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Northwest Vista College Reviews

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Northwest Vista has an excellent school environment, and also, Professors is impressive and just like a friend to me.
Northwest Vista is a 2 year college with lots of great instructors. It's very affordable and in a great location.
I had an overall ok experience with vista. The admission process is ridiculous and so are some of the professors.
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Everyone around campus is very nice and very helpful.
Students will help you is you have any questions or just simply lost and can't find your class. Teachers do take time to answer any questions you have in mind. Advisors are excellent with keeping up with the students. easy contact with your advisor by face-to-face consultation or by email.
Northwest Vista College is a great community college to start out at. After being out of school for 4 years it was challenging jumping into college, but with great advisors and administration it was a lot easier to figure out what I needed to do. College itself is expensive, but Northwest Vista is relatively cheap. I mostly took online classes, but from the few professors I had on campus I had nothing but good experiences. They were very nice, professional, and knew the criteria they were teaching. I highly recommend Northwest Vista College to first year students. Overall it is a great campus, the only thing I would change is the efficiency of seeing students in the administration and records office. I sat there many hours waiting just to sign a piece of paper, more than once.
Beautiful environment! Amazing teachers that will work with you through everything! Great smaller classes!
Northwest vista is a great community college and really got me prepared for a large university. The staff is very caring and make sure that you were happy and okay with how you were doing in your classes.
Northwest Vista college was an incredible college that had the students as their number one priority at all times. There were many opportunities that could help expand the knowledge and standing of the student that the school presented in an easy to understand manner, not to mention that the teachers there are wonderful and understanding. Overall, a great college that is designed to help and guide the student to a successful path of life.
NVC is very helpful academically and guides their students towards success. They offer a wide variety of classes for all majors and help their students transfer if and when the time comes. You can also graduate NVC with an associates degree and leave with many certificates that may be needed in your future line of work.
I received an Associate's degree from this institution. I was able to completely understand science. I had a hard time with Chemistry in high school. When i took Mr. Cassanova I was able to balance equations and know patterns in the periodic table. I also over came my fear of public speaking in speech class. Overall, learned that it is essential to be yourself and that reading your book will get you that A
I love this school , the people and the overall environment. Professors and students are all friendly and open to helping anyone in need .
The staff and administration are very timely and helpful whenever I have an issue with something. The professors are respectful and do their best to help the success of the students in addition to the lively campus atmosphere. I absolutely love this campus!
Northwest Vista supplies you with all the proper tools to be successful during your college years and guides you on your path. All my professors have been incredible and extremely supportive. My advisor is very excellent at motivating me and sling sure I am on the right path to achieve my goal. He is always easy to get ahold of and responds quickly to emails and phone calls. There are many events that take place at Northwest that provide you information about other university you plan on attending.
Very welcoming, helpful, and friendly community of people, both students and staff alike. All willing to help and assist
My experience with Northwest Vista has been easy and comforting. Professors and other students have been extremely helpful with my college process. I’m glad I decided to go to Northwest Vista first because it gradually helped me get ready for a university school. I’m grateful for everything that Northwest Vista had to offer.
I have a wonderful adviser and the people I meet are always nice which makes my experience at the college more wonderful. The professors are the best and there is always great opportunities
NVC is a beautiful campus with many great teachers. It is a fairly easy commute with not much traffic around the area, has many great places to study and even relax. In my time here i picked up a new hobby. NVC has a disk golf course on campus and it is a great hobby for in between classes and after school. Great, clean and fun school with friendly students and staff. Campus police are also very helpful and do as much as they can for us students. Good cafeteria and coffee shop as well as a very good design for efficient parking areas.
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I was nervous at first as a freshman but the teachers made me feel comfortable. Some of the clerical staff was not as helpful as I had hoped so I had to do some digging on my own regarding internet questions and scholarships. The technical support we were instructed to call did an awesome job. As a Junior college, I would recommend this school to others.
It is a beautiful campus, especially when taken into consideration that it is a 2-year College. Something I have noticed about the environment coming from a private 4-year university is that it is less involved, and there isn't a particularly excellent curriculum
I love the professors, and also how the classes are smaller and very interactive and personal. The professors are very caring and genuinely want us students to succeed.
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