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Little flexibility with course selection, limited library resources, constant WiFi connectivity issues, maintenance issues (elevators were broken, copiers off-line). Some professors are great mentors.
Northpoint is a small campus but for me that makes me fall in love with it. With the campus being so small it makes for a very close intimate feeling with other students and also with the staff and professors there. On larger campuses it makes it very difficult to get one on one time with the staff or professors there and it is also on a very professional level. At Northpoint, some of the closest people in my life right now are staff members. I love being there and when we get breaks from school, honestly I miss being there because it is my home now.
One of the things that I wish would change at Northpoint is the focus on physical health because the campus is smaller the gym there is old and not in very good condition. Also a lot of the food served there regardless of having choices isn't healthy. I would like to see a better improved gym and more food choices that would allow healthy eating.
If you are looking to go into full time Pentecostal ministry, then Northpoint Bible College is the school for you. Northpoint is dedicated to training and equipping ministers of the gospel.
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I have always felt secure on campus. Our security does their best to take measures of prevention of ALL kinds in order to make sure students are safe.
Northpoint Bible College is a great school for ministry. It has educational discipline as well as the spiritual discipline that a student needs.
The school does it's very best to connect students with churches and possible employers or internship programs.
Housing has great rules to live at peace with one another. Values are strictly enforced. There is dress code and 11 Pm curfew.
There is basketball teams but not many options as to sports. Gym facilities are OK.
A very family based atmosphere which includes INCREDIBLE support from the schools administration and staff. Teachers are genuinely interested in the lives of students. It is a great school!
The school provides challenging and interesting classes. The course material, for most part, is interesting and easy to get into. The professors provide exciting learning environments that encourage whatever they are teaching. Plus, they will use a lot of personal experiences that help add to the subjects they are teaching or demonstrating.
Every teacher I have had in class, or met so far I have loved! They are all experts in their field and bring personal experiences into the classroom that encourage learning in the best way. They are also all very approachable and willing to work with the student to help them in anyway they can.
I have no doubt I will find a job after graduation, if I do not pursue further education.
I always feel safe at school. There's little to no risk of sexual assault happening on campus. The staff and administrators provide a safe living environment where people do not feel objectified or in danger.
The dorms are most always clean and the rooms are spacious! I love living on campus and getting the experience of dorm life. It's an all female dorm where boys are restricted to access, so we always feel safe and secure.
We do not have a greek like so I cannot answer any of these questions.
I love my school! All of the staff and administrators genuinely care about the students and their success. It feels like home, since it's such a small school, everyone becomes like family easily. The classes are interesting and well taught. The chapel services add to the experience and make the school richer and more united. There's always extra fun events going on to get involved with as well, so it keeps us busy. I love it here and would recommend it to anyone seeking to pursue a life a ministry.
We're a small school so there isn't any varsity sports here. Only intramural and it's something everyone either attends or participates in. But again, it isn't a big deal, the sports are done mainly for fun.
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I am in school studying Pastoral Ministries. This school provides excellent training towards my goals. It provides a spiritual atmosphere where my relationship with God has grown beyond my expectations. The school offers opportunities for mission trips and well as internships in order to gain experience in addition to my training.
Technology is a constant problem. Wifi and printers are often down. Heavy student responsibility to use online features that are not easily accessible.
My School is really great for those who feel called into Ministry. It is then only A\G college open that only focuses on ministry. There are many good Christian colleges available, but the atmosphere is what makes this school great. Not only are you learning on the classroom but you are encouraged to be a part of the community and get hands on experience. My favorite experience would be with a teacher. I am a teachers assistant and the professor I TA for is always willing to help me. He always says I dont work for him, he works for me. So he understands that without the students, the teachers wouldn't have a job, so he is willing to do whatever it takes to help out his students. He has allowed me to access his library for papers and has even just been there to talk to. The professors are the best part of the school by far. They are always sacrificing to make our school more enjoyable and to give us as much education as they can.
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