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They have an abundance of opportunities to help you get started in your career field opposed to other schools. The curriculum is amazing and you are able to start studying towards your major during your freshman year!
I am an online student studying for my Masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology. I enjoy the online classes that Nova Southeastern offers and the teachers instructing the classes.
Such a great experience. I have matured and become a better person throughout the years in my undergrad journey. There are so many unique organizations to join and gain leadership experience in.
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NSU is an excellent school with a diverse environment and culture. The school's priority is their students' well being.
I just recently apply but my husband has his Master degree in Education there and it was fantastic! Professors, campus, clsses with the high level. That is why I would like to pass my Master in Nova too.
Being in the nursing program, it has been a lot to keep up with but the school gives you plenty of resources to figure out how to learn and study. Student life is extremely encourage through the rigorous program, the only thing I would change is where the focus of finance goes to. Being in this type of program takes up a lot of time and money so you have to know what you're getting into.
I enjoy pursuing my graduate degree here. It's a really great school and the professors are great. I'm looking forward to graduating soon and possibly pursuing their Psychology Doctorate degree program.
Nova is a great school if you're interested in a "classic" college experience that includes clubs, greek life, sports, and high quality academics. Greek life is not a main focus at Nova and you aren't automatically made an outcast if you choose not to participate. The lack of football team means the other sports at Nova have a great chance to shine - from women's rowing to baseball and everything in between. The class sizes are, on average, about 30 students so professors almost aways know you and end up developing a personal relationship with you on some level. They don't try to keep you there longer than 4 years like some big state schools either and are very focused on finding their students jobs and internships while enrolled as well as after graduating. Nova lacks in having a "peppy" student body that has large turnouts for things unfortunately but it is slowly becoming better. The food choices at Nova are also underwhelming but in the process of improving as well.
My experience at Nova Southeastern was pretty great. I wish it was more diverse, or simply had more African Americans like their neighbor Broward College. But for the most part I enjoyed going here, the professors all knew my name and were always available to help outside of class hours. The school is pretty well-kept and I believe they are pretty active in the South Florida region in regards to helping the environment and different ecosystems in the area.
It seems really great in the freshman year, but starting sophomore year, that start screwing you over, with the classes and scheduling. The food also got worse.
Nova is a highly recognized school in South Florida. The cost of education is a bit high, however, that comes with the name and recognition. The professors, depending on the program, seem to genuinely care, with the exception of a few. On the contrary, professors at Nova sometimes appear to overly critique assignments, perhaps due to the glorification in which the name and recognition entails.
I think that the biggest change that NSU has to make is to launch scholarship packages for doctoral students. If more scholarship packages have been created, Ph.D. programs of NSU will be getting more attractive to excellent students. Based on my personal experiences, many doctoral students at NSU got their part time job and can't focus entirely on their study and research projects. It is not defective and the graduation rate at the doctoral level has been dramatically influenced. I think that is where NSU, as a leading university in South Florida, has to change and work on.
Overall, it is a beautiful and good university. Everybody is nice and friendly. I make lots of new friends here. Professors are strict and knowledgeable. The small class size helps make closer relationships between professors and students. I am in the program of Conflict Resolution and this program is very reputable. I got many smart and studious classmates, so I am pushed to study harder. NSU is not a party school, but there are activities available. I am getting more confident through two years training, so my experiences with NSU are just awesome.
I'm a current graduate student at Nova Southeastern. My program specifically has a great reputation for producing excellent clinicians, so that's what drew me here originally. The school overall has a great reputation, and I believe that the education one receives here will serve them well.
Nova Southeastern University has a great Heal Profession Division building where all of the medical students and nursing students and other students learn. What I did not like about Nova Southeastern University was the building in which we learn our skills at was broken and the supplies in the room was not what we were paying for each semester.
Nova isn't perfect, just like any other school. But I do feel where they lack, such as campus food and the local area they try their best to make it better for their students. As a Sophomore at NSU, I feel that the university has many great things about it such as the beautiful campus, amazing diversity,great housing, and strong safety. And there are current projects to increase the quality of the food and they are very involved with the local community creating a great community atmosphere to share with locals.
I am in third semester of the Bachelor Nursing program. The instructions at the school are very helpful, and that is important in such an intense program. They make sure the students have the right informations and comprehend the materials that they teach in class and our experience at the clinical setting.
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Spending five years in NSU, I have experienced the growth of this university. They have more excellent professors than before. The rankings of NSU have been going up and it must continue to go up. Why? Because they are richer than before. In a recent philanthropic campaign, NSU has gained 250 millions and they promise all money collected will be using for increasing scholarships, building new campus, hiring better professors, and purchase research equipment.
Do not get me wrong. I am saying that it is a perfect institution. Actually, there is still some room that they really need to get improved. For example, scholarships and fund support at the Ph.D. level are too limited and competitive. It is a serious defective to attract talented students. If university of Miami university (the main rival of NSU in admission in South Florida) provide Ph.D. students with a 40,000 scholarship package per year including tuition waiver, why students choose to attend NSU?
It is a great innovative university that endeavours to motivate their students and innovate in their offerings to the community. They are very involved with the local community supporting them in events, education, monetarily, etc.
Nova Southeastern University is a good university and it is growing quickly. The biggest library of Florida is located in the NSU campus. Students are able to access lots of helpful resources for their future career. My experiences at NSU are highly positive. Professors are nice, experienced, and knowledgeable. The only downside is the food. They do not have many options on campus and students have to have cars to go out for good food. All in all, NSU is a hidden gem and I believe its rankings will continue to rise and its reputation will be greater.
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