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I am a freshman but everyone I have dealt with has been very helpful. I really like my major and my professor. I am in one of the majors where I had to apply and be accepted along with my admission requirements. The application process was fair and I am pleased with the process. I really do not have a lot of experience with the college experience other than when I go to one of the main campuses to finish my registration for each semester.
I had the worst possible experience with northwest. I graduated high school with honors, and chose to attend community college for cost purposes. They failed to send me an acceptance letter and I did not find out that I was admitted until the week before classes started. I received no financial aid because of their mistake. Later on they forced me to take classes I didn’t need, and then failed to provide needed information about the 2+2 program I was apart of. I had to really fight to be able to finish within two years because of the damaged system. I ended up taking 19 credit hours a semester to be able to stay on track and it over all ruined my college experience and caused so much unnecessary stress. I would not recommend this college and know several others who were involved in similar issues. This twice before wasting two years of your life at northwest. That is if they even make it possible for you to finish in two years to begin with.
The instructors here are outstanding and I feel like they really do care about their jobs. It is always impressive to not only go to the college that sets you up for your life long career but for them to also seem like they care enough to set you up for success. I love this school!
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Northwest is not a bad school to attend. It's somewhat affordable and the teachers aren't that bad. Some teachers teach too fast and you cannot understand them, but they will not fail you. They go above and beyond to not fail you in their classes.
My experience at Northwest has been very good so far. The teachers are good at there job and they are very helpful.
I was apprehensive about attending Northwest for a couple years because Ole Miss has always been my dream and I wanted to attend all four years of undergrad there. Two years later, I'm so glad I decided to take my prerequisites at NWCC. I did have to work a couple jobs part time, so my schedule was pretty packed. I honestly believe it better prepared me for my life at the University of Mississippi and I feel like I've become more responsible and have a greater appreciation for my education. The classes at NWCC were very informative, as well as the professors and they truly do want you to succeed.
My experience at Northwest Community College was a average experience. It was a normal college with not that many activities or organizations to pursue. I wish there were more. The campus is very safety and strict.
Northwest Mississippi Community College is a great college. Especially for new students and those wishing to save money. Most of their teachers are really good at their jobs. You can even live on campus if you would like it is still just as affordable. There is even a movie theater close to campus that gives a discount to students.
I went to the Desoto campus and had a great experience. It was a convenient drive for me. I loved the teachers I had. I was able to maintain a perfect GPA and went for free.
Northwest Community College is a school for scholars.The school love sports because of all the outstanding athletes that come here but more than anything they do not play about academics. Students must keep their grades up to even obtain there scholarship or even stay on campus. Also there are a few activities that goes on to help students get out of there dorm and mingle with other students on campus.
In my opinion, NWCC is the best community college I've ever seen and have had the pleasure of attending. The professors are some of the most kindest and helpful people I've ever met. The campus is simply breathtaking and easy to call home. I enjoy the small town and the multitude of restaurants to eat at on the weekends. I haven't had a single problem with this school throughout my two years.
There's so many people going to Northwest. They have a great marching band and a great football team.
The courses are challenging, yet the professor's shop their best to help with the curriculum.
I liked the food and the people there. The housing is very nice and the professors are really brilliant. The campus small but it needs just a little work, other than that it is an amazing school for people to attend
Im Not currently enrolled at Northwest because im an high school senior.Northwest campus is a very safe place I heard all the professors help you get what you need.
Out of high school i decided to go to a junior college. I chose Northwest Community College and it was the best decision I could have made for myself! It allowed me to get the college life in tiny doses and prepared me for Ole Miss. It provided an easy transition that i would highly recommend to any upcoming high school graduates!
Great teachers that give one on one time with there students. Great campus and well made dorms. I enjoy the fact that the teachers will always be there to help me.
I've loved my experience!Wonderful campus, great stepping stone to a four year university. Dorm life is so fun.
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In the short time I have attended Northwest Mississippi Community College, I have enjoyed my time. The professors are very helpful and skilled in their knowledge and help relate to real world events. If I had to change one thing, I would increase the amount of scholarships offered to students and increase their advertisement.
Northwest Mississippi Community College is a small school. My classes are kept small this helps so the teacher can better make sure all students understand the material. I also feel very safe there, campus security is always making sure we are safe.
Financial aid only covers tuition for me. The campus is clean. Some dorms look eh on the outside. Registration is hard when your financial aid is jacked up...especially when you’re broke. $0.
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