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Im Not currently enrolled at Northwest because im an high school senior.Northwest campus is a very safe place I heard all the professors help you get what you need.
Out of high school i decided to go to a junior college. I chose Northwest Community College and it was the best decision I could have made for myself! It allowed me to get the college life in tiny doses and prepared me for Ole Miss. It provided an easy transition that i would highly recommend to any upcoming high school graduates!
Great teachers that give one on one time with there students. Great campus and well made dorms. I enjoy the fact that the teachers will always be there to help me.
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I've loved my experience!Wonderful campus, great stepping stone to a four year university. Dorm life is so fun.
In the short time I have attended Northwest Mississippi Community College, I have enjoyed my time. The professors are very helpful and skilled in their knowledge and help relate to real world events. If I had to change one thing, I would increase the amount of scholarships offered to students and increase their advertisement.
Northwest Mississippi Community College is a small school. My classes are kept small this helps so the teacher can better make sure all students understand the material. I also feel very safe there, campus security is always making sure we are safe.
Financial aid only covers tuition for me. The campus is clean. Some dorms look eh on the outside. Registration is hard when your financial aid is jacked up...especially when you’re broke. $0.
I love the professors and the atmosphere. I’m 23 years old and there is a very wide diversity of age here. I love that! The food is awesome and everyone is super friendly. I have no complaints!
Where do I begin? Classes are not challenging at all. Housing assignment process is pathetic. My child and his friend followed ALL of the criteria for signing up for a dorm and enrolled for classes at the campus 45 minutes away from home - friend was assigned a different roommate and my child didn't even get a room. Furthermore, notice wasn't sent until after the school was CLOSED for the holidays and there's no one to talk to about it until the week before classes begin!! This school is a joke. Don't waste your time or money considering this place. You definitely don't get what you pay for
They have great dorms. They feel more like apartment. It located close to Walmart, so that make it easy for you to go shopping.
The professors are really good and intelligent. There is not much of a party scene. The campus food could really improve. The campus is beautiful
The staff was the best thing about the school. My counselors answered every question, and my teachers were understanding and professional. The one thing I would improve is the difficulty of the classes. I had to retake classes at a four year university because they were considered lower leveled classes. I basically repeated the same class that was suppose to be "higher level" but were the exactly the same as the ones I already passed.
Its a great school with great teachers. They do there best to help there students succeed. I dont think they need to change anything.
My experience of Northwest so far, is great. I haven't had an issue with getting lost. It's very easy to connect with other students and the teachers are very nice and willing to help. I have no complaints.
My experience with NWCC was very pleasant. The teachers were usually passionate about the field they taught and offered help to any student who may need it. The e Learning program is great, and the SmarterProctoring option is incredible for students who cannot make it to their exams on the scheduled times.
Northwest is a great community college with professors who really care about their students. Whenever I needed help with things I did not get in class my professors were always there to help or schedule an appointment to help me understand more
My experience here allowed me to adjust to the life of college. The campus was not as grand in size as universities, but the quality of education provided here was not short of any other institution. The atmosphere and culture of campus was great and something that I found easy to adapt to. Northwest prepares you for not only your career/profession, but how to be a family and work together with people from different walks of life. I enjoyed my time there and would encourage anyone to attend Northwest if they were looking for a smooth transition to the college life.
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Northwest Mississippi Community College is a wonderful place to figure out your direction in college. The advisers and professors really work with you to help you be successful at the college and to set you up for success at your transfer institution.
Northwest Mississippi community College is a junior college that gives local mississippi residents the opportunity to begin their college education without the distance education or expense of a university. While being an affordable option, there are components of Northwest that need to be refined and updated. Some of these components are as follows: better parking for commuter students, increased knowledge and training of advisors to assist students in preparing to transfer to a university, and making the registration process easier for new students. Overall, I had an average experience at Northwest and am happy I chose such an affordable, local option, but would like to see these improvements made for the sake of future students and alumni alike.
My only experience at Northwest was when I went on a college tour. At first I was iffy about the school, but after the visit, I actually liked it. It's cheaper than starting out at a university and all I'm doing is getting my easy classes out of the way. I feel like I can get to know the teachers freely because its not that many students that attend the school. 6000 students isn't bad, but I feel like I would be able to develop a strong relationship with the teachers and I would be able to get the help I need.
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