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Northwest College - Hillsboro Reviews

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excellent instructors, good teaching, great learning experience, overall a very good experience, amazing.
They either have day classes or night classes
We only use computers to take tests
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We don't really have any

Sometimes they post stuff on places hiring
It's super hands on and I'm learning a lot the teachers help when ever you ask they are very supportive
Since it's a beauty school we are just put in the class we need. There's only 4. Hair 101, hair 102, nails, and esthetics
I had issues getting money for living because the school isn't associated with any banks for private loans which was my only option
Some of the people are odd but where are there not people like that

I've made a couple friends but we don't hang out outside of class

Some of the older people are rude to the younger crowd
I haven't really had experience with this department yet
I love it and would suggest to others to go here
NWC is great I was welcomed with open arms and everyone is super helpful. I love the staff and the building is great!
Can't Complain – The school wasn't my first choice but it was close to home. If you let yourself get sucked into the drama it's very easy for you to lose to track of time and the focus is no longer on school. In all most of the teachers are very willing to help you and try to teach in a very easy understandable manner. I'm close to graduation and boy I am excited to go and get my career started.
Not Very Involved in Post Grads – I know that they don't offer job placement or help with finding a job once you graduate. About the only thing they do is print off craigs list job listings that might hire people straight out of school. Basically once you graduate we are not there concern anymore.
Good Location – My school is in a very good location. Its close to my house for the most part compared to other schools. We also get alot of clients at our location which makes a big difference at a beauty school. Hands on experience with real clients is key to success at my school and we are not lacking in that department, so it makes some of the other things that we are lacking in at school a little easier to handle.
Ok With My Choice – I like some of the instructors at my school, I just wish there were more instructors and that all of them actually cared. It feels like some of them are there for a paycheck and could care less if we fail or succeed. I have received the education I am going to need when I graduate I just feel bad for the freshman. I feel like they may not receive what they need to succeed after graduation.
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