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The college is small but well put together they have an amazing staff and wonderful sport teams. all teachers have an open door policy with students and tutoring is always offered.
It is a breathtaking university t o attend, the fall season is when the campus is at its best view and it is so clean.
At my time at Notre Dame College so far I have appreciated the people I've met the most, I've met a good group of guys who have the same goals and morals as myself. Secondly, I liked the dorm life, the dorm life taught me how to provide for myself by giving me a feeling of what its like to live on my own.
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Super small campus. If you are big on partying then don't come here. Almost everyone is an athlete on some sort of scholarship. Classes are small and teachers are super nice.
This school is an absolute joke. They will say absolutely anything to get you enrolled. I have met people who were told they had the program they wanted to study, but it ended up being a lie. The school is obsessed with its enrollment, which usually leads to the dorms being overcrowded. If you aren't lucky enough to get into one of the newer dorm buildings, you will get stuck in the old dorms, which are dirty and infested with bugs. The school wants to keep growing but it won't do anything to fix its problems. Academics and professors are pretty good for the most part, but this school is definitely not worth what they are charging. 99% of the student body is involved in athletics, so if you aren't on a sports team you will probably feel left out. If you are thinking about NDC, do a bit more research than just going on their campus tour. If you want a small college experience in the Cleveland area, there are other options that give you more for your money.
Notre Dame College is the second college that I have attended and I hate this place more than I hated my old school. The only thing nice that I have to say is that the professors care about you, other than that this place is trash. The food is awful, the students are trashy, the school is dirty and outdated, the coaches are disorganized, and there is absolutely nothing to do here on campus. This school is way to expensive and is giving you absolutely nothing in return for what you are paying.
Coming into NDC I had heard mixed reviews. The poor reviews are so false. The campus is beautiful and the seasons you endure here make it so much fun. The professors are here to help you and make sure you succeed well into your profession. The old classrooms make it feel like you go to A prestigious university. The food here... yeah that sucks. Everyone is involved in athletics, so if you aren't an athlete don't come. The parties are extremely underrated. Baseball houses throw the absolute best parties and it is always a good time. The worst parties are usually thrown by the football team. But they still rock. Cleveland Ohio is a happening place to be for not only school but a social life as well! NDC IS THE PLACE TO BE AND THE GIRLS ARE SO HOT! LETS FALCON GO!
Notre Dame College is a complete joke. Some of the professors are complete jerks, the living conditions in freshman dorms are terrible and the school is overall irritating. If you are not catholic be prepared to be annoyed by the First Year Seminar and Theology courses that you are required to take. Its a dry campus which also sucks and there is nothing to do.
The career service center does not hold many job fairs on campus and students are mostly responsible for finding internships. The best service they offer is the Focus 2 test to help you choose a major. Most students end up with a job or internship but they are mostly in the Cleveland area. The employers are mostly from Cleveland. Overall, career services is okay.
Courses and professors are pretty good at this school. Courses are pretty easy to get into and most class sizes don't exceed more than 25-30 people and there are usually 1-2 sections of the class. Depending on the professor, your class will be great or terrible. Some professors are really good (meaning they only assign homework to reenforce their lesson or a study guide for a test, they have lots of time for office hours, they don't give a lot of busy work, their lecture is interactive and interesting to listen to, etc). Some professors are terrible (meaning they assign tons of busy work, they are unmotivated to teach/explain something during class that is part of an exam, they let students skip class on a regular basis, they use another professor's work instead of creating their own materials, they let students cheat on their exam without any consequence (which breaks the academic code of conduct), etc). The topics covered in class are very extensive and go into detail in upper level courses.
The school is relatively safe. We have our own police department that patrols the campus daily. Students here are most likely to steal. The staff tries its best to solve any problems that arise on campus. The staff also immediately notifies students of any theft, problem, etc. I personally have not had any problem with safety, theft, or sexual assault so far. I feel safe walking around at night by myself. Overall, safety is okay.
Residence halls are okay. The only good residence halls are the upperclassmen halls of South and North. The amenities in the upperclassmen halls include air conditioning/heating, full size fridge, microwave, living room, and more. The freshman halls are the oldest buildings, have no air conditioning, infested with bugs/mold, and desperately need renovations. Resident halls are all located together and are not that far away from classes and the dining hall. No one really uses the lounges and are mostly quite. The RAs are never around and never help you if you need anything (they purposely hide from their residents). The residence life staff are not good at pairing students with roommates causing many fights among residents. Students steal laundry and don't respect the residence hall or residents living in them. Overall, housing is okay as long as you are in the upperclassmen halls.
As I have said previously, athletics here are terrible. The only people who attend any game is the athletes from other sports. Our teams mostly loose against other schools. The students in the program are not the brightest students at the school. The athletic facilities are out of date and many need repairs and renovation. Overall, athletics at this school are terrible.
This is a good school for students who want a small community feel. Students here are able to form a relationship with their professors and teachers. Th Academics at this school are good. The professors care about their students and get to know them. You are a person, not a number. This school also has a grow Performing Arts Program that includes the NDC Falcon Marching Band, Concert Band, Choir, Glee Choir, and a resident Theatre Company. We also have many different clubs and organizations such as Student Government and Biology Club.

Every student also has an opportunity to have a work study job.

Unfortunately, there are some downsides to this school. There are a lot of dumb athletes that attend the terrible athletic program at this school. The program feature over 20 different sports. Though there are many different sports, they don't do very well against other colleges. Coaches of these sports tend to value their sport over a student's academic success causing many students to fail out of the college.

Overall, this is an okay school with good academics and terrible athletics. If I had a chance, I would transfer out of this school.
They are all very helpful
I need this degree so that i will have a good future
My school is well protected
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The rooms are set up in an apartment type style and it is very nice.
We do not have this. That I know of.
From what i have witnessed so far my schools athletics are top notch!
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