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Northwest Iowa Community College Reviews

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Northwest Iowa Community College has been a good experience thus far. I have had an excellent professor who is extremely patient and makes sure we have to opportunity to ask question if we are feeling lost. The campus is welcoming and easy to navigate. The staff are friendly and very helpful. Overall I'm excited to continue my education here!
Northeast Iowa community college is a very helpful starter college. I am getting my AA for much cheaper than other colleges, and they are helping me tremendously with transferring on to another school.
I love the campus. NICC is compact, easy to navigate, and very organized. The staff is friendly and helpful. Most of the educators are exceptional, and I feel like my first degree at NICC was a worth while investment in my career. The parking lot is very large, but during busy spouts finding a parking place is difficult. The college does not offer housing. The intermural sports are scarce, but the social activities are very abundant. NICC offers a lot of great opportunities by having different recruiters visit the campus, and by offering a free learning center for enrolled students.
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I went to this college for a visit as I am enrolled this spring. I loved the college and can't wait to start!!
Just by going there and talking to them they r passionate and help the student figure out an easier way of doing it or give them option of what to do instead of they are struggling
They say people get hired before they even graduate. Cause all the things they are learning at school, businesses are in need of.
I like how it will be all hands on. I don't like sitting in a class room with power points. It's going to be a lot easier being hands on
I would would choose it again cause it's cheap and it is in the top 20 and 120 colleges in the nation
Classroom flexibility allows me to get everything done.
I get to work at my own pace with online courses.
Spending a reasonable amount of money allows me to get my Associate of Arts degree without the stress of a money overload.
The professors are very understanding and want the best for you.
The Associate of Arts program is allowing me to complete my general classes.
The teachers actually care about you and your future.
It wasn't too much of hassle when it came time to transfer my adviser helped me a great amount
Our school has a unique programs that range from generals to nursing to powerline to automotive
There are lots of class choices, but there isn't a lot of available times for those classes
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Employees on campus are all very friendly and are always checking up on students to make sure everything is going smoothly.
Great amount of workload, sometimes technology gets in the way and slows down the working progress.
It's a very diverse career orientated school, because of all the different programs of study you could attend. Most of the people are from around the local area.
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