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For its size, NWFSC is a decent college. It's a wonderful starting-point for Dual Enrolment students' college careers, and it's an excellent place to get an associate's degree. As a starting point, it is a wonderful option, but its scale and reputation make it a sub-par choice for a final college.
I like the college over all, however, many of the teachers have high expectations. While that seems like a good thing, it can sometimes be discouraging. There are many resources to help a student learn, and the environment is very friendly.
I absolutely love my school!! I have the opportunity to bond with others while receiving such an important education for myself and for my future. I love the atmosphere and environment that I am surrounded in! It's honestly a joy to attend at Northwest Florida State College
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How do I feel about Northwest Florida? I currently enjoy attending Northwest Florida. It a very small and student friendly campus. It's a simple concept campus which is very helpful for a first year student. I have been able to have 1 on 1 time with any teacher. The classes are normally between 15-30 students which gives a lot of room for teacher interacting. There are a lot of hangout spots and study spots for between classes. Tables and benches set up everywhere in the shade or in the sun whatever your preference.
northwest Florida state college and is beautiful in a great location. All of the professors want to help and encourage students to push harder and become something more than you thought or even imagined. Even for the students who never imagined they would be going to school or be allowed the chance to further their education. Northwest Florida state college is a great school and really opens the door for opportunity to students.
Overall, Northwest is pretty good. Most of the professors care about students and their education. The downfall is that there is only one professor per category of class sometimes. Such as only one chemistry professor on the campus etc.
Everything on campus is easily accessible, and it's easy to walk from one side of the campus to the other for a class.
I mean it’s a pretty basic state college to me. The professors (most) are pretty chill. They relate to students a lot and it makes me feel good about myself. We need a lot more here but I like it
NWFSC is a small and simple college. It is local and easy for me to get to without wasting gas as well as not being nearly as expensive as most colleges. The classrooms are more like high school-sized, so the students there are able to interact better with the teachers, which majority of the faculty and staff are kind and easy to talk to. The college also offers a free tutoring program at the school's library, a gym that is easy to access before and after classes, places to relax and complete homework or study for big tests, etc. Overall, NWFSC is a great local college to start at.
So far it has been great. The teachers are great and the classes aren't too difficult. They offer tutoring and have a nice library. I have not had a problem with any of the teachers I've met so far. The campus is very beautiful too, and with numbers on the buildings it makes everything easy to locate.
Northwest Florida State College is a great college with great teachers and academics, and I was able to finish my Associates degree with an idea of what I wanted to study for my Bachelors. There isn't much to do on campus, except go to the gym or cafeteria. But overall, it is a good school to attend!
I have enjoyed the small class sizes, and individualized help that you get from the professors in your major. They have all been encouraging and take a personal interest in their student's success. It is a beautiful campus that has a lot of extracurricular activities and fine arts programs as well. Great opportunities for a smaller college.
College campus is improving for the better. New main building area is set up to help students be able to see an Academic Adviser with an appointment or walk-in, but an appointment is highly recommended. A new Vet Success Center was also created to help assisted Military and their spouses.
The college campus is very open and beautiful. Faculty are very helpful! Great experience. I attended the Collegiate High School on the college campus and everyone was very willing to help me out when i needed it. I recommend this college to anyone.
I have been attending this college as a dual-enrolled student since 2017. The professors here are well-educated and kind. Their priority is to help the student be successful in their class. Even though this is a small campus, there is still a nice sense of community here. This campus is very safe and I feel secure attending class everyday.
So far, NWFSC hasn't been too bad. Two of my teachers really care about teaching, the third one never shows up financial aid is awful to work with as everything is so disorganized and a total mess. I wishcthey offered more classes at the Defuniak campus but unfortunately they only offer 5-10 at any given time and no type of activities or social opportunities.
This college is very good community-wise and it offers a lot of opportunities for students and prospective students.
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My experience over all has been great but northwest can improve on the effort put in the teaching of the classes a lot of times I'm having to get help because the teacher does not take time to teach the material
I am enrolled as a dual enrollment student from South Walton High School. I enjoy taking the online courses, as the professors are super flexible and they have a wide variety of courses available for dual enrollment students, from abnormal psychology and economics to computer science and nutrition. Overall, I have learned a lot from and enjoyed all of the dual enrollment courses I have taken through Northwest Florida State College.
The college has provided me with a great experience. They have few athletics available and the only housing is off campus for the athletes. Most of the professors I have had have been great; if they aren't, the college provides an opportunity for you to rate them. The campus is pretty for this area.
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