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Northwest College - Wyoming Reviews

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Great experience! Powell has a high number of international students which makes for a great learning experience outside of school as well. The teacher are great and the staff is awesome.
I Really enjoyed how Northwest College has a teacher to student ratio so small. It allows students to have more one on one time with each other. The school strides to keep the school at a cheaper price and the school credits transfer to any other NASM certified schools and makes the transfer very easy If you are trying to transfer. The are of the school is a small town. Which makes it very difficult to find a job that is willing to be flexible to the classes. Also, the strict rules of the dorms are really irritating I understand they need to have standards in order for things to run smoothly they need to be set but here might be a little much for adults to live in and go to school.
My experience at Northwest College (NWC) was my first experience to go to college for the first time of my life, and it is good. The Academics that is presented here it is great along with great teachers/professors. The cafeteria food at NWC has a wide variety of meals that are presented here every day of the week, along with making international food that is made by other students from a different country. I love NWC and community, the people are nice and friendly, and it gives freshmen students a good start of what college is like.
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