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NCC is great.... for certain degrees. But the advising is lackluster, the course diversity is shameful, and to be quite honest, it’s not the “two year” school it claims to be. Most students take several years to complete their two year degree thanks to classes consistently being cancelled, poor advising, and expense.
I liked the many different programs NCC provided! If you're not ready to go to a big college or university, then community college is great alternative for those who have just graduated high school (speaking from experience). Your able to create your own schedule that fits your flexibility and the classroom is of comfortable size ranging from 15-30 people.
What I enjoyed most about Norwalk Community College was the atmosphere. The atmosphere at NCC is so diverse and unified.
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Very friendly staff and a very laid back atmosphere. All the professors I had wanted me to succeed and would help me with any trouble I had in class.
NCC was a good school, professors were lightweight and caring. NCC does recognize students achievements very late and is not good at communicating with their students, such as email communications. I love that they offer free gym membership and busspasses.
So far the professors I've had have been very good and I enjoy going to school here. I do believe that going to college here after high school is good because its a new environment and you see more of your friends from high school and it isn't so big so you can slowly get the hang of it.
I love it, the teachers are helpful, the campus is nice, the student body is diverse, and they do their best to set you up for success.
Norwalk Community College is a good school. I only attended as a part-time student. You will have to walk a lot but during my time here I always felt safe. There are serval security officers throughout the campus. If you have late classes like I did security is more than happy to walk you to your car. There are 2 campuses an East and West campus. Located in each is a cafe for you to get food, sit, read and study. Each campus also has tables and chairs for students to meet and study. Overall this is a good school to go to I have been able to get a lot of classes and save money.
I started at 15 because I was homeschooled and the teachers and students were all so kind to me and very helpful. I had an amazing experience there.
At Norwalk Community College, I like how everyone is very friendly and connected. The community makes the two years worth going. Also, you save more money compared to going to a university first!
More flexible night classes would be nice. Some professors are really resourceful. Overall a nice experience where I learned a lot.
Amazing community college. Professors are great. Courses offered are also great. They have a really amazing nursing course!
Very strong opionion about being here. It's helped me a lot being here. I have been to 2 other private, 4 year universities, but I was wasting money and unsure of what I wanted to do. Being here has cleared that up, helped me get a career (waaay more than the other schools) and actually helped me overall. My professors were amazing. I get the stigma around community colleges, but I'm glad I didn't let that get to me and I got this experience. Helps you get back on track- while saving money!
What I like about NCC is that it’s a off-campus college so there are no dorms or anything. There are a lot of things that should change about NCC, but I’ll keep it brief, more degree programs especially tech based, more credit certifications and better teaching styles and teach updated information!
I loved the closeness I felt from every classroom in Norwalk Community College. The rooms always feel personal and comfortable. The professors have a way of making everyone feel at home. With my determination and hard work, getting an A is easy and reasonable. The environment is a friendly one. There is plenty of help and resources for you if you're struggling. Everyone there wants to help you be the best version of yourself as possible. The friends I have made will last a life time. The education I've gotten so far will help strengthen my career while building character to myself. This school is the place for you if you like small environments that feel warm and safe. Norwalk Community College is an excellent community college and I am thankful for the experience I have had there thus far.
Norwalk has been the best school I have atended. Students and teachers all get along with each other and are willing to help you succeed.
This school is very small for a community college. There are two buildings that contain all the classrooms and offices and cafe's. It feels a bit cramped. There's only one library.
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Great community college to get your feet off the ground. Don't know how trustworthy my review is as I am taking only one class there but it is very refreshing to have people from all sorts of different backgrounds and ages in the same class that I am in.
There is no challenge at NCC. All of the classes are generic and easy. There aren't a lot of options when it comes to English courses.
Very mature calm environment. Classes aren’t too big so it’s easy to get attention needed from professors. Classes are easy to register for. Professors are great.
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