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NNU’s nursing and engineering program is known in the state of Idaho as one of the best. The classes are small, which is great because you actually get to know your professor and vice versa. Overall, NNU is great school that has a lot to offer.
I am currently a junior at NNU and so far my college experience has been the best! NNU has many things to offer. The campus is small, which means smaller class size. NNU is also known for its engineering program. From what I hear many NNU graduates end up being admitted to their top graduate school choices.
Great school, great nursing professors. Certainly prepare yourself to work hard if you want to make it.
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Great place to meet hypocrites. This was the worst experience in my life. Joining the Marines was a breeze after I left after 3 years. This is a school of fakes. A waste of money. I didn’t learn a thing and it took years to pay it back for nothing. They fined you for dancing, for missing chapels, for nail holes. They send their Ra’s to spy on you in Boise and fine you for everything. I graduated at Gonzaga. Now that’s a great school.
I have received a substantial amount of information via mail and talking with students and administration of the school. I have heard very good things about this school.
I loved the community of the campus and all of the events that are thrown at the students. I think the professors are very understanding and able to get help.
I truly enjoyed the AP Credit teachers. They cared about my education and made sure I understood the curriculum.
NNU is an amazing place because it has an amazing sense of community and involvement. Things I would like to see change are small things like quality of food in the cafeteria and more food options around campus.
Northwest Nazarene University is centered in Jesus Christ, the NNU education instills habits of heart, soul, mind and strength to enable each student to become God's creative and redemptive agent in the world. NNU is a Christian university of the liberal arts, professional and graduate studies. NNU is founded upon belief in and relationship with God. Therefore, we seek to build our lives and the practices of the University upon the Kingdom of God as revealed in Jesus. NNU has 4 main values: Transformation, Truth, Community, and Service.

Alongside that, NNU has an amazing community surrounded by individuals who invest in others. NNU welcomes every one. Class sizes at NNU are small, which enables professors to instill personal time into every student. NNU also puts on weekly, fun and exciting events for students to connect deeper with one another.

I would highly recommend NNU to anyone!
I really feel that everyone on campus cares about each other and the people they are serving. This is a great environment to be in and to learn in because it allows the individual to thrive with out the fear of judgement. It is a religious community and that heavily contributes to the loving and accepting environment.
Great school! At NNU there are small class sizes, which means that you get one on one time with the professor. NNU has a lot to offer. Definitely worth your money.
NNU has been a life-changing experience for me. I have been transformed into a better person and will keep transforming for the next two years, as I finish up my major and two minors. The School of Business is one of the best in the area and the professors are always open to talk and have their doors open.
The small class sizes contribute to a concentrated education environment. With only a few exceptions, all professors are concerned and personally invested in each student's success. Widely available study and tutoring help.
I love the Christ-centered community that is created here at NNU. The professors are so willing to invest in individual students, and the friends I have made will be life long.
I love my school of Northwest Nazarene University. There are so many wonderful people and the student life is absolutely one of kind! I will definitely feel home sick once I graduate.
I like the community at NNU- it is really strong. They make a conscious effort to reach out to everyone, even those students on the fringes. I wish there were more opportunities to get involved in acting out your faith on campus. The lack of bible studies and such has been a struggle for me.
While I am not entirely thrilled with the location, the school and the people greatly compensate for that. Not only is it a beautiful campus, but the students and professors all care about each other and create a warm, loving environment. Plus, with it being a small campus, you are able to build strong relationships with most everyone, including the professors. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at NNU.
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It's not a big party school, and we are sworn to a very strict lifestyle code (even those who are of legal age and/or live off campus), but it's not hard to have a good time and "skirt around" it. Most of the best bars are in Boise, near BSU. Boise has an up-and-coming brewing scene. The Valley lacks public transportation, so you will need your own vehicle or to hitch a ride.
NNU's party scene is lacking. Most students don't party, strict lifestyle code and all. The parties that DO exist happen at an off-campus student's house, at BSU, or while off camping or back home for break.
Outstanding quality of academia. And underrated school for sure. Students are required to put the effort into doing their best, but profs and staff are more than willing to help students who seek help. The registration process can sometimes get messy but normally gets resolved in the end. The learning commons (opened in 2014) is the favorite place on campus to study, complete with modern and useful furniture, a large library catalog, friendly staff, and many study rooms with full-wall white boards to write on. Other popular study places are in dorm lobbies, outside on a nice day, and at the Flying M Coffee Garage, about a mile away from campus in downtown Nampa.