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The classes here are WAY too easy - unless you like that kind of thing; but I like to be challenged, and to feel like I can go out into the world and succeed.The Registrar/Billing office is the worst - they very clearly don't care to be there. The campus is super tiny, with not much going on. I absolutely love my advisor and the Psych department - I felt like they really looked out for their students - helped get internships, jobs/recommendations, accommodating - just super open and communicated well with students.If you're looking for a diverse school, aside from the LGBTQ community on campus, you're looking at the wrong school to attend. While there is a good mix of culture in the area, if you're skin-tone is anything but 'white,' you will stick out like a sore thumb here.
I was excited when they paired with the University Center to offer the program for me to gain my bachelors degree.
Northwestern Michigan College is a gem tucked in the beautiful city of Traverse City. I had no idea that a community college could contain so much. Rarely could one obtain a nursing degree as well as maritime training at a community college. My fellow students already have jobs lined up for them after they graduate.
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I love NMC, because it's an absolutely beautiful gem of a college in a beautiful town. The programs have been fantastic, taught by passionate and respectable tutors who really care about their students and being great teachers. I have loved the three years I have spent this far at NMC.
I truly enjoyed my first year at NMC. It was easy to meet new people and even build relationships with professors.
What I really love about Northwestern Michigan College is how caring the teachers are. I myself someday want to become a teacher so when I see a helpful and compassionate teacher I take notice. Since NMC is a smaller college most all of the teachers get to know there students and will not move on in class till they know each student is understanding the material, this is something you do not typically see at the college level. NMC also offers so many opportunities to seek out tutoring and help if you are struggling. Teachers and staff really want to see you succeed and that to me is priceless.
I have taken classes at the college and I am now an adjunct instructor for a new degree program that the college has began in conjunction with our Local Hospital system. The diversity of degree programs that the college offers is outstanding for a small college. It is also very Military/Veteran friendly.
Overall, it isn’t a bad school. Issues I came across were transferring credits- taking 300 level English classes and I had to retake English 112. Tuition rates seem rediculously high for “out of district” students. I live 20 minutes away from the school and I have to pay out of district rates which is double of what in district students pay.
My experience at NMC was very positive. The campus is pretty small so getting around is very easy and the professors that I had were very nice and professional. overall, I feel like I received an outstanding education for my general courses.
I absolutely LOVE Northwestern Michigan College. I am currently enrolled in ENG 111/11 and it is so amazing how my instructor makes the class challenging, exciting, and yes, fun. I have learned so much from him, as well as the advisers and other staff members. My course goal is to receive my Associate's Degree in Accounting.
NMC was one of the best experiences I had. I learned so much in my time there. The faculty is outstanding and the college environment is above average!
Some classes are better orchestrated than others. Oddly enough it seems like some of the instructors/professors lack confidence in being front and center to teach a class. But otherwise it was a decent experience.
northwestern is a cute college right next to Traverse city. the college is full of great opportunities and great people.
Great classes, wonderful teachers, and is affordable.
The students here are pretty young.
A lot of dual enrolled.
All staff is very helpful, your best interest and success is their number one priority. There is always someone to turn to to answer any question or solve any issue you may be having. The library is an exceptional place to do studying and projects.
Northwestern Michigan College is a great community college. I actually think I received a better education and had better professors here than I did at a University I attended years ago. There Medical programs in general are very good. The classes for the medical programs such as Anatomy and Physiology, math, and chemistry are tough but after passing them with flying colors ( because I basically dedicated my life to school), I realized how much I learned because of how focused and dedicated I had to be to pass them. The professors are very well educated and take the time to really let the students grasp the material in the courses. You can tell the professors enjoy their jobs and enjoy watching students learn the material. I would recommend NMC (Northwestern Michigan College) to anyone wanting to pursue an education in Traverse City, Michigan. Another perk is living in Traverse City as well. Sooo beautiful!
I would definetly like to see more diversity within and throughout the school. I feel like that more diversity you have the easier it is to learn to get a long with different cultures, in the long run creating less and less hate
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I have really enjoyed my college experience here. It's a small school with a good education. The classes are small so you get the opportunity to make friends and get to know your professors.
The campus is small and quiet, perfect for relaxing and studying. The Professors are very good and understanding of circumstances and varying levels of skill. Overall NMC has been a great college.
I like the many different opportunities that NMC has to offer. They'll help you if you ask for help. There are a lot of scholarship opportunities. One thing that could be changed is the transferability. I was told I had to take certain classes for my degree in order to transfer and I took them because I though I needed them done by the time I got my associates. I could have started to go to my university a lot earlier but I didn't know I could. Now I have to take 62 credits from my university and a lot of them will be classes I don't need.
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