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I'm a senior in high school and am taking a class at NOVA. Everyone who has helped me sign up for the class and has made sure I have the right resources has helped me make it through the first semester with flying colors. I am so appreciative of the generosity, kindness, and patience that NOVA has shown me before even attending their college full-time. I truly am grateful for NOVA and how willing they are to help any student, whether they fall behind in classes, struggle academically or financially, or just weren't able to get into a four-year college. With campuses in convenient areas, I never have to worry about taking a day trip just to see an admissions counselor or use library resources. I genuinely appreciate all that NOVA has done for me before I even graduate high school.
What I liked about NOVA, was how invested and how helpful the staff is. The Financial Aid and the advisors only have the best interest of the students in mind. The professors I had a chance to work with were also invested in their students and helped us to the best of their abilities, to reach our academic goals, our success. There is an overall friendly and positive environment that gives the students the support they need in all of their endeavors.
NOVA is a very diverse college. There are many clubs to join, this club usually organize many events where we get to have fun and distress from exams. I personally love the Hispanic club because they have events where they bring Zumba instructors and food from Hispanic countries.
There are some amazing professors and the class number is not that big which makes it easier to understand the class and ask questions.

Overall a very nice place to study.
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What I liked about Northern Virginia Community College is the classes and teachers are good at what they do and make transferring very easy when it comes to that time. The one thing I would like to see change would be the amount of interactions with one another as people don't feel welcomes there. It feels as if people just go to class and leave without hanging around meeting new people and making friends, as no one ever wants to get to know one another.
Northern Virginia Community College is full of awesome professors and people in general. The professors here know their stuff, are passionate, and they love to teach. The professors are also always there to help, no matter what, and they really want you to succeed.
It's good to get in and out quick. More of a do what you need to so you can move on, stepping stool for the future school. For that it is good but I wouldn't say you're experiencing college if you go here.
I am currently studying Interior Design and will be transferring to a university to acquire a Bachelor's degree. NVCC has made it a possibility to pursue this path d by making school more affordable and providing great resources, teachers and opportunities. There is a guaranteed transfer program that can assist with finding a university that is a great fit. There are scholarship opportunities for both local and out-of-state students and there are councilors and representatives available to help with questions/ concerns. I've met some really wonderful people from around the globe right in my classroom and made friends with some of the warmest-hearted people. NVCC has also been great at acknowledging my GPA with honors classes and programs. Overall, I have had a very positive experience at NVCC and genuinely feel equipped to take on my next level of schooling!
The best experience ever and I have not regretted attending NOVA, it was my first time attending college and was a bit scared I will not be able to make it since I was out of High School more than ten years. My first professor made me feel at home and give me encouragement. Almost all the professors I have had are amazing and were willing to go extra mile to help those of us who are prepared and ready to learn. I have not regretted making this life changing decision.
As an adult going back to school after 20 years, NOVA has been an amazing experience. The Professors are wonderful and courses informative.
I would recommend people go to nova , since it is local. Also, the first two years is the same at any universities, so you can save money . I go to the campus in Manassas and I am glad to have met so many professors , who really care about their students . I will never regret going here , since it taught me a lot . Thank you NOVA for a wonderful time and easy process for me . I could never complain, since NOVA really have every resolutions. One thing, I would change is the food at the school to be honest, it is not that good . It could still be improved. Also, some professors are not really passionate to teach , but I really hope there are more out there for the math departments or other departments.
Great college, very diverse and cultured! It is a great campus and school to be a part of. I look forward to continuing my education at Nova. I like how diverse the college is. The professors are very educated and care a lot about their students when it comes to teaching them. This will be my second semester here and I am looking forward to exploring more of the campus life and extracurricular they have. I encourage everyone to future their education and come apply here!
I like this College but they need to have more clases on the weekend for people who are full time work.
My experience at Northern Virginia Community College has been one of great achievements with professors who care about your succeeding in education. They offer many courses, degrees and certificates, and the help of tutors.
Northern Virginia Community College is a great college to attend. You can save a lot of money and most of the teachers are great. I do wish there was more of an attempt to unite the school more and create more social events,but the school did host a couple events. The students there are really nice and the school does try to keep each student on the correct path.
Some of the professors at NOVA aren't there for the right reasons, and you can tell they are just doing it to get paid. But some professors are great and really invest their time into lessons and students.
Northern Virginia Community College was a great school. It gives people with finical struggles or people who just want to get general education classes a place to do so. Their campus is not to large so it was very easy getting around which made getting to class very easy.
NOVA is a great school, being one of many convenient locations, NOVA provides a great education along with many clubs and sports to get involved in. A lot of diversity and friendly counselors are what make NOVA great!
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Great community college but not very good counseling services. Campus especially Annandale is great. Power outage and system down happens a lot but rarely will actually interfere with class schedule. Parking is difficult but can be scheduled around it. Library is great and has plenty of open areas to sit and do classwork.
The people there were very welcoming and treated me with kindness. They also helped me find the classrooms and rooms when I didn't know and the professors' teachings were comprehensible. The campus itself isn't as impressive but of course it is only a community college, but it is still easy to adjust.
The campus is diverse, where everyone feels comfortable to attend to. Student encourage each other to do well in their academies by creating group studies, free tutors and clubs/activities. In my opinion , adding more professors to the school would improve student's ability to attend to flexible hours to help them with balancing work and life situations.
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