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Loved my all women's educational experience. Enjoyed the small community of powerful women (and men) and the social justice mission of the school. Student life was lacking at times but overall enjoyed my time on campus.
I enjoy attending NDMU professors are great and Great food.I love the major I am in The students and Staff care about you. Very busy but chill
I have only been to this college for one year after transferring from another 4 year university, and I absolutely love it. Even when I was doing my original college search, and NDMU came up, I could not help but continuously look at the schools website. I fell in love with it before I even applied. The professors here are trained to teach classes as large as 25 students, and even classes as small as 3 students. The academic curriculums are rigorous, however all professors here will go out of their way to help you succeed throughout your 4 years here. All are ensured by both students and faculty are welcomed; our motto is "You Belong Here!" To those looking to apply to any colleges this year, or even transferring, apply here. Take it from a transfer student who hailed all the way from Connecticut. You will not be sorry that you applied
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I love NDM! transferring was the best decision ever. I love how staff helps you all the time and they make sure students understand everything in class. I like that the class is small and in this way professors can help better.
When I first visited the school I fell in love with it, I knew that if I went to school I would be able to succeed in my academics. There are so many activities that can be done on and off campus. On top of that Baltimore is right down the street with so many opputrintes. It's a great school I think for people that are introverts like me since it's small but it stands out in its own way. I have decided to accept in attending to the college as a freshman in the fall of 2018 of all the other colleges that I applied because the school represents who I am of all the times I've visited I have connected. Notre Dame of Maryland University will always be a second home to me.
This school gives their students amazing opportunities to experience hands on work in their future career fields!
It was a great experience to get an education with other women. The culture is strong and it makes me proud to be a Notre Dame woman. They offer a wide variety of majors but have an extraordinary nursing and science department. All the staff are friendly and want you to succeed.
I am attending notre dame of Maryland university to obtain my degree in elementary education and early childhood. Notre Dame has been very flexible with my schedule and able to accomidate all my needs. They have also provided me with a plethora of resources as a future teacher by having knowledgeable teachers that are able to give you real life experiences.
This school is extremely overpriced and only values the nursing/biology students. The buildings are very outdated; for example, the fire alarm has yet to be changed after multiple complaints to the president. Dining services are cheap and only open during certain hours of the day. This university will add random charges of over $900 and expect you to pay for it in under a month. If you are looking for an accommodating university, this is not the one.
Notre Dame of Maryland University has been a great experience for me during my freshman year. Being as we are a women’s college, there are a lot of different experiences here than at other universities. Even though we have modern buildings, the dorms here are quite ancient with old wooden doors and floors and so must dust. Despite loving our cafeteria food, it could be better just like most school meals but they do have a large selection of condiments to choose from which allows us to doctor up our food if we don’t like it. But in spite of all of that, the curriculum and professors make up for those things. At Notre Dame, I WANT to go to class because we have very small classes which allow me to always be engaged in the conversations and feel connected to my professors, classmates, and friends because we are around each other so often.
I liked the diversity. I liked my experience on campus because all the students and faculty were amazing. I love the fact that the women are so unique in their own way. I would like to see the change in the party scene.
My experience at Notre Dame of MD University was extremely positive. The professors truly want to see you succeed so they are very helpful and patient. The campus is beautiful! The people are very friendly. The cost is about the average mark for an excellent college education. Its easy to find with directions. I received my BSN through this school and it was the best decision I ever made!
Notre Dame is an okay school but it could be better. The teachers are great and the campus is beautiful. Their financial aid office is terrible. They are inexperienced and unhelpful. The advisors aren't that helpful because they are also teachers. Since they are teachers they don't think of what is best for the student just whats best for their department.
I am a student in the CAUS (College of Undergraduate Adult Studies). I am an Elementary Education major, who has had nothing but positive experiences with my professors. The classes are so knowledgeable and understandable. I will graduate from this university with the knowledge I need to become a great educator.
Small campus, some great professors, but sometimes unorganized. Has some good programs though. If you get involved with the activities and clubs, this will make your time here at NDMU better, but if not involved with anything then it will be miserable.
The small class sizes enable students to form respectable relationships with professors. Professors are well educated in their areas of study and truly care about students' well-being. Classes are interesting and include open discussions on many topics. The downsides are tuition is high, the business office is unorganized and dorms and facilities are outdated.
Excellent university with supportive graduate instructors. The campus is warm and inviting and the library staff and research specialists are top notch.
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Student life id usually boring!!! The professors care a lot and would help you better your grades if you go to them. Tuition is ridiculously high and food sucks.
My professors are very helpful and my classes are at a reasonable size to focus more.
It is very easy to get a job on campus due to its limited population.
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