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NSU is one of world class universities with a beautiful campus. They have many excellent professors who really care about their students. I am so luck to spend five years in this university and truly recommend this university to others who look for true high quality education.
I would like more representation for multicultural organizations, and also more food options such as a Chic-Fil-A.
As an incoming student I have been in awe since I first stepped into NOVA Southeastern University. I am proud to be a future shark.
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It is a great school in terms of education and research opportunities. it lacks in dorm life and the food is not up to the mark.
Nova Southeastern University has a beautiful campus filled with a diverse student body that is genuinely kind to one another. Teachers are passionate about their jobs and make sure their students are actually learning. Overall, it is a great place to live, learn, laugh, and make friends who will last a lifetime.
I have been a student at Nova for 3 years now and although it is challenging, it is an amazing school. Nova offers a lot of opportunities for students to do well. Professors really care about students and want them to succeed. Any services provided at the school is excellent. There are always numerous ways to get involved on campus as well. Nova also offers jobs to current students which helps a lot. They also offer their own scholarships to help with tuition. Applying and becoming a student a Nova was one of the best decisions of my life.
As a new mother I was happy to see that there were several of Master's online programs that gave me the flexibility to study from home while I raised my baby. The teachers/staff are wonderful and do their best to help you along the way. Nova has been by far my favorite school to deal with.
I love how diverse this school is. And its so close to home that I can drive every day! I have met so many interest people here and the staff really cares about the education of their students. Go Sharks!
The location, and accessibility of all necessities is amazing. For the most part professors are great. The only complaint I would have is the ability for academic staff, such as advising, to reply to emails in a timely fashion. Most students work on top of taking classes so email is a main method of communication. Over all, my experience has been great. Campus is clean, everyone in the area is friendly and there are events just about everyday.
I would like to see a more diverse greek life. Overall, love the campus and purpose of this institute.
If you enjoy smaller, very academically focused, and expensive schools this is for you. It is prestigious and very well known for its dental school. It is made of driven students.
This is my first year attending Nova Southeastern University. The students and teachers here are very friendly and always willing to help you out with any school related problems. Some teachers even treat their students like they are part of their family. The environment here at NSU is one that is unlike any other. I am glad I decided to attend NSU.
I am a freshman at Nova and I can not express how much I love it. The staff is very considerate and want each individual to succeed. They go out of their way to meet with students who are struggling and every professor has office hours that students can attend. I am not very close to home which makes things hard sometimes however, everyone on this campus is very friendly and welcoming and its very easy to get used to being on your own. Also, there are a ton of clubs, organizations, and sports for people to get involved which also keeps students busy. There are also many academic resources for people who are struggling in their classes which is very helpful. The security on campus is very good, there are emergency posts all around campus so if someone is walking, they can dress the button and public safety will show up.
The classes are small (40 people max) and they are taught by professors who currently practice what they are teaching. There are tons of opportunities for networking, jobs, and joining organizations. There is not really a "community" feel here but everyone is very friendly.
Everyone has been very helpful and prompt with any responses. School is very organized and everyone is always very eager to help.
My campus is very beautiful, it is in a great location. The class sizes are very small, so the professors are able to work one on one with students and interact with them.
I initially enrolled at Nova Southeastern University in the Fall of 2008. My experience at NSU has been wonderful, to say the least. The staff is incredibly helpful and the main campus is very impressive. I am proud to be an NSU Shark and I am excited to to celebrate the completion of my degree at the main campus.
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Nova is an amazing private university with an amazing campus in South Florida. The instructors are very knowledgable and kind. The campus is beautiful and very safe. The employment rate for the Physician's Assistant is about 95% and they are a very esteemed university.
I love the school, I love the campus and the location for it. I'm really excited to attend the school.
I like that everyone I interacted with at Nova Southeastern University was respectful, helpful, and kind. They always answered with any questions I had, and always got back to me within a few days.
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