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My experience with Nunez Community College is amazing. The atmosphere is friendly and everyone cares about our community. Nunez makes me happy to be a college student and they have a lot to offer for new students or transfers. Nunez was my first pick for college because I liked that it was close to my home town in St. Bernard. Nunez is all about the students, they have a wide variety of free student activities and academic seminars. Nunez is a really good place to start off even if you haven't gone to school in a long time.
I absolutely love this school. Nothing that i would change. The faculty and staff are amazing ! The campus is very nice and is always decently clean. Everyone is always so friendly and accepting.
I love Nunez everyone is helpful the teachers, worker & students. They want to see you succeed. They go out of they to make show your needs are met. I wouldn't change anything about this college.
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What I like to see a change in the community. With the violence and the different race crimes. I'll also like to see a change in the city to get out and help the communies to help one another. It's kind of hurtful to see the young affected by the generation.
I am thankful that they accepted my credits. I can be a paralegal in one year.
I love taking online classes so I can set my own pace and work to help support me at college.
I am happy that I will be able to intern with a company that may hire me after graduation.
I will be able to finish an associate's degree in one year after transferring.
I was happy with how fast I was able to meet with the advisor to schedule my classes. I scheduled my classes, and I liked that.
They will fast track me to an internship. I am excited about that.
I began classes here, and they are working with my college credits and transferring is a breeze.
Able to schedule classes around my personal schedule, worked out fine.
Online courses were good but I'm more of a in class learner.
Great application process and fast response.
Teachers really help you understand and grasp material quickly
I love the college I am attending. Highly recommended for technical.
The professors really want you to succeed. They have designated office hours and there are tutoring sessions with various professors for various different subjects during the school day. The library has many resources and plenty of computers for student to use. I go in the library during my breaks and sit in a little study nook to do my work.
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Nunez is a great place for me because it is close to where I live. They have been updating many things around the school, such as a new administration building, a new student cafe in the main building, and an arts building that is currently under construction. The professors are all very caring to their students and I have made really good friends with a few of my previous professors. They want you to succeed, whether you are only there for a semester or there for an associates degree.
If they had more art based programs I would do it all over again ..
Well im currently in the process of starting school there.its a reletivly small school so theres usually someone you can talk to. Seems as though everytime I call with a question someone answers the phone. Most really big schools you don't get that. Sometimes you can never reach anyone at a large university. Also they have hybrid classes and some semesters you can go fully online if the class is online.
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