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I've heard many great things about NVCC and it's professors. The staffing at Financial Aid could be a bit more helpful though.
Generally, a great school! Made friends, enjoyed all of my classes and the professors really having a caring heart and passion about their academics. Yes, I've had my issues (looking at you, Student Services), but overall reccomend!
NOVA's Pathway program has been a tremendous help to me and getting ready for my college career! They've got great counselors, a wonderful campus, and a diversity of degrees!
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Northern Virginia Community College is a good path to take if you want to save a bit of money before you transfer to a four year college. The teachers are good as well as the student life.
I took four online classes to boost my transfer application after a leave of absence from my previous university (Calculus, Statistics, Japanese, and Securities Investments). Since I only went to campus for midterms and finals, I don't have much to say about the atmosphere, but the academics were easy enough. I found the online format an excellent option; it allowed me to be flexible in my timing and to take days off if I got ill or had other commitments. They also offer 12- and 8-week condensed courses to further accommodate students' schedules. As long as a student is diligent and organized NVCC online classes are a great option!
I have to study more about medical and I would like to get a scholarship please and Thank you very much.
Northern Virginia Community College has been a great experience for me personally. Utilizing the online website RateMyProfessor, I have avoided undesirable teachers and have been able to find some really great professors, who care about their students and helping them achieve. The cost of attendance is also well below the cost of your average 4-year college.
Originally was supposed to transfer to GW. Due to the high tuition rates NOVA was my alternative. If you pick your classes correctly you can meet some amazing teachers who are passionate on what they teach.
Northern Virginia Community College has taught me to be a better student, better person. Teachers have helped immensely and they care about their students like their own children.
I like that professors are kind and willing to help you. There are many class choices so you don't feel limited. What I would change is that I would make it easier to talk to the counselors, instead of having to make an appointment to talk to them every time.
Good transition to University. I learned a lot of studying skills that I will use at future learning institutes. It was a diverse environment that was very welcoming.
Price is much more affordable than other colleges and offers hybrid and online classes which is convenient.
This was the best decision I have ever made! I have made many wonderful connections with my professors and classmates.
Northern Virginia Community College has various campuses accessible to a wide range of students in Northern Virginia. The majority of full time teachers are capable, and truly enjoy their profession. Some adjunct professors are less capable, and it shows constantly. The Pathways program has great intentions, but the accessibility to the counselors is close to none.
The college is very interesting. It is a community college, so it is much cheaper but provide about the same quality as any other college. It is kind of hard that there are so many campuses and not every campuses have the classes the student need to take. Student may have to drive up to an hour to get to their class.
Because it is a community college, it is a little bit more challenging to make friends. Everybody goes to school to take care of school stuff and then go straight home or to work. You can see, in a way, that community college students are in school to get an education and not for anything else.
NOVA is a great school to get you started for college. I was in high school when I started there. It was a great experience.
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I think economically, this is a smart way to go. Some of the teachers are great, some are standard, some are horrible. My biggest issue would have to be the counseling department. They claim to be spectacular, but are in actuality unhelpful, disconnected with the actual academic departments, uncommunicative, and ill informed. They told me to take a bunch of classes I didn't need, and different people give you wildly different answers to what are theoretically simple questions.
At NOVA (as we refer to it) you get a variety of experiences and opportunities. It being a wildly spread out community college though tends to mean that there are limits to those opportunities. At the campus i use its mainly a STEM campus and that does not accommodate my major very well.
It was pretty much what I expected Community College to be like. There was no real school spirit because everybody knew that they were going to transfer to someplace else after a year or two. That being said, there were many different extracurricular activities available. No matter what you're like, you'll find somebody like you. The professors were a mixed bag. Definitely use rate my professors before you sign up for classes otherwise you'll get screwed like I did my first semester. The food, in my opinion, is too expensive. That's about all I've got.
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