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I did not take any classes online, so this is not applicable for me. All the classes I took were in person and on campus.
Overall, I had many excellent opportunities when it came to research, working, internships, and more. The professors were really talented, and I learned a lot from my courses.
Northwestern is a vibrant academic community that has the feeling of a small school-- with a tight-knit, supportive community and small campus, but with all the opportunities of a major research institution.
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Northwestern has outstanding curriculum and many great professors. The campus community is very supportive, and the location is unbeatable.
I only took online classes in terms of covid, so I'm not sure how relevant my experience is. With the transition this spring, most all my professors were good about supporting their students and being flexible.
Professors were very educated in online learning and the systems we used to complete online work were modern and glitch free. I began the program in a hybrid format (online and in-person). However, with COVID-19, we have moved to solely online classes. The professors have been very available for support online and worked hard to make our classes feel as in-person as possible.
I would highly recommend the university to those looking to continue their studies. I am finishing up my MPPA and have had a wonderful experience. Professors bring a variety of backgrounds that are beneficial to our studies and have been very available for support both online and in person. The Chicago campus is beautiful and serves as an interactive satellite location just 30 minutes from the main campus in Evanston.
Professors are really trying, but it's what you make of it. For me personally, as a senior, I didn't expect and want much. I'm preparing for medical school right now so I appreciate the break so that I can focus on other things.
Northwestern seriously got me to where I am today. I would not be the confident, well-rounded, entrepreneurial person I am if not for Northwestern's various opportunities. There really are no other schools like Northwestern with regards to opportunities for challenging oneself, developing holistically, and making new connections.
Honestly, NU is so underrated. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Northwestern can be a very academically challenging place. The quarter system is difficult to get used to and can be frustrating at times. The faculty are really great here. However, the campus can feel isolating if you aren't a theater, journalism major, or an athlete. A majority of upper-classmen are in Greek Life.
Online classes were the same as in-person classes - just online! Since NU is on the quarter system, our online class period lasted a lot longer than semester schools. Overall, everyone is unmotivated for online classes which is a bummer. But it is what it is.
I think my school tried their best. Obviously, this isn’t what we all wanted, but NU has made a serious effort to adapt, and it’s been impressive. We operate almost completely on Zoom. They also gave us a refund for housing and food costs, which was really great.
The academics at NU are unparalleled. I am always fascinated by my classes, and the professors care so much about their students (especially in Medill!). However, as a freshman I had a hard time making friends, even though I joined many different clubs, a sports team, and a sorority. This was obviously affected by COVID-19, but I feel like the social scene at NU can sometimes be dominated by party culture.
I expect to have a great time in my online classes if they are anything like the preview sessions I have been in so far.
So far everyone has been very helpful from the admission process for the masters of counseling program up until now where I've been accepted and am working on aide for the upcoming semester
The school has amazing staff that care about low income and first generation students in their Campus Inclusion and Community team, but the higher administration does not care about the wellbeing of their service workers, student activists, or FGLI students.
Great academics, solid programming for students, and a decent amount of diversity. There is also a great deal of activism that happens on campus. Definitely on the expensive side, but they offer a good amount of financial aid to their students. I highly recommend going to Northwestern University if you are highly passionate about learning in a rigorous environment that offers a ton of opportunities for growth and connection with students and faculty.
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The atmosphere is great. Everyone is very friendly and outgoing. The food is eh but I think it's like that at every campus. Evanston is an amazing city and is so close to Chicago. It's very easy to get places
I am a double legacy at Northwestern and will be attending in the fall. My experiences with this community have opened me to endless opportunities. I feel passionate about being a part of Northwestern.
During my visit to the school, the students and faculty were very kind and inviting. We had an hour and a half to explore the campus, and the students along the way had helped us find the things that our counselors wanted us specifically to see. I wish we had more time to see the amazing campus, but from what we saw, I was amazed as prior to the visit, I expected a completely different environment as it is a top college in the country.
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