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Everything about it is awesome! There are no dorms though but they do show you places in the are where you can live with fellow students. In general it's just awesome!
There was a creepy guy in my first trimester class and nobody did anything about it.
Gym equipment is mostly old, outdated and/or broken. Locker rooms are from the old high school. Rusty lockers, oldy showers. Gross .
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The administration takes a lot of pride in its "science-based curriculum", but I really think it is a hod over form the days when chiropractic was not a well-respected healthcare profession. The administration is not at all supportive and it is kind of a sink or swim culture. They are more authoritarian than supportive, treating students like they are the enemy rather that trying to find ways to hep them succeed. I would absolutely NOT recommend this program. Yes, the boards require science, but the profession requires you to act like a human being.
There is an honor code that is not enforced. Fellow students are reluctant to report incidences of cheating.
I haven't heard of any crimes, petty or otherwise. However, I am concerned always concerned about sexual assault and date rape.
There is virtually no advertising of scholarships. Miraculously, some people end up being awarded them.
There is one cafeteria that makes pretty good food and a wide variety from day to day.
It's the typical sandwich shops and coffee shops. Cost is good, convenience is good, not a lot of student discounts or variety. If you want to look up the best places to eat in the Twin Cities, download the app Urbanspoon.
The university building used to be a high school. Now, it's trying to house undergrads, future massage therapists, future acupuncturists, and future chiropractors. To put it simply, the facilities are insufficient.
There are a wide variety of people with different styles
Evryone lives off campus so lots of options and places
Lots of options although some can be kindof expensive
Everyone is required to have an internship in our program
The twins cities are full of things to do and interesting
intramurals are fun and actively particiapated in.
It is very easy to get the financial aid you need.
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It' is not really a problem on our school campus..
I live at my home in a near-by city. But if I had to try to find housing around campus, it wouldn't be hard. The campus is in the Twin Cities-tons of housing options.
Our school has mostly adults attending-we aren't looking for "the best parties". If we want to party we go to a bar.
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