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Northern Virginia Community College Reviews

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The teachers were very nice but also created a challenging curriculum that made me excited to go to class.
My counselor was amazing and the course selection is great! There is a lot of variety and many majors. If you are low on money, this is a great college to start your career with.
Great school to get your foot in the door. Would recommend if you just graduated high school and want to go to college as its cheaper than a University. Staff overall are nice and teachers are helpful. Student life is fun you just have to get involved with the school as the experience is truly what you make of it.
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I enjoy the diversity of the campus and all the resources it offers to its students. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Resources are useful and very encourage by professors. Professors are great quality as well.
Being a Community College, not only is it more affordable than 4 year colleges, but it is easier to hold a job at the same time, saving up for 4 year college. An added plus is that all community colleges in Virginia have a guaranteed admission agreement with all public 4 year colleges in the state and some private.
The Loudoun Northern Virginia Community college is an average college. Some professors care a lot about your grades and you succeeding and some professors don't care at all. The advisors given to each student always know what to do and understand the students as well as responding in a timely manner, however the faculty members don't know as much. For class selection, unfortunately some of the classes are only available online and most online teachers aren't rated well.
I have loved every aspect of my time at Northern Virginia Community College. What really helped make my experience better was getting involved in Student Life, since its a way to get more involved in the community. The campus is very clean due to the custodians cleaning the bathroom every half hour. There are no parties anywhere near campus and the food is poor since there is only one small cafe on campus.
NOVA is a great way to take courses to further your education. Full time, part time, before transferring to a 4 year school (va state schools have a guaranteed admission transfer program), or returning after a break or career change.
This is the school for me. I am going to be saving so much money compared to a university. I have been applying to many different schools and this one was the best for me, they have smaller classes, and huge library and students who are focused and driven. The teachers, counselors and even the students are very helpful with learning, knowing, and staying involved or active with the community and school. I was even able to take a class through NOVA in high school and now I have all my English classes done. NOVA has given me the motivation to continue on with school and get a head start in my education life. I extremely recomend this school if you want to stay local, and save money. You are able to transfer and get a degree from a university of your choice. Overall I feel that NOVA was the best fit for me.
NVCC is a great community college that helps students in every step of their academic careers. The campus is wonderful and the classes are usually good depending on which professors you choose.
A great place to meet new people with similar or different interests as you. The professors were kind and very helpful, and for the majority of the time well prepared to begin lecture class.
NOVA is an excellent investment for working adults and students looking to take advantage of their GAA transfer program to a four year Virginia university. Its very affordable and every class offers a wide range of class times including early morning, evenings, weekends, and online. Many of the teachers are very good, and class sizes are small.
There are two major down sides to NOVA. 1) There is almost no school pride, and very few school sponsored activities worth attending. 2) There are many teachers that simply do not care, don't know how to teach, or are so new they don't have any clue how to lead a class. It's very important that students do carefu online research when decideing what teachers to take. The counselors are also often clueless. Make sure to do your own research, and meet with multiple counseors, or better, department heads, when possible.
Northern Virginia Community College may be small, but it has a lot of life. Students and teachers are friendly and helpful. There are many opportunities for students to get involved with campus activities.
Although at first I did not want to attend NOVA, now I know that it was the right choice for me. Had I jumped straight into a four year university, I am sure to have failed or at the very least aggressively struggled. High school did not prepare me for the intensive attention to school that I have to put in to succeed, and NOVA has helped me ease into those qualities I need. It is also affordable and thank god- I have yet to pay a penny for my education because financial aid covers my tuition. It has awesome professors, and the campus is pleasing. All in all I feel blessed to go to this college.
Good school to start your higher education experience. Good facilities and resources to help every student out and really good professors that are active in their field.
My experience at Northern Virginia Community College (Nova) was longer than anticipated but was well worth it. For the students who are unsure of their future career-path, Nova is great because they have a vast amount of degree options with an array of affordable classes to choose from, and workplace certifications for those who want to immediately enter the workforce. The only negatives that I took from my time at Nova, were that student morale and school spirit were very low, as if the students were not pleased to attend the college. That morale may be due to the fact that most Nova students tend to have full or part time jobs so their time there is only to attend class and leave, which may be one reason why the college has a low club involvement.
I appreciated being able to attend Northern Virginia Community College in Loudoun because it was affordable for me, however, the financial aid office was very unhelpful which made paying for college more stressful and difficult than necessary.
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The campus has a great variety of courses for students to take. You may have to go to two different campuses for some classes, but the online and hybrid courses are generally easy to manage. Teachers and staff are available for tutoring needs and NOVA's tutoring center is usually walk-in -- great for any class schedule!
My experience at Northern Virginia Community college has been good because its a very diverse and friendly place. The Professors are available after class if you need extra help as well as tutors. There's always events going on during and before classes.
I like learning at NOVA because it has above average academics with below average cost. Taking my GenEd classes there have been enlightening and with no hassle of large classes or pointless work. most of the professors are very kind and are willing to help out with your concerns. over all I am very satisfied with going to NOVA.
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