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Northland Career Center is a technical school, therefore credits earned do no transfer to any colleges in the area except Park University.
No, I would not choose this school if I had to do it all over again. There is a lot of pressure to maintain a 78% on all test and there is n guarantee that you will graduate upon admission.
The class consist of 30 students. The instructors are very nice, and care about your education. The coordinator knows what she is doing, but does a poor job at communicating to students her wants when it comes to grading.
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Educators in this building really care about the success of each and every student.
Online courses are not offered at Northland Career Center, but students do have too much online homework to complete.
I think the student body at Northland Career Center is very diverse.
Using A+ funds really helped me. The financial aid office is excellent at answering questions.
There is too much work to do. Students don't have enough time to study, attend clinicals, and do homework.
Being a nursing student at Northland Career Center is a unique opportunity. With students studying all trades you have a variety of connections.
Northland career Center has many opportunities to learn and grow. Many students are returning students who have been out of school for years. At Northland Career Center students are issued a lap top during school hours to complete work, and a student services center is available during school hours to help students with math, English, and other skills necessary for getting a job upon graduation.
Everyone has been very helpful.
I have not worked in this area yet.
We do not have separate online courses. We have classroom instruction with supplemental study materials online.
I wish we could have started earlier in the year with the process to meet more Grant and Scholarship deadlines.
It is a small technical school with very personable staff.
I have had a good experience so far.
I am trying to build a network.
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I am having trouble finding scholarships available for myself.
From what time i have spent at the school so far, I am very impressed.
Teachers and other students willing to help each other.
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