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I have heard that Northwestern is a very good college. I would be very interested in attending here, especially since I live in the city. It is very popular for its sports and also academics. I have heard it is difficult to get into. The campus seems very nice and the people seem very smart.
The advising center has worked with me to make me comfortable with my schedule. If there is any problems, they work with me to correct it fairly quickly. I have yet to attempt to transfer any credits, so I do not know how easy or difficult the process is.
I am not really a fan of online classes, but it is necessary as not all classes are available on campus. Plus, as I have been told, not all classes are ground appropriate because of the nature of the course (IE; law office technology).
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Having real practicing lawyers as teachers allows me to gain the most knowledge of the law field. The assignments given are real-world practical and also helps to ensure the the knowledge I gain sticks when I eventually find employment. The class size in the core curriculum classes are small, having at the most 6 students to the 1 teacher. In this type of setting, it is possible for everyone to know each other, which helps with completing assignments and discussions.
I am in my fourth quarter of the paralegal studies program. The teachers are all experienced lawyers, with many years of court experience. They are also there to support me in every way and appreciate that I am open with them if any life issue arise. They help me to fully comprehend all the material with each course. The workload can be daunting sometimes just because of the amount of research that needs to be completed, but I always make it through to the end with high grades.
The teachers and staff are always there to support me and to ensure that I am getting the most out of my classes.
my school tuition is ok but at the same time its very hard because i have a child and my husband is the only one working since im at school right now and im afraid to not be able to continue my education
its been very convenient because it was cheaper then the others schools i searched
i have a great experience i have meet friendly people here and they are wiiling to help you answer any questions
my professor at this school is great. she helps you alot to learn the terms of the medical field. shes a very smart person and is willing to help you when you needed
its a great school because they help you get your course done in less time and they give you the classes that you need most they dont make you to take extra classes like the community colleges.
i havent receive any online classes but i think is a good source because in case you cant come to school you can take you class online
in this school they treat you as any body else. they dont have preferences or any discrination
at the career center the personal will help you out with any questions you may have and if you are looking for a job job they will help you find one. they even help you to make a resume.
in this campus they help you to get a job before or after you graduate.
they made it eassy to register and to the process done quicker. they have a variety of courses in healthcare and they help you to get what you need most on your education.
the campus is small but they have preatty much what you need from library, computer lab, clubs, and the clases are great because they have small classes.
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The campus is very ethically diverse, there are many students from different backgrounds which shows that the school does not focus on what particular culture/ethinicity. This helps in providing a more well rounded classroom with different learning experiences and interactions.
The alumni network needs a bit more cleaning up however the quality of the career center at school is great and there is always help available with searching and questions.
The professors are very educated professionals who help incorporate every day workplace related experiences into the classroom to give real world examples.
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