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This college is in a very good community. It is a fun place to be and a great school. The teachers are always trying to help the students.
I have only taken online courses through this school but I will be attending on campus in the fall of 2019. My experience online has been fantastic.
I love the small classroom sizes. The professors are nice and willing to help. I have only had a few issues in the past where a professor wasn't nice or easy to work with. For the most part, my experience at Northland Community and Technical College has been pleasant. The faculty is nice for the most part too. I only wish there were more options for professors and class times.
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Northland Community and Technical College is a great school. Some teachers are more strict then others. It also depends on what classes you take. The staff are all nice and knowledgeable.
Currently in college to get my associates nursing degree. I work as an LPN in oncology and can't wait to further my career as a nurse.
My experience at Northland has been great. I have met a lot of great people. It has a small town atmosphere and you pretty much know everyone.
So far Nothland is a world different from UND where I spent 3 previous years. You don't feel like a number at Northland. It is incredible easy to communicate with you teachers and administrators. Your advisor and teachers actually remember your name! The facility is up to date with relevant technology. Parking is a breeze! Fellow students are friendly too. Tgis is a great place to lower your educstional cost and time while still getting cutting edge education and hands on relevant courses that translate into an immediate career after completing your specific degree. I highly recommend this college over UND.
I enjoy the classes I am taking. For such a small town there really are a variety of classes. One complaint/piece of advice would be that you need to plan out your time at Northland far ahead of time. Some classes are only offered at certain times.
I am a senior at Lincoln High School and going to college at Northland right now for free. It is a good college, but could be much better. I wish the "men" were better mannered towards the females in the college. Also the teachers are okay but could also be way better.
I loved Northland College. They have everything there that is needed to be successful. The staff are very friendly and do everything they can to ensure your success. The is nothing I would change about it. The best thing I love about Northland is that is all there under one roof. You don't have to go outside to get from class to class. There is approximately 20-30 people in a class so small enough where you aren't just "a number". The teachers know you by name and it makes for a personable experience. They have a wonderful tutor program as well a beautiful book store and library. Love everything about it.
Northland Community Technical College is a great hands on college to attend, the class sizes are smaller which makes it easier for students to learn. The professors are always willing to help you.
I love this campus and it is so nice and small and every one is very friendly. I also am so excited to go here to get my major in early education and paraprofessional. Would love the scholarship to pay my way through!
I like knowing most classes can be taken on different days and times. Being a full-time student, and having a full-time job can be hard.
Online classes differ from traditional classroom experience because it's on your own time, there's extra work to it because you are not attending classes, and you do not get the social aspect that you would in a classroom. But, I do enjoy online classes.
Many of the services here at the school have been a huge help.
The professions are well-educated. The classes are very small.
Since I'm just starting, my program has allowed me to focus on my future. It has shown me what my career can do to make a change in an individual.
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With smaller schools, I can be one on one with my teachers and it allows me to feel like I can succeed.
Our campus is alright but it is lacking student housing and the cafe is kind of expensive.
Transferring credits was easy. As far as the classroom flexibility and being able to deal with the frustrations. It was very easy to do and all of the teachers and staff worked with the students.
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