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The sense of community, small class sizes and lots of scholarship opportunities. Thee are many extracurricular activities as well. Teachers are all very friendly and knowledgeable and mane themselves available outside of class if you have any questions .
The availability of the teachers is not that great. However everything else has been fantastic!!! I am a current student and I am going into my second year of studies at this school. I am okay with the entirety of the school just wish that there was more availability of professors.
NWACC is a great school for incoming freshmen and returning students alike. They have a dedicated tutoring center ran by college faculty with Dr.'s degrees, and are experts in the subject matter you might be needing help with. Very friendly staff, and teachers will see to it that you are getting the education you need to succeed! The classes are smaller which is conducive for learning. Various on-campus events, clubs, and organizations that students are encouraged to participate in. Overall a great school that meets the budget!
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I think this is a great college! It is not a University, but it is much cheaper and has very close to the same level of difficulty available as you would get in a larger university. Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) is a great starting point especially for nursing, engineering, physics, graphic design, and math majors. I have taken 67 credit hours here and one thing I like most about NWACC is that they try to base their curriculum on what the University of Arkansas uses since it is only half an hour away. They try to use the exact same book in Calculus and Physics for example. There is no housing so that is up to the student, but a large amount of students here either live with family still or live in a small apartment. The teachers here, especially in the lower level classes, are very kind and do their best to work with you. The upper level class professors also do their best to help you, but at the same time they don't cut you any slack.
The teachers at this college actually care about you. They understand if you work 40+ hours and understand that there is more balancing than homework and class. They understand and are helpful in completing courses and actually understanding the material.
I cant stop saying such wonderful thing about NWACC. Its such a great school to start off with. I recommend this school for alot of Seniors coming straigh from highschool because the classes are very similar to those in highschool. The professors here at NWACC are top rated and very great!!! Love this school and will always love it!!
It's really relaxed, you can make your own class schedule, and the instructors are, for the most part, pretty cool.
I was fortunate enough to experience my very first semester of college at NWACC, which was a delight. I loved my professors, Mrs. Ford, for English Composition 1 was a great motivation. In my philosophy class I felt intrigued as I learned about philosophical points of view, where there seemed to be no right or wrong, just opinion and fallacies.
I love Northwest Arkansas Community College! It seems like a great community college in between Rogers. A great area for a small town person.
Northwest Arkansas Community College or NWACC, has been a vital factor in my personal growth. Overall, my experience at this junior college has been a very positive one. Being a full-time online student, I unfortunately have not been able to experience all the amenities the school has to offer. However, I have been able to successfully navigate through the online degree plan NWACC has to offer. Not only does NWACC offer a variety of programs but also boasts a great staff ready and willing to assists their students.
For me, my experience at NWACC has been great so far. The teachers are nice, and contacting them is very easy. Whenever I have a question about something in class, I can just ask them during class or even after class. They reply back very quick.
This school is a vital assets to the community. The faculty and staff are very professional. The programs are competitive with almost every nursing student having a job before they even graduate.
It allows me to be able to attend class after work if need be and is super flexible when it comes to scheduling whatever is best for me
Professors here stress that they are always willing and available to help. They're willing to come in early or stay late and will with you on anything
Employees are always willing to help with whatever they can. If they don't know the answer then they will gladly find someone that does
I'm a nursing major currently finishing prereqs. The classes I have taken so far have been helpful by allowing me to communicate effectively and to learn how to use critical thinking in other ways
Professors go above and beyond to help others and to make sure you understand the curriculum. They're always willing to help
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very helpful to the outside world
its been good so far
I havent experienced that yet.
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