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Adult Degree program has made finishing college while working fulltime a dream come true. Classes are interesting and applicable to my daily life. My son signed up because I spoke so highly of the program.
I have not attended this school yet but I plan on it after I graduate in 2019. Overall it has been an easy process of applying!
Everyone has been very helpful and insightful. I've gotten so much help and care from staff, professors and advisers. It is a close nit community that helps support the students and lifts them up when needing help and guidance. There are many programs in place to help students succeed. The professors and advisers are very caring and understanding. Great environment.
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This school has changed my heart in such a humbling way, with the communication of professors to students, to the activites the school does, and the desire the school has to be part of the community they are in. This school takings pride in being in and with the community that is surrounded by. The thing that I would love to change is probably the public transportation the school does not offer. Since Eugene is a town with two universities the public transportation is a big key for people to get around but Northwest Christian University does not offer any discounts or free bus transportation. This is something I would like to see change.
coming in as a freshman out of state is very difficult, you know not knowing anyone, basically in a foreign place, but what made it easier was how nice and welcoming they were towards us. The only thing I would like to see change is the food, it’s so repetitive!
I enjoy the small college community provided by this school. The staff and faculty are pleasant to work with. People work hard to provide a great educational experience for students.
I love northwest Christian university because of many reasons. Mostly because I can play basketball here, but also this school has the right education to set me up to be successful. All in all, northwest Christian is a great university.
For a small private school the staff is a highlight. The school hires good professors and they really challenge you. I feel as if I have learned a lot in a variety of different classes that I thought I would just breeze by. The small campus and small student population gives for a good sense of community that lead to knowing everyone. Everyone is so friendly and you can always say hi and get a bright happy hello back. If future college students were looking for a place to go, and they wanted a small school, I would recommend every time.
Working with Northwest Christian University has been phenomena. Everyone from the admissions department to the professors are understanding and willing to work with you. I enjoy the 8 weeks classes and find the courses to be both challenging and fun. I look forward to finish my Bachelor's degree and potentially pursuing my Masters.
I love my school. My teachers were amazing. They were so kind and helpful. I had a wonderful experience.
The staff here are very down to earth and supportive from the start. They all truly care about your education, and help you through the good and hard times. It's easy to talk to any of the advisors which makes it an overall wonderful experience.
I loved how the professors are care for you. They don't want to see anyone fail, so they go the extra mile to see that no one fails. Also since it's a small school, you get that feeling of family, especially if you're away from home.
From what I have heard it's a good system they have to help you in this way/decisions.
I'm an incoming freshman so I'm not sure.
From what I have seen so far the general safety and health is taken serious, they have security walking around at all times to help students feel comfortable which is really nice.
They are well kept, but they aren't very spacious. However, for a smaller university they are very nice and community oriented.
I haven't attended any yet.
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So far my experience with this university overall has been over satisfactory. The staff that work there is friendly and genuinely dedicated to their work to help you succeed and make sure any of your questions are thoroughly answered. The students included have so far been very helpful and welcoming with open arms and are also very faith based. This school to me is unique because the staff I have met remembered who I specifically was when I had met them again and could recall our conversations, such as my admissions counselor Kassia Galick, which I have not experienced with other universities in Oregon. I am personally glad that I have chosen to purse my education with this college because of how dedicated they are to make you happy with your decisions and guide us not only with our careers, but faith as well. If I had to make a decision of where I could pursue my education once again I would defiantly choose NorthWest Christian University again because of the fact that they are all so caring and love to make you have the best experience, guidance and education possible.
the school works hard on career development
I so far like my professors
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