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I was a student in Northwestern University's School of Professional Studies. It is a good program, they offer a fairly wide range of classes, though I think that they could make more of a commitment to treating the School of Professional Studies students as a part of the Northwestern community.
Northwestern University taught me an incredible amount about myself as a person through its academic rigor. I was honored to work alongside and with very talented and gifted peers and professors who challenged me and made me a better student and young adult. It is a beautiful campus with many opportunities and resources for professional growth.
As a social, multi-interested student I was worried that Northwestern was going to be too small and all work and no play. The great thing I've found about Northwestern is how easy it is to get involved and explore all of your interests from academic to professional to social. Professors and TAs are accessible due to it being a smaller school and it's not too hard to get into classes. There is also room in even an engineers schedule to take cross-discipline classes that interest you. On the social side there's a lot going on in and out of Greek life, with house parties being a great way to hang out with friends as an alternative to frat parties, but also a lot of open parties at fraternities. It's easy to meet people and get involved through the numerous clubs on campus, and everyone can find their place.
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I absolutely love it here and would not change a single thing. It is in my opinion the most wonderful university in all the country and it has pushed me to become the person I am today.
With a healthy combination of world-class academics and top ranked athletics, Northwestern is truly the best of both worlds. The collaborative culture of the school is "work hard, play hard".
The name could get you somewhere, but I would describe my time at Northwestern as stressed and annoyed. I'm not afraid of working hard, but the way that the classes are run means that there is no time for anything that is fun. The degree may carry name value but the education you receive will be likely barely above average.
My major was very competitive, and since I didn’t get it I had to opt for a different one, so that was very disappointing, but the campus is pretty nice without the construction that sometimes goes on. Overall Northwestern is okay.
Northwestern’s biggest perk is also it’s biggest drawback: it’s full of people hell-bent on achievement, so you encounter very interesting and successful people who can have unhealthy lifestyles and attitudes.
I loved the diversity of the majors offered - NU was good at everything from theater to engineering.
I adored Northwestern. The academics are rigorous, the professors are wonderful, the facilities are without reproach. The atmosphere is competitive, and the students generally say "Yes" too much—leading to burnout—but I've had great experiences connecting with others there.
Excellent university. Smart kids, beautiful campus, and great opportunities. Probably the best school in the country.
Northwestern is definitely an opportunity rich school, and only greatness lies ahead for any student planning on attending the university.
So far, my experience has been all good. They are organized and they communicate well and in a timely manner.
NU is a great school but can take a toll on your mental health. Winter is rough and the competitive nature of the students here can be a lot to deal with. It's still the best choice I could have made for college & will definitely help me get a great job in the longrun.
It is a beautiful campus with a very diverse student body. Professors are welcoming. This is an amazing school to go to.
Northwestern University is a well-funded and competitive school with brilliant students and professors. While the quarter system does add to the stressful environment of college, students are able to access several resources that may help them in their studies.
I love the different dorm options, their engineering program, and freshmen opportunities. It is difficult to be admitted, but as long as you are very personal and specific with your essays, you will have a good shot.
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I enjoyed Northwestern University. I attended the School of Education and Social Policy, and I was surrounded by supportive peers and faculty. Due to their teachings, my career goals evolved and Northwestern easily accommodated these changes. It is true, what they say about NU being a bubble. Very few students venture outside of Evanston's borders, and even fewer visit the less affluent parts of town. We may learn about our privilege here, but we do little to change it here.
Big 10 athletics + elite academics. The Stanford of the Midwest. Stunning campus with Chicago a short bus ride away. Very competitive.
I attend the school of continued education online and received a masters in predictive analytics. For an online program, the technology to interact with the students and teachers was good. The exposure to industry softwares was top notch. Highly recommend
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