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I love Northwestern Michigan College it has an awesome Culinary arts program. That is why I choose to go to The Great Lakes Culinary Institute at Northwestern Michigan Community College next fall.
I have attended NMC for 2 years. It is a great transition step for those not sure about their major. I grew and learned much about myself and graduated with an associates degree. I will now be moving on to a 4 year university but will always have fond memories of NMC. I would highly recommend it!
Had a bad experience with a certain professor lying about how the math department grades, but otherwise, it has been very good! So glad I started my education here.
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So far I have really enjoyed attending classes at NMC. It has been a great way to get a lot of my credits for my business degree at a much more reasonable price. I was also able to stay closer to my family this way. I have had no complaints so far.
NMC is so inviting, the teachers are smart and knowledgeable. I transferred here from Central Michigan University and I regret nothing. I love it here, and it is so affordable. There are so many resources to help you both with your school but also your financial and social situations. Professors care, the class sizes are small, its all around a great school and I would recommend it to anyone.
Northwestern Michigan college is a very nice small college in a beautiful city. The professors are great and for a small school there's a lot of majors to choose from.
NMC faculty does an excellent job investing into students. The School is very open and friendly making all students feel welcomed. In addition, the college has been improving its campus by adding new facilities including brand new dorms for student life.
As I continue my education here at nmc, I have yet to find a professor who doesn't seem to enjoy their field. It makes learning at this college quite enjoyable for myself. I will ultimately be transferring out of the school, but I believe NMC is a great place to start.
I like the small, local environment, and the engaging learning experience the teachers create there.
I am currently attending Northwestern Michigan College. The facilities are excellent along with the campus. Compared to big universities the campus main Campus which I attend is very small but also very beautiful. Northwestern Michigan College technically has four campuses: the main campus, the Maritime Academy, its campus where it holds all its trades and the University Center. I have visited all of them and was very impressed. Along with their excellent facilities it has great faculty and staff to match. Just about every professor will help you if your struggling and we have three different tutoring centers if you need more guidance.
I love it here, there's help for everything you could need. The staff and Professors are all very nice and are ready to help you in classes, including any problems you might have.
Its ok but the faculty don't seem open to change. They have a tendency to not want to help their student groups, and when they help their groups its usually some feminist group. Its kind of a joke.
Northwestern Michigan College is a wonderful school to attend if you are looking for a small college. Instructors are all very professional and extremely helpful.
As always, I have experienced both good and bad things here. I think that the most difficult think about attending NMC is finding parking, because of how close the buildings are, everyone likes to park in the same parking lot, but if you're not lucky enough to get a spot you have to walk about 10 minutes before getting to class, which is undesirable in the winter time with backpack full of books. As far as the teachers and the course work goes, I find it considerable easy, for example I am enrolled in 6 courses and am working full time and still have time to sleep and get my course work done (as long as I don't procrastinate for too long).
The NMC campus is a beautiful, park-like atmosphere. Professors are typically helpful, and approachable. It was a great starting point for my higher education.
Okay college. Pretty campus, good course selection. The professors and resources are subpar and the library is not very good.
NMC is a good community college. The other students are nice and the staff is accommodating. The classes are varied and cover a wide range of topics. Also it is relatively inexpensive to attend so that's a big bonus.
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The campus at Northwestern Michigan College is beautiful and small. I have gone to this college from the year 2014 until 2017 and the improvement they have made, like building new dorms, have been great. The only complaint I have is parking. It is tough to find a parking spot near the main buildings. The professors here are spectacular and are dedicated to student success.

The college does have a gym and workout room with student discounts. Population on campus is fairly diverse, I have met people from India, China, and numerous other locations. There are one main food court and two mini food areas. Traverse City is a beautiful town and has many events going on thoughout the year. Overall I give the college a 9/10
NMC is a great college to get started with and they offer many resources to make sure that you're successful. However since NMC is just a community college not many of their credits transfer to larger universities.
It's a small college that allows students the opportunity to grow academically. They offer an array of courses, degrees, and transfer opportunities. The faculty is helpful and available, while the professors are extraordinary. The college offers a math center and an English center along with tutors that are available to students which offer a great way for students to get extra help when they need it. The Professors truly seem to care about the student's success and make themselves available to answer questions and get help whenever it is needed. Overall, I had a great experience with this institution.
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