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Northwest Nazarene University Reviews

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The only reason for the four stars is the price is a bit high. The professors want you to graduate and do their best to make sure you learn what you need to do so. It's a religious college, but they are excellent at making you not feel uncomfortable being a non-believer.
NNU is perfect for those who are searching for small class sizes. Smaller class size means more individual time with the professor. The people here are outgoing and for the most part friendly.
Northwest Nazarene University has challenged me academically and has transformed me into another person. My time here so far has been nothing short of incredible. Smaller class sizes, which means more individual time with the professor.
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NNU offers small class sizes, which means that your profs will actually get to know you. The campus is small, but it is nice. NNU is especially well suited for Pre-Med, Pre-Law, and engineering students because the university is home to the states best pre-professional programs.
My experience at Northwest Nazarene University was nothing short of excellent. With smaller class sizes NNU’s professors take the time to get to know you a little better. NNU’s professors actually care about the students education.
My time are NNU has been excellent. The professors here actually care about your education since the class sizes are small. This university is especially well suited for nursing, engineering, and Pre-Med students.
NNU is a perfect match for those that want to get an education, while envoking religion into it. Since NNU is a small school the classes are also smaller, which means that you get more one on one time with your professors. NNU is also home to Idaho’s best engineering and Nursing program.
Words can’t explain my experience at NNU. NNU offers small class sizes, which is good because the professor actually know your name. Recently the university partnered with the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine(ICOM). This is especially good for all the pre-med students at NNU.
So far my experience at NNU has been nothing short of excellent! The professors here really seem to care about the students. NNU is also home to Idaho’s best nursing program.
NNU’s academics are rigorous, yet fun. At NNU the professors really are interested in your education.
The culture on campus is very positive and the professors are very involved in students' lives. I wish that diversity was more openly accepted at the school.
My favorite thing about NNU are the professors here. They are excellent and accomplished teachers who truly care about their students and work to create meaningful relationships with us. Throughout my time here at NNU, I've come to get to know some of my professors so well they feel like family to me and that I think is amazing. There are many many other things I like about NNU but our professors are definitely my favorite part about the school and for that alone I would highly recommend it.
I have loved my experience at NNU! I have learned a lot academically but, I have also been pushed to develop myself as a whole individual. There is someone or something on campus that can be suitable for just about everyone.
I love Northwest Nazarene Because of the small class sizes and the excellent professors/staff. The individual attention I get at Northwest Nazarene University makes me feel like I can succeed despite my learning disability. The faculty at Northwest Nazarene is top notch and make sure that none of their students fall behind
I am a transfer student going into my first year of nursing school. All the professors I've had are great and make sure that you succeed in their classroom. The advisors are great and will get you to where you need to go.
The class ratios were perfect and made it easy to enter into class and seminar discussions. The professors know you by name and go above and beyond what is necessary to help you succeed. The professors at NNU want the absolute best for everyone of their students.
The community at NNU is amazing. I have never lived in Idaho my entire life, but after a year at NNU, I feel at home there.
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I will be a in coming freshman this next fall and from what I’ve heard, NNU is so amazing! I’ve made a couple small visits and everyone is beyond nice and everything is super close to campus!
NNU’s nursing and engineering program is known in the state of Idaho as one of the best. The classes are small, which is great because you actually get to know your professor and vice versa. Overall, NNU is great school that has a lot to offer.
I am currently a junior at NNU and so far my college experience has been the best! NNU has many things to offer. The campus is small, which means smaller class size. NNU is also known for its engineering program. From what I hear many NNU graduates end up being admitted to their top graduate school choices.