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So far my experience with this school has been a memorable one. The times I have called for help, the person answering the phone always seems to know what they're talking about.
It was nice seeing the campus and meeting the professors there. They are a very diverse university along with having a great computer engineering program. This school has all the qualities I've been looking for in a university and has been my dream school since I was 10 years old. There is not that much I would like to see this university change because in my eyes, it's the perfect one, especially for me.
I love Nova. I was worried when I first moved so far away from home but they made me feel welcome and the student body is awesome. The best part of the school is the class size. I do not have any classes that have more than 25 kids. It is easy to enroll for classes and I found a job right on campus.
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I am currently a junior, I like that the campus is full of diversity, along with the small class sizes. It makes the learning experience and asking questions in class a lot easier.
Nova Southeastern University is the place to attend when expanding your academics in multiple fields of disciplines. Ranging from excellent programs in health sciences to engineering computers, there is a place for anyone and everyone.
Nova Southeastern University beautiful main campus located in Ft. Lauderdale is a wonderful school. Besides the expensive tuition, Many of the good aspects of this school includes small class sizes, many programs including health sciences, and the ability to learn from professors who are highly educated.
I went to Nova University with my Health Science class. It was honestly the best experience I've had at a university. I was left with my jaw-dropped. I wanted to stay and never leave. I wouldn't change anything about the school because the students were very helpful and answered all my questions. The materials they used were amazing, they had dummies ("patients") who actually breathed and could give labor!
It's a blessing to attend one of Florida's top private schools. This school gives their students all the resources possible to acheive beyond their capacity. I've always said that if you don't make it at Nova, it's because you didn't put in the effort. The staff all across really care for their students. Professors are all easy going, professional, helpful and approachable. There's no such thing as assistant professors at this institution. You have real professors that practice what they teach for a living. Nova is hands down the best school ever!
Nova southeastern University is a phenomenal institution, It is definitely worth it's reputation. This institution will prepare you and teach you the skills necessary to become one of the greatest professionals in your field of choice.
Professors are very professional and have depth. Their knowledge and aptitude go beyond expectations and, genuinely care for their students.
The professors are very motivating, and really make sure you learn. Class sizes are small. The only negative is that it is very expensive, but this is expected with private universities.
The university is amazing. The return on my specific investment is not great because my field is not known for it's high income. The campus is extremely safe, there are cops patrolling campus 24/7 and they have surveillance everywhere. I live off campus so I'm not sure how the dorms are.
The DPT program at the Tampa campus is kind of new. I love most of the professors. I have learned a lot so far. I am a bit disappointed with the lack of planning in some courses.
Being my first year at Nova Southeastern university, I feel very honor and proud that I choose to attend the school. I have not only grown but I also have learn adult responsibilities. NSU has made it very easy to attend my classes as well as earn extra credit and help when ever I needed it. I am so grateful to the teachers and their patient when I felt lost in class. The campus has everything convenient for me to eat, buy small necessities, copy machines, entertainment and access to computers and library. But, the most thing that I am grateful for is the friendship I have made with my roommates, classmates, and the students in my building.
I've wanted to attend Nova for the longest time, and it happens to be such a great college, exceeding all of my expectations. I love the small class sizes since the allow true engagement and interaction. I love how the school offers everything a learning student could ever need. By most of all, I would not change a thing about the location. There is everything anyone could need in one place.
The professors are very professional and willing to work and help their students. The material learned is challenging but applies to the field chosen.
Great schools. Lots of places to do volunteer work. Amazing library, growing up in the area I went there constantly.
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I am currently enrolled in the Nursing program at Nova Southeastern and believe that this is a great academic school capable of providing the necessary skills needed to become a great nurse!
The school is a collection agency, they only care if you have paid your semesters tuition. Guidance is a joke, they change my curriculum twice while attending adding to the amount of classes/credits needing to graduate $$$.. Multiple times they messed up my paperwork for financial aid. What is worse they fired my guidance counselor and never notified me while I waited onr a response for registration suggestions. Oh and did I mention how expressive the tuition is?? I traveled down to the school (3 hrs from my home) to take an exam only to find out the labs computer system was down? Now I've decided to transfer to another university to finish up my degree but will have to pay a huge bill for mediocre education. The work given by most teachers is busy work and you will write about 100 papers for some classes good luck if your stick it out.
Financial aid department is difficult. Classes are challenging, in a positive way. The campus is beautiful and easy to navigate. There are a few good professors.
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