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I like the social environment at nova, and all the different people of ethnicity, cultures that make it diverse.
1) Flexibility: You can work part time or full time and have access to a class that is offered multiple semesters at varying times of the day.
2) Solid Professors: If you do your research, NOVA offers some high-end professors with amazing experiences and connections if they are within your field of interest. Those professors include an English and poetry professor Nicole Tong and an oceanography and geology professor Doctor Ken Rasmussen.
3) Return on Investment: Classes are cheap and financial aid is available- take advantage of it! If you are a STEM major and plan on transferring, I recommend taking the hard sciences such as biology and chemistry at NOVA. It will save you money and stress and the professors are superb.
Tips for transfer students- Beware of credits that do not transfer.
If you plan on transferring without an associates degree prepare your course load well. Talk to an advisor who has a connection to your transfer university and start making a relationship with them.
Overall the environment and the courses are excellent although I would like to see more activities and spirit and most importantly free printing for students when using ID. We already pay fees and free printing with a limit per day sounds reasonable on both the students and the school.
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Classes are good and professors too. There is no much involvement when it comes to student life. Overall its a good college if you are looking for education but if you want to experience what it is called "College experience" NVCC is not the right place.
They have great online courses which helps people who work full time or stay at home moms who cant get away.
Good basic community college. Staff is very friendly and most of the professors are very knowledgeable down-to-earth people. If you're looking for a two-year transfer degree to get your college experience started this might be the place for you. Area and facilities are top notch.
Northern Virginia community college is a great place to be, lots of good professors who are trained and ready to build you up to the level you want to be at, in terms of education. We have various fields like science, art, business and cybersecurity majors and lot more. Here in nova we provide you with the best environment that suits you like various location some of which are: woodbridge, Annandale , Manassas , Springfield medical campus. we also provide lots of activities to keep your college experience fun. Also we have financial aids such as: grants, loans, work-study and scholarships that could help you pay for college. Nova also provide some guaranteed admissions to certain universities and colleges through transfer program for a four year degree school.
Nova is the best place for you to attain your dreams quick.
- There is a major heterogeneity in teachers in terms of performance and dedication.
- Students cannot fully rely on college resources.
- It's imperative that any prospective student planning to enroll in NVCC and later transfer to a 4-year university consult both colleges, their advising and transferring branch, and workout a road map since many students pretty much restart from zero when they transfer.
The life surrounding the students at NOVA is amazing. The professors care and and take their time to help their students
From my experience with NOVA, They are very professional, efficient, and thourough. They don’t let any students slip through the cracks by providing clear instructions and deadlines.
Easy to attend, as they offer a lot of ELI classes. The professors are helpful, so is the financial office. The test center people are also very nice and helpful. Overall great satisfaction with the college. lots of help offered.
Northern Virginia Community College is a great way to start your education, especially if you are unsure of the career you want to pursue. If can help you save money in the long run as well. I wish that there was a bigger orchestra that I could play in every semester, but I could only do it once because after that, the enrollment was too low.
I will be attending Northern Virginia Community College this fall 2018 and I recently went on a tour at the Loudoun campus. The campus is beautiful and easy to navigate! One of my favorite things about this school is that they offer free tutoring in every class. The students that were our tour guides were also very nice and made it very clear to us that the staff are always there to help.
northern virginia community college is one of the best community college someone could attend. It is diverse, you can meet so many diverse people which will help you increase your culture level. it is also a good environment to study
I enjoyed that the college focused on including students in activities I order to promote socialization and entertainment. The professors are extremely helpful and their teaching was beneficial to me. Overall, the campus' are clean and everyone is nice.
The campus is fairly clean and has semi frequent events like free BBQ's. There seems to be a shortage of teachers in some subjects but the general education teachers are fine.
While attending the college I felt I was in a good environment. I wish they had a closer campus near Woodbridge Virginia. The drive to the college at times were hassel due to traffic.
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I have had a great experience with the college. I’ve met wonderful professors who care not just about our grades but about us learning and growing. I have learnt more than I expected and grown as a person. I do wish the financial aid system improved. The help we receive in the financial aid office isn’t all that effective. In the end, we have to figure it out for ourselves.
I believe that taking the next step in my life as a college student at Northern Virginia Community college, was one of the best decisions that I have made in life so far. I have been given a chance to have a great education with such a low cost. All the professors that I have had were tremendous and very much experienced. Overall, I am glad that I completed two years at NOVA then transferred.
Weekly co-curricular activities focused on diversity for local and international students and great Allied Health programs.
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