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Northland seems like a school you can succeed in, but if you live out of state, the tuition will creep up on you eventually.
Overall I really enjoy Northland, it has some great experiences as long as you are willing to go out and be involved and work in the community at large. This is a great location and there are tons of super cool and interesting people here, lots of club and actives for everyone.
There is not much campus crime that takes place; there are always security officers who patrol around at night.
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The dorm I was in was relatively okay since there weren't many people in our dorm. The dorm was very close to one of the buildings that I always go to, so that was convenient.
I think our campus overall is very safe. Campus safety is there when you need them, but they are also not overbearing.
I think that my career prospects are very good after Northland, because I have worked hard while I've been here. I've also been able to participate in research related to my field. I wouldn't say that a degree from Northland is all that special on a resume, but if you get the hands-on, individualized experience that is opportunity that is offered here, that might say something to potential employers.
I think the professors at Northland have been, for the most part, amazing. They really care about their students.
The dorms are just fine, very comparable to other schools. The only reason I rated them as okay is that the housing in town is sooooo much cheaper. You can get a full house with your own bedroom and a full kitchen and privacy for about half the price of living on campus. Unfortunately Northland forces students to live on campus for three years.
I think about a quarter of students are athletes. We just got a beautiful new fitness center and they are almost finished with a new soccer/lacrosse field.
I've had a very good time in my time at Northland.
Northland is a great school to start thinking differently. Since coming to Northland my social skills, ability to understand people, and understanding of social constructs has improved drastically. And although I'm a Sustainable Community Development major with a duo minor in biology and geology, my overall knowledge of religion, sociology, and psychology has improved just as much. Northlands environmental focus to all the majors are outstanding, because as science has come to show us we have to change the ways we live if we wish to continue as a species. Northland's campus life is also outstanding, the small student population makes great for a family feel community. The class sizes are small and 90% of my professors I've had are very approachable and seek to form relationships with you at an individual level. This makes attending classes, listening, and striving for success that much easier.
Too small of a school to have such a variety of athletics. Many individuals feel athletics takes away from Northland's main mission statement of having an environmental focus. Ex: We just got a brand new soccer and lacrosse stadium but yet have no adequate renewable energies systems that are up to date.
Northland is a wonderful small school school and the connections with professors are very one on one. My class sizes are typically average around 20 students and professors have easily accessible through office hours and email. Northland is heavily environmentally focused with exceptional field programs. The student body is heavily involved in sustainability programs, student government, and athletics. Northland also has many connections with international study programs as well as the facts that is a member of the Ecoleague that alows students to transfer within a system of around 10 private schools for the blanket tuition. I would definitely choose my school again because they provide so many opportunities and connections all within a tight knit academic community.
Northland College is great for anyone pursuing environmental studies, outdoor education majors, and anything to do with the humanities. Everyone on campus is very accepting of whoever you are as a person, as long as you are a nice person. Professors are on first name bases with all students and always try to include everyone's thoughts. If you're looking for a more personal feel to the college experience, Northland College is the way to go!
Northland is small, Northland is isolated, and Northland is weird. If you're still reading, it may work for you. If you're still hesitant or curious about these qualities, that's OK too– my subjective assessment may help shed light onto why "small, isolated, and weird" could be positives for you. That being said, this is not an ad. I'm not a tour guide, nor am I a pennant-wielding fan; I see both positives and negatives in my institution, but know that "perfect fit" doesn't exist. Only you and you're gut can decide what the best-fit-for-circumstance is. If you don't feel it in your gut, don't waste your time.

Northland is small. 600-ish people at time of post or under 1,000 cap. for future readers. It's hard not to know your whole class or at least recognize everyone's faces in the school. It took me about a year to find my people, but once those relationships were forged, I was comfortable with seeing the same faces every day. Also, when visiting, notice the lack of faces in phones. People here, genuinely care about waving, saying "hi", or checking in with people they don't know. We are normal undergrads with normal relationships to entertainment and technology, but people here are more game to go on hikes or go stargazing than many other places– you kind of have to be in a place this small.

Northland is isolated. Ashland, WI is a fairly normal Wisconsin mid-size town. I'm from a city, and know that Ashland lacks heavily in year-round walkable cultural events/places and is relatively economically depressed. Friends from small towns do tout the activeness of the town (things like farmers market, shops, Washburn theater), but I think they're missing the point. Northland is, if you want it to be, is a cloistered four-year cocoon to examine the inner journey. Or, if you're not into that- its got great wilderness.

Northland is weird. Like ecotones, the fringes of institutions is where you'll find most diversity. Damn character limit. Just visit.
Ashland is small so there isn't a lot available
Different local restaurants keep it interesting!
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There are excellent people leading Northland!
Northland gives great financial aid! Kind donors
Not really my thing, but I know people have fun!!
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