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NTMA Training Centers of Southern California Reviews

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If I am able to attend the school, then I would give a better review.
I felt very unease about the financial aid person. This person was not very knowledgeable about the question I ask him/her. I know there's money out there to pay for my schooling and they didn't know that. I done some research and found some scholarships that I can use toward my educational goals. Now, that really scares me because what if I was approved for a pell grant and this person was not aware of it. Just saying.
I would say that this is the perfect school for me to attend to meet my educational goals. I would love to attend this school because it's what I am looking for to accomplish my personal goals. I would not go to any other institute. It's sucks though that I am able to start school in a week because of the cost of the tuition. I wish the school would give me the opportunity to attend their school.
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I feel that the 7 stages process of the school is amazing. And it only takes 7 months to complete to get my certificate. I would felt great to attend this school because it teaches me everything I need to know in order to help my father and his business be successful.
My first of the school was great because of the people and the environment I'll be working in. I was a little concern about the financial department. The person I spoke with was very knowledgeable about the school. That scared me a bit because she should know the questions I asked her and she didn't. I feel that there is money out there for me to pay for my schooling and I am kind of disappointed that I am not able to start school because of my financial needs.
Its a trade school so...its not your everyday boring college classes but they do have events that includes everyone that is attending school along with faculty & staff.
The school works as hard as you do to achieve the best outcome for your future.
The career center helps out students before he/she graduates from the school. They work side by side with the companies that are interested to employ the students
The financial aid officers are so very friendly and helpful working with you to achieve your goal to attend classes and give you all the information for you to do so.
The school has a diversity of students...with different walks of life and experiences
I love the school and school admin and faculty staff are very friendly and willing to work with you.
They have a open door policy so you don't feel restricted
The school's flexibility is so cool, you can come in the morning, afternoon or evening class if you are unable to make it to your scheduled class.
Teachers give you a very detailed assignments throughout the week to prepare you for the following week's quiz and test. The school offers a tutor dedicated to help the student in need to succeed in his/her classes.
The school administration and staff are very friendly and helpful. Teachers are willing to demonstrate any school related topics and on the machines they show you step by step as many times as needed for a student to comprehend and understand the lesson and experiences a student can get.
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