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The college has a beautiful campus with strict but reliable and understanding teachers, although some were less than patient with their students. Otherwise, it's a great college to attend and there's much to do while there and plenty of extracurricular groups to join.
I took an entire year in person, and almost an entire school year of courses online. The transition was rough when COVID-19 took grip of the world, but it got smoother as time went on. Many teachers toned down the workload due to many students living with busy families, and most, if not all, were understanding of the circumstances.
As difficult as it is right now for everybody, the professors make classes online easy and are there to assist in any way possible. There are also resources available online that make it easier to study and access.
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Whether heading back to school or enrolling for the first time, Northwest Vista is a great place to start for just about anyone! The campus is beautiful and has many resources that are easily accessible and its a great place to earn your bachelors or even to start before transferring to the university of your dreams.
Online learning has it's times where assignments don't load or won't submit. Although, this happens rarely, and does not represent the whole online learning experience. Online learning is extremely helpful and has been extremely helpful and efficient to those who need to pack college into their daily busy schedule.
Northwest Vista College is a great place to launch your college life and begin your majors and pre-majors. Getting your basics done is always great especially with a helpful staff and a wonderful learning environment that Northwest Vista provides.
It's a welcoming atmosphere to learn in and ease into being a part of something. Most notably support for all diversity - race, age, notably veteran support - in making a start for your higher education in whatever direction. Extracurriculars are everywhere and fun to be a part of, to create bonds between your peers and yourself as a system out for whatever direction you're looking for, associate's or transferring for higher degrees.
The Canvas system that NVC uses is easy to grasp and functional for all manner of classes you're taking, in-person classes turned virtual via Zoom or 100%-online courses. The tools are easy, the dashboard for assignments is well-coordinated, and help is always handy if the system has you confused.
Teachers were quick to adapt. Very understanding of situation and didn't give up on students during pandemic.
Classes are small, easy to manage and professors are helpful. Campus isn't too big and admin is always helpful and understanding
Right now we are taking remote classes and I love it. I have A and B's right now. I love my professors and I love that they record the lesson so that I can go back to it.
I love everything that Northwest Vista College has to offer when it comes to remote learning . I love that the professors are really supportive. I love that they record the lesson and put it out so that we can see it and go over it again when needed .
The classes have been super easy to navigate through. I've never had any major issues with my online experience and the little hiccups I did have were addressed very quickly and thoroughly.
I love Northwest Vista College! The campus is very student friendly and the professors always have time for their students. Their number one goal is for their students to succeed so they are always approachable and available. One of the things I love most is the diversity. We learn so much from each other and it opens up our minds to the world.
I've been a fully online student for a few semesters now and It has become so much easier to accomplish getting a career while dealing with the daily hassles of life. Professors answer emails quickly and there are still ways to get involved in the community online.
I was so nervous to attend college but the entire environment and community is very welcoming. I was able to communicate with my professors and not feel awkward or ashamed. Overall it is a really good school and I highly recommend for any college freshmen looking for a school.
Loved this school man! Great resources for students and professors with advanced knowledge in their fields. Diversity and safety is a strong emphasis of this community college. The campus has plentiful greenery and is an amazing spot to chill around, especially with their inspirational lake being the center point of the campus. The campus is located around a suburban working populous with no dorms, so the party scene is nonexistent. Extremely cheap school with a rewarding educational investment in the end. As with any school however - parking can be a stressor, campus food is overpriced, and traffic can definitely be an issue around the campus at early AM working times (6-11AM).
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Vista conducts themselves as best they can with an online format of learning. Most online professors have kept a good tab on how they conduct their class, while a small handful seem to not be as intimate with the online system of teaching. Obviously, there is a loss of social interaction with online learning, but I've found their system adequate enough to be apart of.
The campus is great on layout and design. The students are great, but some departments are low and short handed on faculty and staff. The 3D Animation department needs more teachers to properly teach the students on how to animate and model. The time I spend there while learning was disappointing, I barely learn anything at all, students may come out with a degree in this major but are not job or career ready when searching for an Animation Company.
I never took online classes, all of my class were on campus, where I could get the classroom experience with the students and teachers
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