found out in mid October of last year that they were shutting down the Nyack campus and if she wished to continue going to Nyack she would have to transfer to the Manhattan campus. I understand that these things can happen but I also know that the college knew this was at least a distinct possibility when we signed up to over the summer and I believe they did not tell anyone because they were afraid they would lose some of the new students and with that the tuition money.

We did not want an urban setting for here college experience and chose Nyack over some other colleges primarily because we liked the Nyack campus. I wish Nyack would have been upfront with the parents and students who were in the process so we could have weighed the options and made an informed decision at the time.
I am not a student but visited. Though the person I was originally supposed to visit was out of office because of miscommunication (and summertime), they quickly made sure I could speak to someone else. The tour guide was very kind. They spoke about God very naturally/easily. The admissions counselor I spoke to was also very sweet and helpful, but not sugarcoaty.
The NYC campus is clean and has a great layout. Area was clean and safe, plenty of eating options.
My experience with Nyack college is going well so far. I am in my sophomore year and the Manhattan campus experience is great. There's good food nearby all in walking distance, the diversity of students is a plus and they all are genuinely pleasant people. The staff is professors are amazing. They are always willing to thoroughly help with any situation.
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I liked the professor and students. My experience at Nyack has been rewarding. The availability of classes was ok but could have been better.
I have really enjoyed my first year at Nyack. It has been a difficult transition going from home to college out of state but the people at Nyack have been great. My only complaint would be that i wish they had better selections at the cafeteria and that they had better hours.
Nyack College is a christ base center university. It posses diversity in their students culture and community. Its number one goal is to equip each student with a higher academic knowledge and skills as we as to equip the Christian community to serve with excellent their society.
My experience so far has been amazing. So Grateful to attend a Christian School where I can freely talk about God.
they are selling and closing the campus very soon. too small anyway with only five hundred undergrads and two hundred grads. if you had this on your list you need to do your homework on it.
It literally has changed my life. I am so impressed with the academic atmosphere and the professionalism of the staff. I did not really know what to expect going in, however, it has been one of the most transformative decision I have ever made in my life. My college mates have been an added bonus, it was a pleasant surprise that I had not anticipated. Seeing the growth in everyone is a source of inspiration to me. It makes me want to be a better person and really utilize the knowledge I have attained at Nyack College in the real world.
Everyone has crazy crazy views one after the other which you cannot escape throughout the entire campus. This is because everywhere you go, people are having theological debates. The classes all have a "Christian" twist to them, even the Psychology classes and most of my credits are required theology credits which will not transfer even though my major is Psychology. Some of the teachers are great people while others make me angry concerning how they run their class and treat others.
The facilities are horrible, they are going under financially, slowly removing professors and on campus help! The atmosphere is good, and God is difenitely there but, the school says that Godis involved in alot more than they actually involve him.
Nyack is like a small community. Everyone knows each other, everyone loves eachother and gets along. The campus is filled with the spirit of God.
I live overseas and it was very difficult to find an online graduate program that would work with me. The staff at Nyack were not only accommodating but very kind. I was truly impressed.
Nyack is unique. Everyone you meet cares about the individual and wants to help them succeed. Because of this, we have a spiritual formation team that is always ready to pray with you or just talk with you or mentors you. We have a Counseling Services team that I love who will meet with you for free. But above all we have an amazing community filled with internationals, third-culture kids, athletes, musicians, etc. I have only been going for a year and although it does have its flaws there is nowhere else I would rather be. This is where I feel at home, this is a place where I am surrounded by people who care about me. So this is where I am staying.
I enjoy Nyack College because this school have been helping me accomplish my goal in being a musician and singer. Very respectful principal, faculty, staff, teachers, and classmates all working together. Brings an excitement on continuing my education. Nyack College is a blessing to be apart of.
Nyack is a beautiful campus at first, however the administration is created of alumni and not professionals who know how to run the college. There is a lot that students are forced to do that is not required of a normal college student. People do try their best there however it just is not enough to run a college.
Nyack College is a place where you can grow so much spiritually and as a person alltogether. If you want to encounter God and learn what your purpose is, this is the place to go. They have great extra curricular activities for ministry. Great praise dance team, step team, chapel worship teams, chorale and a gospel choir!
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Nyack College is a small college that is really diverse and gives everyone an opportunity to learn. It is easy to make friends bing a small Christian college. I must say that I enjoy being here and wouldn’t trade with anything. Also academics life is really at its highest level I must say. Professors actually care about a student’s progress and ensures that people learn. This is not the same as other colleges that only 2 people show up to class but almost everyone end up with an A. My major is nursing and I’m not even allowed to skip a class. Only with an excuse. An example is that, if I skip more than 1 I excused absence then I fail the course which I don’t want to do I have to stay in and make sure I learn. I really like the experience here and even for those who like Christianity life will enjoy here too. It is a Christian school which abides by its laws and not just by the name.
Very enganging professors who knew the field of subjects studied.
My exposure to this program allowed me to serve as advocate, activist and volunteer with a national moms group. I now advocate for children, women, and families all over the country at the federal and state levels on early education, gun violence, and paid leave to name a few.
I haven't attended yet, but I am going in as a freshman this next semester. So far, the process has been great, with great relationships between me and the administration.
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