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I enjoy the quality of education with how small of a school it is. The professors are very helpful and the education is great. Campus life is quite small but nice. Everything is close together, dorms in Simpson Hall are great, there are lots of activities to do, and very friendly people.
Northwest college is a great place to be. It has awesome teachers and have smaller class for a better learning environment. I have nothing to change about this college, other than the cafeteria food isn’t the best.
I really enjoy Northwest. The people are so sweet and amazing; the professors are always trying their best to make the most out of their students education, and the students are always outgoing and so kind. There are so many different clubs and organizations that allow the campus to come together as one and become a community.
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The arts program is one of the best. They have a lovely but small arts gallery, with visiting artists and it's always curated well. Would advise to stay away from the photo program, incompetent teachers...a joke of a program. The science courses are excellent. Wyoming has a large bird population and if this is what interests you, then I would suggest NW College.
The professors and people are very nice at Northwest. The parts that seem to struggle is the location of the college is put in a town that doesn't have much to offer. Also the dorms and food isn't the best, and you are paying to much for what you get. It needs a little bit of improvement, but it isn't a bad school at all I've learned quite a bit there.
Great experience! Powell has a high number of international students which makes for a great learning experience outside of school as well. The teacher are great and the staff is awesome.
I Really enjoyed how Northwest College has a teacher to student ratio so small. It allows students to have more one on one time with each other. The school strides to keep the school at a cheaper price and the school credits transfer to any other NASM certified schools and makes the transfer very easy If you are trying to transfer. The are of the school is a small town. Which makes it very difficult to find a job that is willing to be flexible to the classes. Also, the strict rules of the dorms are really irritating I understand they need to have standards in order for things to run smoothly they need to be set but here might be a little much for adults to live in and go to school.
My experience at Northwest College (NWC) was my first experience to go to college for the first time of my life, and it is good. The Academics that is presented here it is great along with great teachers/professors. The cafeteria food at NWC has a wide variety of meals that are presented here every day of the week, along with making international food that is made by other students from a different country. I love NWC and community, the people are nice and friendly, and it gives freshmen students a good start of what college is like.
The teachers here really care about their students. They are easy to talk to , straight forward and want to see you succeed.
Very motivational and understanding professors.
A lot of programs and opportunities for international students. Beautiful campus with a lot of trees and flowers. A lot of events happening every week! Everything is designed to help students: we have residence hall assistants, international students coordinators, advising center, etc.
They offer a lot of courses to high school students, their facilities are also all very clean and up to date. The teachers (that I have had experiences with) are all very considerate of students and are willing to help if asked; they are also very capable of challenging students (which is really nice).
It is a really fun place to be! It is a very AG based school. There is always lots to do on campus. You meet people really easily and small class sizes make things easy as well.
My favorite part about Northwest was the instructors/professors. They really put an effort into their students education and they were always there to help if a problem came up. Campus was small so it didn't take long to get to class which was also a great plus.
When first moving to Powell, Wyoming, making friends and meeting people was my main worry. The town is pretty small, but the campus life is very exciting. Making friends is the easiest thing ever, and getting comfortable on campus is not hard at all. This is the best college ever in my opinion. The professors are also so friendly and understanding of the stressful college life. This college has got me over my fear of talking to people and speaking up for yourself, because you'll know that people are listening and will work with you.
It is a very small college in a small town. People are very welcoming and professors are just awesome. Starting from admission staff to professors are ready to get you involved and have good time.
The professors really know you. They take their times to help you with any problems. The people in the town are very friendly and helpful. I love to hang out with the community members. We have good academic programs. The college provided me oppotunity for the internship. I receieved scholarship throughout my internship program. I learned many things through my majors that is anthropology and archaeology. Also, the Northwest College provides variety of courses, which help students prepare for the future study. The advising center and my advisor help me in the process of transferring to the four years university.
I liked Northwest College. The small school atmosphere made it easy to become close friends with my classmates. Most of my teachers were very inspiring and fun to learn from. I was a student athlete, which made my experience even more enjoyable. The only difference I would make would be to get a separate girls and boys soccer coach. Having one coach for both made the experience a little less enjoyable.
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Northwest is amazing! The teachers really care about what they want for you to get out of going to college and want to prepare you for bigger and better things. The teachers actually care about you and want what is best for you but still letting you get to know yourself. They prepare you for what to expect in your years at Northwest. They also teach you about what to expect from universities for those that want to move on and further their education. The best part about Northwest college is they want you to take advantage of all the resources that they offer, such as the TRIO program, TRIO is probably the best thing ever invented. Everyone at Northwest from the students to the faculty are amazing people and I am so glad to attending Northwest.
I really liked the professors here, they really take an interest in your success. There is also quite a few activities for students to participate in. This includes events like laser tag and school dances.
What I like about Northwest is that they have many resources for help. Dorm life is comfortable but, can sometimes get a little to addicting to staying inside the dorms. The RA's are really resourceful and take in action your concerns.
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