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Northwestern Oklahoma State University Reviews

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It's a which is value for money. Professors are Excellent. The town is very very small, so there isn't anything to do.
A lot of the people on campus are extremely helpful and nice. Especially to newcomers. Not many choices to study with.
It has been a great experience. I love going here, there are so many great organizations and friendly faces. There's nothing about this place that i would change.
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I truly enjoyed my time spent at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. The classes are generally small sizes making it easy to get to know classmates quickly. My professors were great. They truly took time out of their day aside from class and lab to ensure that you were on the right track. NWOSU is a good school in general. I would recommend it to anyone.
When I went to Northwestern Oklahoma State University I loved the campus. It was not super big but it also was not super small. Pretty great size. I also loved how they have a football and soccer team, my two favorite sports. They also have the most important thing for me, my major, nursing. I heard that they had a pretty good nursing program. Another thing is the people are extremely nice and friendly.
For the time that I was at Northwestern; i was very happy with my experience. The Academic program was very good and I enjoyed it very much.
First year student and college athlete. So far it’s amazing! Staff is absolutely fantastic. Small rural college in a cute town. Not much to do in town but tons of activities through the college
Northwestern State University is a wonderful school. I've had a chance to experience so many wonderful things and live through multiple great opportunities.
My experience was very great what I like about Northwestern is it's very small and has a nice campus and great athletic programs they also have a lot of major for it being a small school. Why I choose Northwestern is it's a small school and they cheap upon your grades like everyday and they are very helpful and made me feel like I was at home and it's cheap I meant so of the track team and they were very nice and I believe I will have a good time there cause everyone is very supportive.
Alva is a great community. The community does a lot for the college. The college its self-has great teachers that are willing to help you. The only downside is there is not a lot to do in town. The closest place to do anything in is an hour away.
I went to NWOSU for my freshman year of college. I had an awful time there. The dorms are tiny and no one follows the rules for curfew or respect of others trying to sleep. I was kept awake many nights when trying to sleep because of the large amount of students making noises late into the night. The one good thing about my experience here was the teachers. Most of them I got to know personally, and they really seemed to care about me as a person and my goals. The community is very supportive of the students, but most of the students that I met at this college were awful to me. Hardly any of the students I met were prepared to be in college, nor were any of them academically minded. Most of them were just there to party. The food in the cafeteria was absolutely disgusting and the price we had to pay for it was criminal. I understand since I left the school there have been some improvements, but when I was there it was awful.
So far, I have enjoyed the atmosphere of this university and my time here as a student has been a great experience. Since the school is quite small, classes are smaller which allows for a more personal environment in the classroom. I am a shy person so asking questions in a large classroom is horrifying to me, but in a smaller class, I am more comfortable with asking for help during class which allows me to fully understand the topics.
Amazing school! Everyone is so friendly, the professors try their hardest to work with each individual student and make sure they are understanding the curriculum. I've never been to a class in which I felt no one cared about my education. I am proud to call myself a Ranger. The campus is taken care of and is absolutely beautiful. The dorms are extremely nice in comparison to many colleges I looked at before attending NWOSU.
The small town community grew to become my home. I was a student athlete so, I received a lot of love and support from everyone. It’s a school who believes in tradition but is steady growing and becoming more diverse.
Northwestern is a smaller university that has a good connection between professors and students. They have many activities where students can participate. They demonstrate care for the students and the want for students to grow.
It is a small campus with different sites. The professors seems to care and with smaller class sizes they usually actually know you by name. Tuition prices are pretty good. Not much to do in small towns.
I am new to NWOSU and I really enjoy the college atmosphere. The town makes you feel like family and I appreciate it.
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The professors at NWOSU were pretty good with some exceptions but overal the school is boring with no social life
Very friendly campus. Has a larger high school atmosphere and most professors are always willing to help.
NWOSU is a small, friendly college. They have some of the best curriculums in the state but they are not expensive. Though small, NWOSU had a lot of student activities and groups to join.
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