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Norwalk has been the best school I have atended. Students and teachers all get along with each other and are willing to help you succeed.
This school is very small for a community college. There are two buildings that contain all the classrooms and offices and cafe's. It feels a bit cramped. There's only one library.
Great community college to get your feet off the ground. Don't know how trustworthy my review is as I am taking only one class there but it is very refreshing to have people from all sorts of different backgrounds and ages in the same class that I am in.
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There is no challenge at NCC. All of the classes are generic and easy. There aren't a lot of options when it comes to English courses.
Very mature calm environment. Classes aren’t too big so it’s easy to get attention needed from professors. Classes are easy to register for. Professors are great.
I have learned a tremendous amount during my time here at NCC. All my professors are people who worked or have experience in their field of teaching. This institution also really cares about their students and provides access to many recourses. As much as the institution can provide and as much as the professors devote themselves to the students, It is the student's decision whether or not they wish to apply themselves in order to excel in their education. There are many students that just don't care. NCC should not be blamed for this, students must be held accountable for their own education. Furthermore, the benefits, in term of scholarships and financial aid this school awards is amazing. If the academic requirements are met and you are clearly a devoted student in good standing in this institution, then it will give you the money you need to earn your degree. Be smart. Save your money.
I loved the diversity amongst the students. Everyone was welcoming and there were no judgement. There were students probably in their mid 50s finally getting there associate degrees, students in high school like my sister going to school at night, students from different countries, ethnicities, gender identities accepted. The teachers were all very passionate about what they taught, most of which have books that they've written themselves or retired from very successful and high paying jobs. Well known people in their careers. The professors cared about their students, offered help and responded to all emails professionally. The teachers held everyone to high expectations but was very understanding and reasonable. Campus resources were excellent and student services like guidance counselors and academic helpers were also very professional and nice. Great atmosphere to start or continue your college education!
Norwalk is a good school and the professors are very helpful. The campus is nice and there are so many resources. The food isn’t bad and they have good places to eat nearby. They only problem is without the lack of dorms it is hard to create relationships with other students since almost everyone lives far away from each other and the only way you are able to meet people is through classes. It would also help if they created some sort of athletic department even simple club teams so that students could participate in.
I absolutely loved my my experience at Norwalk Community college, the professors are amazing and are very experienced in thier fields.
After taking some courses at NCC, Norwalk Community College, I heave learnt to appreciate how diverse, cheap, and kind this community college is. When i say cheap, i do not mean the facility is cheap, i meant that the tuition is cheap for the education you can get there. Most of the professors work in other "better" colleges such as UCONN and every single one of them has a professional background for the course they are teaching. You are getting the same professors you get at UCONN but for $4,000 less. The food on campus is also very cheap and honestly tastes a lot better then the UCONN campus meals. I visit both campuses a lot and you can tell they are very different at first glance, but they both have their own good and bad points.
The professors that they are able to get to teach are very good and make it easier to learn and understand the material that they are teaching you. It is a good place to go whether you are looking to get a degree from there or transfer out to another school once you are able to improve your grades and get into a better college. The counselors are very helpful and there are many different types of courses that you are able to choose from and different paths that you can take to accomplish your goal.
teachers are very willing to help you facilities are well maintained and book store always has a fair price for new/used books with a terrific rental program too
Norwalk Community College is a great place to go if you want to go and figure out what you really want to do in life. It has a fair range of programs and courses to choose from. The teachers are great with the students. They really make you engage with the work and the material that you are learning. They take their jobs seriously but they also have fun, which is great to see because it shows that they care and that they want to be there. There’s many resources that are offered for all the students. The teachers help specify how you can reach them and their office hours to show their availability. One thing that I would like to see change is adding a couple more programs. That can help expand the choice of what students can pick to focus on.
Good school to get your Associates at, and save a lot of money that you would spend at a 4-year. Mathematics and Physics department are impeccable.
I really liked the art programs, professors, and the small class sizes. I would like to see more organized clubs and events.
It was a really nice campus and the professors are kind and helpful. The only thing I had trouble with is meeting with advisers during available times. Other than that I think NCC is a great community college.
I have been going to Norwalk Community College for 4 years and it has been very a good experience . The teachers and the staff at NCC are very nice. There is a tutoring center available to help you with many subjects such as science and English. NCC is not an easy school , you have to earn your grade, most teachers expect you to work very hard. This is one of the best community colleges in the county, and they offer scholarships up $3400 a year. Even you have financial aid, you can apply for scholarships which will leave you with extra money for your pocket. NCC is a very good school. If you come there, don't wait for help to come your way, look for help and get involve. You can't get a good education for this price anywhere else in Connecticut.This is a good place to start your career. When you come to Norwalk Community College , you have the opportunity to finish college debt free.
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At Norwalk Community College students are placed in an environment which is conducive to learning. They are provided with mentors and various tutoring services just to mention a few. I wish to highlight the Foundation, they offer grants to all students in need whether in state, out of state and even international students.
I'm a second-year/ 6th-semester student at NCC. It's a fairly small college, which means it feels a lot like my high school. Class sizes average about 25 students, with most students fresh out of high school, or much older students returning to school for a higher education. I've loved being able to take advantage of winter and summer semesters, however, the tuition isn't covered by financial aid for those semesters. Clubs are student-run, and every club I've joined has not lasted more than a few meetings which is unfortunate.
The school is well-known for its Nursing program and boasts about being a two-year program, however, the prereqs for the "two-year program" require an extra three or more semesters. Most other schools I've looked into do not have this problem.
All in all, the school is great. Cheap, close by, and gives you a great value education.
It's my first time attending Norwalk Community College and it gives a positive atmosphere. It's a school that promotes diversity and the professors are willing to help their students in every way. The food on campus is decent; they have a wide variety to choose from. The local commute is great; city buses transport you directly to the campus.
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