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The teachers are helpful and they make me feel welcomed. The facilities are convenient and the classes are well organized.
Even though I learned a lot here at NTI, I would not recommend it to others. Whether it was just me or not, I never felt like I belonged.
I felt that once the instructors spotted a weakness, they honed in on it (rather than do all possible to help,) which, in turn, caused a snowball-like effect—leading students closer and closer to what resulted in student failure (at 8 weeks shy of graduation.)
False accusations, words of others, diagnoses, and any life circumstances (that were encouraged to be brought to light) were ultimately used against students and never given benefit of the doubt, let alone, a chance to explain.
After no longer attending NTI, PTSD was diagnosed.
Overall, very thankful for the opportunity (providing insight on the good, the bad, and the downright ugly) but, given the chance, never would attend or recommend EVER again.
When i explored the campus of northwest technical institute it was amazing, and optimal for learning experience. I would highly recommend this technical school for anyone trying to further their education. They have abundance of career paths for any individual. The classroom is very hands on. Hands on experience is the best way for me learn, it allows my brain to create a unforgettable checklist.All these reasons are the reasons I love this institute.
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NWTI is a great school that helps educate me in my dream profession--nursing! I recently took their Certified Nursing Assistant course and I absolutely loved the hands-on experience that I get, both in everyday class and in clinicals. We performed everyday health and hygiene needs that elderly may need on one another and got to put our skills we learned in to play when we went to the long-term care facilities for our clinicals. I cannot wait to start their practical nursing program to further my skills and get my license to help people with their health! I trust that with NWTI's leadership, it's exactly the place that will get me to my dream profession one day!
I am a past graduate in the ammonia refrigeration and industrial maintenance classes of 2002. The faculty always assisted students; the instructors always provided resources to complete projects. After graduation I worked in commercial food services with many different types of equipment in the schools, restaurants and hospitals. In late 2004 I started my own HVACR business and we are expanding with students from NTI's ammonia refrigeration class and others to increase our service and be the best in our field.
I highly recommend this education for individuals who want to have a wide range of choices. This can lead to many options for an individual as they mature in the field of choice.
Too, we must remember an instructor is the instrument to help you get where you want to go. The student must accept the responsibility to use the information to advance their career.
Look forward to more students graduating to apply their education and succeed in the workforce.
Depending on the class, the teacher will rely on the book to guide the class, which isn't bad. Other classes will have the teacher stand up front and talk for an hour and a half. Overall it's just how the teacher decides to present the info but in the end it's up to the student to absorb the info and apply it.
The computer labs, mechanics bays (both diesel and regular), and the nursing facilities are the nicest facilities on campus. That's where they make their money so that's where they put it.
The computer network is quite reliable. But as with any office environment, the printers can be a bane.
Since this is a technical school, we have an agreement with other departments to trade work for free. Like the automotive and electronics departments.
The staff has been great and the CIS chair has gone out of her way to help get my schedule how I want it.
Sometimes it's good to have online courses because its more of a review on subjects you'd rather skip. It's also helpful because you can go at your own pace.
Again, Spend Your Hard Earned Dollars at the Community College – Most classes in the CIS programs were becoming obselete while they were being instructed. The instructors took little interest in students, sheeped us around, and let the book teach us, and became disgruntled if we were not grasping it at the pace they wish we were at.
Ehh, You Get What You Pay for. This school is cheap, poorly staffed, and you feel like (at least in the CIS department) that you are being instructed by individuals that had just graduated 2 days before instructing you. Granted there is some very knowledgeable staff, but the overall sense of self worth after graduation was pretty close to my first day of class. D+
The price of the education is excellent! They are cheaper than the community college. They are also very willing to work with you and won't kick you out b/c you can't pay right then. The only thing is they don't take outside student loans.
Very Happy – I like my school a lot. I love that it is very structured and the teachers are pulling for you to succeed as much as you your self is. I love that I can ask any question I need to and I will get an answer. I love that the NCLEX-LPN passing rate is 100%. That gives me confidence in my teachers and helps me to know that I can do this. I love it! The only thing I would change is the rude bookstore lady.
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