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They have set up a pretty good system for online learning that has really helped during COVID. All of the material has been efficiently broadcast to the students via online learning.
Northwestern is a vibrant academic community that has the feeling of a small school-- with a tight-knit, supportive community and small campus, but with all the opportunities of a major research institution.
I only took online classes in terms of covid, so I'm not sure how relevant my experience is. With the transition this spring, most all my professors were good about supporting their students and being flexible.
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The academics at NU are unparalleled. I am always fascinated by my classes, and the professors care so much about their students (especially in Medill!). However, as a freshman I had a hard time making friends, even though I joined many different clubs, a sports team, and a sorority. This was obviously affected by COVID-19, but I feel like the social scene at NU can sometimes be dominated by party culture.
I think my school tried their best. Obviously, this isn’t what we all wanted, but NU has made a serious effort to adapt, and it’s been impressive. We operate almost completely on Zoom. They also gave us a refund for housing and food costs, which was really great.
There are plenty of things to love about Northwestern University. To start the campus really is beautiful and the lakeside location only helps to add to the campus aesthetics. In addition, there is no denying the academic rigor on campus. Students are motivated learn and professors are equally motivated to teach. That said, the academic environment can become a bit overwhelming or aggressive. Students need to be hyper organized to stay on top of assignments as there is a narrow margin between missing an assigned reading and falling significantly behind in a class.
Northwestern is an amazing school, located in Evanston, right outside of Chicago. The rigor and academic aspects of the school are what make it top-notch. The social scene is what can improve there, but people who commit to Northwestern know what they are getting themselves into.
There is definitely a culture shock the moment that you step on campus (coming from an African-American male born and raised in Los Angeles, CA). Some of my peers have had social issues in terms of ignorance amongst students and staff, but we expect that to be true of the world. Everyone is definitely working hard, maybe too hard, to succeed in their field of study and their classes. There is a definite high-intensity aspect of NU, but if you're up for the challenge, the reaped rewards will be unmatched.
While Northwestern may be ranked as one of the top schools in the nation, these high reviews may be slightly deceiving. Undergraduate education here is honestly what you might see at other universities and colleges--something that I didn't expect until I came here. As a McCormick Engineering major at least, you'll have your share of good and bad professors and experience even some classes that are impossible to do well in. While Northwestern has some very nice, new dorms, you might be located to one of the older ones. The food is not very good. The weather during late fall, early spring, and the entirety of winter quarter is brutally cold. That said, one of the best things about Northwestern, is the campus life and the people. I've made some of my closest friends here and the campus is beautiful with good weather. Graduating from this school will look great to any employer and there are a lot of resources for you to succeed here; just don't think it will be easy.
Love the research opportunities and the professors here. The bonding culture is real and I love that too. One thing that a lot of students struggle with is the quarter system, but even that, you get used to. Amazing, underrated university.
My Northwestern experience has been mixed. On one end, I have enjoyed most classes and like being able to explore the wide range of offerings. While the quarter system creates a stressful environment of midterms and finals nearly all year round, I don't think I could have explored my varying interests with depth without it. On the other hand, the current budget crisis from the multiple new buildings on campus is a pain, especially when the majority of campus does not utilize these facilities. Evanston itself it not a great college town. Businesses close early and are expensive. However, for the most part, I think the problems Northwestern suffers from are not unique to Northwestern, but rather just how college, especially private research universities, are. I've had many experiences where professors are awful teachers because the university hired them for their research, not their ability to teach. The bureaucracy of Northwestern is a pain, but not unexpected.
The school is super expensive but provides great opportunities for students and individualized plans to succeed.
The city of Evanston is amazing. It is close to Chicago so you can get there in 15 minutes (in good traffic) but still has a nice local feel.
The campus is beautiful, especially in the fall, but it gets very cold. The athletic teams are pretty average, but it's part of the big 10 conference so the competition is good; the games are really fun to go to and watch. Professors almost always care a lot about their students and do their best to be engaging, most of the class sizes are really small so it's easy to get to know the professors and teaching assistants.
I loved NU, it was a place full of great, passionate professors and provided many opportunities to explore new interests. The people were really nice and great overall. They need to work on their mental health services on campus though.
Northwestern's STEM research, more specifically the Amaral Lab at Northwestern's McCormick School of Engineering, has a variety of opportunities for high school students looking for a professional experience at an acclaimed university.
Northwestern was my top choice! Getting accepted ED was outstanding. I do not regret coming here, Evanston is such a quaint little town, but I had a perfect adjustment.
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I feel that overall it is great, but the location does create some problems for people that are not used to the cold. I also feel they should give more benefits for the cost.
I absolutely love the campus and it's only a short walk to downtown Evanston. The students are very friendly and welcome anyone with opening arms.
They offer tons of opportunities and you always find your place. The one thing I would like to change about Northwestern is its competitive environment in every field.
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