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Love the small, intimate class sizes. Majority of professors are very good in their fields. Good Career and Academic advising. Campus buildings are very accessible and provide good resources. Lots of opportunities for involvement. Facilities are very nice and campus is in close proximity to many restaurants, stores, attractions etc...
I like how there are multiple programs that you can apply to. Also enjoy the location because it is in a nice area of Davie. The campus is also very beautiful and well-kept.
I am currently a sophomore at Nova Southeastern University. I play soccer on the woman's team. All the athletes at Nova take their sports very seriously. The girls soccer team is tight and it has been a great bonding experience from the minute I walked on the field. I love my coach and he has lead us to the Conference championship last year and we are on our way to win that title again. I love my classes and my professors are really helpful and knowledgeable. I can't wait to graduate with all the friends I have made here and continue on towards my masters degree.
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I love my school because of the various opportunities I am offered. There are endless ways to get involved academically and socially, and I have grown as a leader and individual because of these factors. The school is growing very fast, however, so the housing and parking situations have been complicated. The changes within the dining hall are good but still need to be amplified to meet the needs of the students.
I have had an excellent experience at Nova Southeastern University. I have earned a Masters Degree and am now pursuing a Doctorate. The advisors and professors are very helpful and want to see you succeed. There are so many resourses that are available to help you succeed throughout the program.
NSU is notorious for making promises to their students to trick them into attending but they are not good at following up with their promises. There are a lot of classless people attending the university. Greek life is a large part of campus life; if you are not involved in greek life, you will likely feel left out.
Nova Southeastern University is a great school to attend, professors are extremely invested in the education that students receive. The high cost of the education is worth the knowledge that you're receiving.
Great school, great online program. It would be nice to have groups of students attending the school online within our own state so we can meet up and provide some support for each other since we cannot attend the actual campus.
I haven't visit Nova Southeastern University campus yet, however I went to a college fair and Nova Southeastern University was there, and I love the information I received. I also browsed around online, and look at their campus and there surroundings and I loved what I seen. I'm a senior in high school and looking forward to being a college student at Nova Southeastern University!
Money hungry. They take on way too many students for what they can offer for space. Libraries are packed, cafeterias are packed, and classrooms are packed. Money obviously is their first priority ahead of the value of education for students.
The people in charge are usually all over the place and take forever to do anything. They always take the long route to get you what you need.
It's a private school, but you definitely get what you pay for! Very good quality in equipment and education. However, I do wish it would be a little cheaper.
Very expensive for undergrad! I have spent over 100K and am in my senior year. If I could do it again I would get my undergrad at Broward College and then attend NSU for graduate school. The campus is nice, gym membership is included in tuition. The gym is amazing!
They have an abundance of opportunities to help you get started in your career field opposed to other schools. The curriculum is amazing and you are able to start studying towards your major during your freshman year!
I am an online student studying for my Masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology. I enjoy the online classes that Nova Southeastern offers and the teachers instructing the classes.
Such a great experience. I have matured and become a better person throughout the years in my undergrad journey. There are so many unique organizations to join and gain leadership experience in.
NSU is an excellent school with a diverse environment and culture. The school's priority is their students' well being.
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I just recently apply but my husband has his Master degree in Education there and it was fantastic! Professors, campus, clsses with the high level. That is why I would like to pass my Master in Nova too.
Being in the nursing program, it has been a lot to keep up with but the school gives you plenty of resources to figure out how to learn and study. Student life is extremely encourage through the rigorous program, the only thing I would change is where the focus of finance goes to. Being in this type of program takes up a lot of time and money so you have to know what you're getting into.
I enjoy pursuing my graduate degree here. It's a really great school and the professors are great. I'm looking forward to graduating soon and possibly pursuing their Psychology Doctorate degree program.
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