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I love the community aspect of it. The academics are also phenomenal. It is located in a very small town so that can be challenging sometimes, but the Christian environment is amazing.
At Northwestern I felt very, very safe and professors want to help you succeed.
You're not just another number but people will get to know you and it is true when they say it is a community. It is really nice how we can share our faith with each other and join in prayer.
Northwestern college is an excellent school. I highly recommend. Difficult academics, but worth the work.
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They always talk about community, and thats exactly what it is. NWC is a community, filled with friends, family, and most importantly its my favorite home. They faculty not only makes you feel like you are wanted everyday, they become some good friends. NWC is the best thing that ever happened to me and im glad to be able to say i go to school here
Northwestern College is a wonderful college with faith integration and a very rigorous academic programs. The professors here are highly qualified and genuinely care about every student they encounter. My experience here so far is fantastic and I am loving every minute of it. There is a large variety of clubs, sports, and activities to take part in! Every student here contributes to our community. Community is a large part of Northwestern and you will here this at least three times a week. Warm cookie Wednesday in the cafeteria is also great. If you are looking for an awesome but challenging school with faith integration and challenging academics then this is the college for you!
The professors are great, as I've said. So are the classes, also, as I have said. Workload depends on the major can be a lot can be none.
You don't notice it unless you're involved in it.
Students feel safe here on campus and are well informed on the safety procedures and who to contact on campus for sexual assault, health, and endangerment issues.
Professors are very approachable and encourage students to come to them with questions regarding homework or lectures. Our online courses are also very in depth and almost as fulfilling as sitting in an actual class. Class sizes are nice in that students do not feel overwhelmed and overlooked because there are only about 20-25 students in each class.
Northwestern offers a great amount of help in the area of job searching, internship searching and preparing one for interviews for both such opportunities. The Career Development Center does a great job of informing students of job opportunities, and walking them through the application process. They also help to ready them by doing mock interviews.
I love living on campus and have experienced both dorm and apartment living. Both are great, and community is strongly encouraged in both-- but more so in the dorms. It costs more to live in the apartments, which I do not understand why--but the perk of having a sink in your room almost makes up for it.
Most of the student population is involved in one of the athletic teams on campus, in some way or another. whether this being they are on the team, managing, or student coaching. Fan support is great from athletes in other sports, but from the general student population as well. Everyone rallies around the Raider Family and encourages each team to a victory. The school spirit on campus is great even when teams are struggling to come out on top, there is endless support.
School, in general, is great. The professors are very approachable and very willing to work with students one on one until they understand the material. Peer Tutor's are also available to students, ensuring that someone is always there to help a student succeed and make the grades they need to. Our campus focuses on loving each other and making the campus feel like a tight knit community where we worship together, pray for each other, and learn and grow in faithful and courageous learning. I would choose Northwestern over again in a heart beat because there is no other campus where one feels so welcomed, loved, and taken care of even within a day of stepping foot on it.
Professors are the best. They actually care and class sizes are manageable.
I feel confident that with a degree from Northwestern, I will be able to find a job.
Northwestern is a very safe place.
Living on campus is pretty great because you get to form relationships with everyone around you. The dorms are fairly nice; it's not like living in a dump.
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Northwestern College does not have fraternities or sororities.
Athletics really aren't a huge part of my college experience, so I don't know.
I love Northwestern. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful, and the academics are a good intense.
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