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Northern Virginia Community College Reviews

2,187 reviews
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The college is very interesting. It is a community college, so it is much cheaper but provide about the same quality as any other college. It is kind of hard that there are so many campuses and not every campuses have the classes the student need to take. Student may have to drive up to an hour to get to their class.
Because it is a community college, it is a little bit more challenging to make friends. Everybody goes to school to take care of school stuff and then go straight home or to work. You can see, in a way, that community college students are in school to get an education and not for anything else.
NOVA is a great school to get you started for college. I was in high school when I started there. It was a great experience.
I think economically, this is a smart way to go. Some of the teachers are great, some are standard, some are horrible. My biggest issue would have to be the counseling department. They claim to be spectacular, but are in actuality unhelpful, disconnected with the actual academic departments, uncommunicative, and ill informed. They told me to take a bunch of classes I didn't need, and different people give you wildly different answers to what are theoretically simple questions.
At NOVA (as we refer to it) you get a variety of experiences and opportunities. It being a wildly spread out community college though tends to mean that there are limits to those opportunities. At the campus i use its mainly a STEM campus and that does not accommodate my major very well.
It was pretty much what I expected Community College to be like. There was no real school spirit because everybody knew that they were going to transfer to someplace else after a year or two. That being said, there were many different extracurricular activities available. No matter what you're like, you'll find somebody like you. The professors were a mixed bag. Definitely use rate my professors before you sign up for classes otherwise you'll get screwed like I did my first semester. The food, in my opinion, is too expensive. That's about all I've got.
Good price comparing to others Schoool, excellent teachers, good facilities, good locations all over virginia states.always clean.
It is a great place to grow and learn on subject matter and diversity. I have learnt a lot hope to continue doing so and I will recommend this school to any one who is interested in learning.
This is my fourth semester attending NOVA in Alexandria VA. I didn't do well my first semester but the staff kept pushing me and motivating me to retake and use the resources on campus to succeed! Now it is 2016 and in a semester or two I will be ready to graduate!
Very diverse student body from different countries, ages, socioeconomic status, etc. The majority of the buildings were new and clean. There are some really great teachers there that really take their job seriously.
I'm in Science major at Nova and I love all of my professors. They are so understanding, helpful and dedicated. I respect and admire my Science professors because they demonstrate excellent knowledge about the subject.
I have been at Northern Virginia Community College from almost two years now and I have loved every minute of it! Both the students and professors are kind and helpful.
It's Alright so far, I'm a freshman so I can't really go on enough about NOVA. That being said, the diversity, college classes, and activities are at best a bit above average but not by much. NOVA is really good in terms of being close commuting wise and tuition costs.
The teaching staff is great ! I feel challenged in the courses. The food provided is also very good, however, a bit pricey.
This is a great school as far as community colleges are concerned. The professors were all reasonable. They offer a large variety of online classes as well. The tuition of cheap of course, which is a good option for many students. There isn't much of a campus life or party scene since there is no on or off campus living. There is also no on-campus dining, only restaurants in the surrounding area. There is a great diversity among students in terms of age, race, religion, and ethnicity.
I like that NOVA provides a learning environment for all types of students. So far my experience has been wonderful and I have felt very included. My academic success has increased substantially from previous educational environments and I am very pleased.
NOVA is the place place to start off especially for international students. It is a beautiful university that is very diverse and will give you the college like experience.The college has facilities that are very useful.The professors are helpful and prepare you for college.Services such as writing centres,language centres and library are available to be used by students free of charge.
I love northern Virginia community college.there is a campus always near by and flexible hours.Northern Virginia is pretty open to new students and allows them to grow as college students.
It's a good opportunity to save some money going to NOVA instead of getting enrolled at other colleges. Also, NOVA has very friendly environment with lots of activities and quality services. Many international students as well as immigrants are taking classes at NOVA to get some degree or just to improve their qualification. Actually, that's a good place to get new contacts among people of different cultures and ages.
nvcc is a great place to attend if you have a low income and need as much accommodations as possible. They have an abundance of resources students can use at anytime!
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