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Very friendly campus. Has a larger high school atmosphere and most professors are always willing to help.
NWOSU is a small, friendly college. They have some of the best curriculums in the state but they are not expensive. Though small, NWOSU had a lot of student activities and groups to join.
This is a great school who really wants the students to succeed and spend as little money as possible.
Review Northwestern Oklahoma State University
Value is great, but only one dorm has been updated.
Great activities but average facilities
Great school with a great atmosphere
They have some but not a lot. I've seen worse schools.
Everyone on campus has to take a test about sexual assault. That includes living on or off campus.
It's a place to sleep. Thank god, i loved my suite mates.
I am apart of a sorority on campus and some days I loved it and others I didn't. You kind of have to know what you're getting into.
I didn't get to go to many games but you would hear everyone talking about it in class the next day.
I love the community. I also love the atmosphere of the school and teachers. They have helped me out on more than one occasion.
Most are nice and helpful
I know several people who have graduated from the nursing school and all of them have been successful in their careers.
I have had a good experience so far. Classes are small. There is a wonderful success center that offers tutoring in every subject. Plenty of support if a student is struggling in a subject. I use this weekly.
I am not envolved in social life at the school so I am not sure about the above questions. I do feel extremely safe when I am on campuss
As a non-traditional student it fits my needs, offers the program I wish to complete and my advisor is super helpful.
Review Northwestern Oklahoma State University
I am a non traditional student so I am not around to use these facilities. The wellness center is very nice.
It's all right wouldn't want to live all four years in the dorms.
Teams need to come a long way.
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