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My experience with Northwest Vista has been easy and comforting. Professors and other students have been extremely helpful with my college process. I’m glad I decided to go to Northwest Vista first because it gradually helped me get ready for a university school. I’m grateful for everything that Northwest Vista had to offer.
I have a wonderful adviser and the people I meet are always nice which makes my experience at the college more wonderful. The professors are the best and there is always great opportunities
NVC is a beautiful campus with many great teachers. It is a fairly easy commute with not much traffic around the area, has many great places to study and even relax. In my time here i picked up a new hobby. NVC has a disk golf course on campus and it is a great hobby for in between classes and after school. Great, clean and fun school with friendly students and staff. Campus police are also very helpful and do as much as they can for us students. Good cafeteria and coffee shop as well as a very good design for efficient parking areas.
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I was nervous at first as a freshman but the teachers made me feel comfortable. Some of the clerical staff was not as helpful as I had hoped so I had to do some digging on my own regarding internet questions and scholarships. The technical support we were instructed to call did an awesome job. As a Junior college, I would recommend this school to others.
It is a beautiful campus, especially when taken into consideration that it is a 2-year College. Something I have noticed about the environment coming from a private 4-year university is that it is less involved, and there isn't a particularly excellent curriculum
I love the professors, and also how the classes are smaller and very interactive and personal. The professors are very caring and genuinely want us students to succeed.
The experience of Northwest Vista College was pretty good because your advisors will help you in every step of the way and the teachers some of them can be really good and some are not. the school is in good shape and I will definitely recommend the school to anyone and its a good place to take the classes you need.
I would like to see more involvement of the counselors with students. Also, counselors providing more opportunities for transferring easier to the 4 year university students are trying to attend.
Northwest Vista has a gorgeous campus with nice walkways outside and modern architecture. The school is very diverse allowing students to interact with students with different cultures and races. The teachers are hardworking and care about the success of the students, and the school offers many amenities such as a free gym, free parking, jobs, free therapy, food pantry, and many more.
I loved how easy the application process was, as well as the registration process. The range of classes is great. The friendliness of the academic advisors is also a big help.
The professors work hard to make it easy for you and your classmates to understand the material that is being presented by them. This college gives you the opportunity to slowly integrate into "the college life". Being at vista is like having an extra family, its close nit and heavy on group interaction.
Northwest Vista College being part of the Alamo Colleges District in San Antonio offers extremely affordable tuition. They have a special of 6 free credits after completing 24 credits. The advisers are always helpful and main goal is to help you transfer to one of the local 4 year universities as juniors.
Northwest Vista is an amazing college, with excellent academics and diversity. The staff is amazing, the Professors genuinely care about their students and are willing to communicate outside of class. The overall campus is beautiful with a manmade lake and all types of plants.
Northwest Vista is a diverse campus. I enjoyed the classes, the professors were helpful, however I did not really appreciate the office staff. Every time I would go by for advising or financial aid services, it was unprofessional. I would go by for help and leave feeling worse than when I’d get there.
I have attended this college for multiple semesters and have very much enjoyed my time there. The office staff is friendly and helpful, and they try to guide you in the right direction for what you are trying to achieve. The classrooms are smaller with only about 20-25 students per professor. This provides more hands-on attention and makes it easier to ask for help when trying to excel in a class. This also makes the professor more available when trying to ask questions or for advice. They also just made updates to their library and huge computer lab for students.
Great resources to allow students to graduate. Easy learning environments with focus on student development.
Overall Northwest Vista is a beautiful campus with an outstanding and unique scenery apart of it. The professors are helpful and nice and the classroom environment is comfortable and welcoming but i wish there was more information on sports and games around campus.
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I liked the school very much it was a good transition out of high school to college. Made it easy and not stressful. The campus is not that big where you get lost but is spread out enough where you do not feel so crowded.
This is my second semester attending North West Vista College & I have to say I feel very lucky to be here. There are very many resources & opportunities available & as long as you're persistent & consistent, you will get were you want to be & achieve your goals.
I love how open and free the campus is, it is a very calm environment surrounded by many trees and a lake. The staff is very nice and friendly as well as the students!
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