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I have so far enjoyed my time at Northwest Florida State. The teachers have been kind, the classes enjoyable, and my desire to learn has definitely grown since starting their. The campus is beautiful and peaceful. My only wish is more clubs and more opportunities to be a part of student activities. I feel as if not enough activities are offered and I would love to have more opportunities to meet other like minded people.
I like the professors in the math department, English department, and business department, and Science department. The history department has a poor American history professor and the college did not offer another American history professor. The camp-us s open but safe since they have a police academy and active police officers on site. I hope they improve some of their programs and hirer better qualified counselors.
Northwest Florida State College has great professors that really care about their students. They assist the students with any problems pertaining to the course. The campus itself is really nice and clean. As for the other help at the school, it is not that great. The financial aid and academic advisors do not help at all. When help is needed with financial aid, they will send you somewhere else, which will then send you back to financial aid. It is really just an ongoing, never-ending cycle.
Review Northwest Florida State College
I like this college because there is such a wide variety of things to do. We have a cafeteria with different cultural inspired food, a Barnes and Nobel bookstore and cafe. There are also so many places you can go on campus to receive academic help.
Northwest Florida State College is a great school to get a two year degree and their sports programs are fantastic. The campus has no dorms. Their ROTC program needs some work and communication responses from some teachers need to be improved, but other than that it is a great school for two year degrees and even some four year degrees.
A great, and inexpensive, school. Received am AA, and have returned for a Bachelor's degree.

Very down-to-Earth professors in the Management & Supervision degree plan.
This college is amazing. There's a good range of classes for it being a small school, wonderful teachers, a gigantic library, and helpful, cheerful staff everywhere. Oh, and the food is awesome, in the cafeteria and in the vending machines! I've had such a good time at this sweet school.
The professors are top notch. The class size is perfect where you can get one-on-one time with an actual professor and not an aide or intern. The students are very supportive, helpful and friendly. There is a great spirit on the campus. Sometimes parking can be an issue but that is a problem on every college campus. I have enjoyed my time here and look forward to my last two years to complete my Bachelor's in Elementary Education.
Northwest Florida State is a small college located in the center of a little bit bigger town of Niceville. Since it's not a huge university, teachers know you on a first name basis and really interact with you during each class. I always feel safe walking from class to class or leaving because it seems like every time I walk outside and turn a corner a campus police officer is nearby ready to assist anyone. There are very few sports teams due to the population of the college but the men's and women's basketball, baseball, and softball teams all excel due to the commitment of the players and coaches. The campus itself has a mix of personalities where on one side of campus is a more nature oriented section with open areas and pine trees, while on the other are delicately placed statues and fountains giving it an artistic feel. All in all this is a great area to spend two years then transfer or stay all four years and be able to stay close to home in a more comfortable environment.
northwest Florida college is a very rich in education school. exceeding with student each year ready to learn with a high exception . the teacher are kind and is ready to reason out students that are not quite sure on the lesson or problem being taught in class. i must say this college is increasing like high on my list to apply too
Northwest florida state college is a college I plan on attending because it's something very efficient to me and local.
My experience at NFSC was a wonderful experience; small campus where teachers can dedicate more one on one time with thier students. The quality of teaching was outstanding and the staff was always helpful, very corteous. The curriculum was well rounded to prepare students for the future. It became a four year college while I was still there earning accreditation for Nursing and Project Management. I would love to see them provide more bachelor's degree like computer science, Information technology, and other careers on demand.
I don't have anything to tell you about this survey, but it can be like when I answer some questions that I am totally interest in for lots of scholarships.
I wish we did have a few more options but I do understand professors have lifes to
My advisor has been awesome in helping me transfer
The campus is small and easy to get around. Parking is horrible as there is never anywhere to park
I feel the school lacks some leadership in the faculty. Not professors but more upper leadership
Review Northwest Florida State College
I like challenging classes and some of my classes are not challenging
It has been great. Everyone is there to help you no matter your situation!
The career center at Niceville is not very helpful to all students.
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