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1,237 reviews
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I like that the campus isn't too large and most of the professors are amazing! The students appreciate the wide variety of healthy food options that are available and the campus's proximity to downtown Evanston and Chicago make it easy to explore new places and take breaks from studying.
The IVY of the Midwest - ranked above more than half of the true IVY league schools. Unbelievable Evanston and Chicago Campuses. BIG 10 sports. Best theatre department in the country. Ability to experience Chicago cultural, social and sporting activities. Diverse, international student body.
This school was a good undergraduate experience. I really enjoyed my classes because my major was in a small, passionate school. The school is pretty segregated, so you need to seek out ways to interact with people of different backgrounds. Even though they label themselves as "Chicago's Big Ten School," people don't really go into the city much (you don't even get a train pass!). Northwestern focuses a lot on its athletics, but I wonder if their teams will ever end up going anywhere.
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I loved the location of Northwestern, as well as their highly acclaimed academics and facilities. However, the price point is insanely high and only continues to grow. I cannot afford it.
Running along Lake Michigan on a brisk morning was breathtaking and the sight of the great fountains was extraordinary. The frisbee community is amazingly widespread, and there is always someone throwing a disc. I lived in Foster-Walker while I was there, and the cafeteria food was great and had a wide selection.
Beautiful campus, benefits of access to Chicago, great courses and activities. A wonderful experience all around.
Northwestern is an amazingly challenging and diverse world-class institution. The reputation of programs ranging from chemistry to journalism, music to economics, and everything in between, precedes itself. Every student is extremely passionate about whatever they're studying or participating in on campus. That being said, the student body does give off an air of pre-professional culture, which isn't necessarily a bad thing if like-minded, but can be overwhelming at times for students less sure on their future career path.
Evanston is a perfect place for a college to be in: well-developed public transport, subway line to Chicago, lots of restaurants and shops, not so hectic as large cities, and a safe neighborhood. Northwestern is relatively large for a private college, but a bigger school means more opportunities. There are faculties doing research in almost every realm of arts and sciences, and the pre-professional programs are excellent here. The only problem is that Northwestern might be a bit too pre-professional: everyone is either a pre-med or looking for a job in consulting business, and you will feel lonely if you are a linguistics major or physics major or something.
Northwestern is a VERY challenging school and it will prepare you very well for the challenges of finding a job in many different industries. Speaking as an economics major, almost 96% of graduates are employed in a related field within 6 months so that's proof of how it prepares you to get a job.
Speaking on the campus aspect of the university, it is definitely dominated by greek life. Not to say that if you're not in a fraternity or sorority that you can't have fun, but the party culture certainly revolves around north campus and the fraternity quad.
Northwestern University's Evanston campus was a beautiful place to live for four years. The surrounding community is pleasant but as usual it doesn't always view college kids warmly (and sometimes that's very deserved). It's not the most exciting place but the campus is connected to Chicago by the el train, which I couldn't have lived without. The lake view was priceless to have. As for academics, Northwestern has many stellar professors and offers a very well-rounded, challenging education, as well as numerous career services and opportunities for experiences and networking. It is, of course, up to the student to make use of these resources. Some dorms are much better than others, but none of the ones I lived in were terrible.
I went to Northwestern about two years ago and I thought it was a nice school. They have a beach literally on campus and it is so nice. There are a lot of bugs because of this though. The student to teacher ratio is okay, but I prefer more intimate settings. The food was really. They have a lot of activities on campus and you will always have a social life. The dorms are cute and overall I had a nice experience.
ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT HERE I CAN'T EXPRESS MY LOVE FOR THIS SCHOOL! it's beautiful, the people are so nice and inspiring and we all support each other. food is really decent and it's a very social, work hard play hard school.
Best school ever. People are incredibly nice and helpful. Teachers are great. There is always something happening on campus and numerous clubs to join.
Northwestern offers a rare opportunity for an amazing academic experience without losing out on the incredibly important aspect of a four year university. It is- using a term my friends and I made up- a relaxed Ivy; while the rigor and academic institutions match the Ivy league standard, Northwestern has a more inviting atmosphere, a less rigid environment of competition. It is the perfect place for a person who wants to learn about themselves and the world in the most healthy way possible.
Mostly dominated by geek life but there are also other options.
Parties normally happy Wednesday-Saturday. There are parties other days as well, but they are most common on the days listed. Very fun parties and fairly easy to get into,
EXCELLENT academics. Professors are very interested in their classes and students.
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Drugs are pretty prevalent but no one will force you to drink if you do not want to.
Professors are generally good. Watch out for chem though.
I live in elder and it is pretty nice.
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