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Overall, the academics are very good at NDNU and it's easy to ask for help from all of the teachers because of the small classroom sizes. I've never encountered a rude or mean person on campus because mostly everyone is friendly. When you walk onto campus, there's a peaceful atmosphere and it has a boarding school feel. The new commuter lounge and the library are probably the best parts of campus, but I still wish there were more student events on campus for residents. My favorite part of Notre Dame is the support from your peers and teachers which make it easier to succeed and become successful. You'll definitely graduate in 4-5 years.
Notre Dame de Namur is a great school. There is not much of a party scene on campus, but the small classes and one on one with the teachers make up for not having a party scenery. The campus is small and very clean easy to navigate places. The professor are very interested in their students and their success.
Belmont is an amazing city to go to college and enjoy life. While it can be expensive, it is safe and the campus is beautiful. The buildings and architecture paired with the campus' location atop a hill in town, it makes for a breathtaking display.
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The campus is gorgeous! It's in a good part of Belmont with close to shops and stores. Students are very helpful, staff as well. Professors really care about you and you can make appts. with them quickly. Notre Dame is a Catholic University, but all are welcome. There is a good atmosphere where you feel welcome.
I'm currently in the graduate program for MFT, Art Therapy. I love the program as well as the small class size and personalized attention each student receives.
Great if you like smaller class sizes, and look to form bonds with professors. Professors are willing to help you and actually have the time to help you due to the small class sizes. Tons of out of class resources as well if you need added help.
Its a wonderful experience and very nice having a small campus to be able to get around faster. If you like small school this one is perfect for you! It is very easy to get into contact with professors.
Great teachers and it is relatively small so you get to know a lot of the people you go to school with fairly well. Old buildings and they’re cutting some majors. It is over priced, not very many clubs or activities on campus.
I couldn't be happier with this school. It has exceeded all of my expectations. The professors are inspiring, my classmates and future colleagues are very knowledgeable, the campus is small and easy to get around. I am in a Clinical Psychology program with an emphasis in Marriage Family Therapy and everyone in the program has been absolutely kind, compassionate, and hard working. The only thing I have experienced that has been a little bit of a downfall has been the poor wifi connection and the buildings are outdated. Other than that I wouldn't change my decision to attend Notre Dame De Namur.
During my time at Notre Dame de Namur University, it was great but there were a few flaws. The school has a terrible student service. However, in person, their service is phenomenal!
International Business professor Reem Gohar
is very passionate and excellent at engaging all students in class
The school tries making you graduate quick(4 years) but should consider making dorms and buildings better by fixing heaters/furniture, etc.
What I've enjoyed from NDNU is the fact that the school is so small. Because it is so small, each student is able to stay in touch with their professors and actually have a one on one relationship with each professor. One thing I would change would be the level of hardness each class is, it is very easy to pass without a challenge.
I liked the way the professors teach. They are engaging and helpful when it comes to classroom discussion and assignment help.
Class sizes are usually less than 30 which is really great. Students are able to get one on one help by their professors if needed and are easily approachable.
Good academics, but campus is a joke. Poor technology, bad food, disgusting dorms. The campus looks like an abandoned campground. The buildings are falling apart and smell like mold and urine.
Over all my experience at Notre dame has been excellent. The people at the school are very helpful and are always willing to lead a hand no matter the situation. The sisters at the school are great people to sit down and converse with. The teaching staff is amazing. I would recommend anybody that is looking for a great school with a very diverse campus and college life to come to Notre Dame.
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My experience at Notre Dame De Namur has been great, I would say the smaller class size is the best part of attending a small school. Living on campus and having a food plan has been extremely convenient, good food and nice rooms. The cost of tuition would be the only negative that I have experienced.
The school is so expensive, but I do not see any of our tuition money go back into the school, more effort if put into our sports teams.
As a freshman I have come to notice many things about this school. For one the scenery of the school is beautiful. There is no doubt that the nature will shock you. The teachers are willing to help you if you are willing to try.
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