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It’s a small private school and the teacher to student ratio is great! All our instructors are professionals in the business, so students are able to learn from people who hold careers in their interest.
All the teachers are very nice and approchable and are highly qualified for each class they teach. I have made so many friends here and everyone is really open minded and respectful.
I am a first year student working toward a Bachelors of
Fine Art degree with a double major in animation and illustration. Beautiful campus in the Puget Sound area of Washington State with small class sizes and supportive teachers who really do everything they can to help you succeed.
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The experience has been wonderful. I've met a lot of great people and learned many new things. The issues I have lie with the way the classes are planned out and that an aspect of declaring one's major isn't made explicit before one join's the college. Classes are not planned out well as there are too many lecture classes that are unrelated to art sprinkled throughout the academic years. They either need to be shortened so that students can go through them faster, or be focused towards the freshman/sophomore years. As with declaring one's major, it turns out that if not enough other students in your class want to take a major, it is dropped. Also, certain major combinations are not offered although the school catalogue advertises the majors as if you could truly combine any of them. That is not the case.
I never switched colleges so all my college credits remained at this school. My experience at the school is somewhat convenient. Such as it's location, but I love far away so my commute is quite long because I cannot afford to live closer to the school. The flexibility of the classes are absent for the school is extremely strict on attendance and has fixed times for classes. I have struggled with balancing money needed for gas to travel to and from and be able to buy materials and textbooks required for the classes, which they give 2 weeks to get. And unfortunately my pay schedule doesn't always go to my favor of that.
I don't really understand what it is the topic is asking me so I'm going to answer to the best of my knowledge. From what I understand, the post-grad services at the school is really good for they try their best to help you achieve your goals as an artist and help you look for possible job opportunities. The career center can be available at anytime during school hours and if the person working that position isn't also teaching a class. I don't know what alumni network is.
I personally have had some issues with the courses but that is due to my own personal mental struggle of believing that I have a good enough skill. But all the professors try to calmly figure out says to help me understand the objective and how to do things for example, figuring out how to work Photoshop. The quality of the courses and professors are pretty self explained, some staff will love to tell you some of their personal experiences looking for jobs as a painter, a designer or anything else. The class sizes are around 20 at the beginning of the year, but as the months go by, those numbers drop pretty quickly to about half. Then as the middle of the program goes, there would only be roughly 5 students attending classes since they would be splput up according to what majors they chose.
Some of the professors at the school actually attended the school at one point. The program requires you to post your best projects on websites such as , , and some other websites you could use to help get the opportunity of getting a job. Some of the main staff are really good about the career services needed to get you prepared.
There are plenty of options for majors. Especially when the school provides a double major program. This can help student learn more than one major and have more opportunities with jobs when you graduate. The workload is quite a lot and yet not a whole lot at the same time. During senior year at Northwest College of Art and Design, they will help look for and provide an internship with you.
Although the location is wonderful, the school and staff are really nice and caring. It may be a struggle to some with the amount of textbooks needed for each semester but the professors allow sharing. All the staff are eager to help the student to the best of their ability and help strive students to be their best.
The faculty are almost as invested as i am when it comes to helping me find the best path for me.
They have a planned course for you academically throughout your 9 semesters
I haven't reached that point in the process but from what i hear from other upperclassmen its good.
Everyone attending NCAD will graduate with a bachelors in Visual Communications. NCAD alls requires a double major. Also there is no need to worry about scheduling your classes, since the school is so small the faculty are the ones who put together the schedules for all the students.
NCAD is a great school that provides a ton of one on one time with instructors due to the small class sizes. Open studios and labs provide a ton of space for you to work in your free time.
I knew I wanted to go to art school so in high school for my senior year, I took mostly art classes.
My school didn't offer online courses, all of your classes are with actual in person.
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They make sure that you get a internship somewhere you can get a great starting position in your field.
The classes can be great but its only with the teachers who are passionate about what they do.
I think there are some previous students work that is really strong but I believe thats from them making something out of the education.
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