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my experience is very rewarding so far here. I find that this college helps in every way for you to succeed in life and strives for that.
Beautiful campus with alot of resources. Classes available through out day and online. On site day care would be helpful.
Great college!! Classes doesn't exceed over 30 students. It makes student have one on one with professors.
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I loved the campus. Campus was clean and kept. Technology was good here as well. There are some that aren't so great but overall the professors are wonderful from my experience.
North west vista college offers a great dual credit program for high school students that is very beneficial and can help save lots of money.
Northwest Vista is an amazing community college to attend! The campus is beautiful, the professors are great, there is lots of parking, the classroom set up is ideal for learning, and there are hundreds of classes to choose from.
It's a great place to get your education while saving money. The instructors really care about you success and will actually take time and talk to you. Also you'll always find a past instructor saying high to you if you walk by.
Overall I like the diversity it has , also the fact it hits close to home and it would make traveling a lot easier. I want to go into nursing and I heard if I really wanna go to a nice college , Northwest vista provides the best nursing program out of all the rest. The flexibility it has as well also knowing it has the best academics to take me to get the level of knowledge I want will definitely beneficial for the future.
Good freindly location for all people suitable for learning. At first a little tricky to navigate but becomes easy with time. The campus is beautiful and most teachers are passionate about sharing ideas.
My experience at Northwest Vista has always been great. The professors are all great. The staff are always very helpful. The student life for a 2 year college is beyond what I expected. Athletics are competitive and fun with a great coaching staff. Northwest Vista College is really more than I expected. It has prepared me for a 4 year university. They offer very interesting classes that cater to many different degree plans. They have helped me figure out what I wish to do for my future career. They helped me find scholarships. I played basketball with the school for a year now and I have met people who I will remember for the rest of my life. I have been exposed to great things like expanding my basketball career to play over seas. Not only did they help me to play in a 4 year college but to help me understand that basketball could not only be a hobby or interest but a career.
Northwest Vista college is the best place to start your higher education journey. The professors are dedicated to their job, and passionate about it. I loved all of my teachers this previous semester they were easy to work with and they truly cared about their students. The campus is nice, in my opinion, it is a very beautiful campus. Although the campus is small it only means that there is less walking that has to be done and it is easy to get from class to class. And most importantly, the reason why many people attend is because it is incredibly inexpensive. Tuition rates are very low, and even then, the college still has scholarship opportunities available for students.
The school overall is pretty good. For the most part, the teachers are helpful. The only thing I would complain about is that there aren't enough counselors for the amount of students that attend because setting up an appointment can be very stressful at times.
My favorite feature to Northwest Vista is the beautiful lake running through the middle of the campus. It is a great view for studying and getting through the day. It's very peaceful and my reason for choosing NVC, instead of SAC. There is nothing I would change about NVC, yet. It is a really great school. There is not much crime rate, if any. This will be my second semester Spring 2018, and I enjoy it as well as love it, so far!
I enjoyed the environment and the ease of getting around the campus. There was very little trouble getting around with the maps and the help of other students and staff.
Initially my thought process about Northwest vista was "I'm going to junior college, there's nothing special about this place". Although, on the day of freshman orientation, my mind was forever blown away. Northwest vista is one of, if not the most beautiful junior colleges I've ever seen. Plus the professors over here actually care and take the time to remember each individuals name. Most importantly, the campus life is very vibrant and uplifting due to the various clubs and organizations the schools hosts. There is never a dull moment unless you forcefully make it one.
The classes are small, and they're led by professors that genuinely care about their students. I have had classes taught by professors from Purdue, Texas State, Virginia Tech, GYU, and the University of Texas. All of these professors can be found on this campus. Alamo Colleges has premier facilities, and the faculty to staff it.
My first time as a college student actually went great it was an amazing experience getting my first semester done in northwest vista all the professors were help and uunderstandable.
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I'm student at northwest vista college .I enjoy the english lab the instructors are great . My beautifulness age 52 ! it's never to late I have special needs of my issue with my health Sharon Dressor and all the employees are great open my eyes . Future. has open the doors . Starbucks open later for night students.this is a great college it's fulfilment .
I obtained my GED when I was twenty-nine. Never went to high school and had not been in a school environment for over a decade. Attending Northwest Vista made all that trivial. Vista is a beautiful, to say the least, campus. The professors are invested and care about what they do. I cannot complain about anything. Northwest Vista is a must see and do.
Was very good. Enjoyed every part of my experience in the small town. Loved it and the people there. Can see myself coming back after college.
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