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What I love most about NOVA is the community. I went to a very diverse high school, which I believed helped me gain the confidence I would need to succeed in the world. Afraid I would lose the socio-economic connection I was able to have with my peers only continued at NOVA. I met so many people in similar situations like mine, not only were students understanding but so was the faculty. It seems to me that professors at NOVA genuinely care. I had one English teacher who continuously acknowledges that her students lived different lives compared to other students in Universities. I would not change anything about NOVA, except maybe the cost of the parking permit!
Northern Virginia Community College is an excellent college that offers so many programs. Not only can you complete your general education to transfer, they have a variety of certificate and technical programs which is amazing especially for people like me who have a family and need to get an education faster spending less money!
Northern Virginia community college provides students with excellent professors, excellent academia and is an extremely cost effective way to get through your undergraduate time at college. This college allows for a very good school/ work lifestyle and it will not disappoint.
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The campus itself and the diversity within the college is beyond my expectations, and the professors here at NOVA are great, they really do want to see there students succeed. There's always some event going on on campus to get the students involved and it's always fun. Overall it is a nice campus with great professors and a very welcoming environment.
This is an okay community college, it gets the job done. professors understand that you are busy and are very lenient. did not learn much, bracing myself for when i transfer
It’s a good place to start college life especially to students like me who are new to the States. Friendly environment and advisors are great they are always ready to help.
Good teachers and over very interactive with students. Lots of available information for students. Help is always encouraged to students by making fairs and announcements.
During the high school year, I was planning to go directly to a four-year university but after doing a lot of research, I decided to go to community college for two years to save thousands of dollars. I've decided to go to Northern Virginia Community (NOVA) College since it's close to my house. I just started my sophomore year at NOVA and it's been great so far. There are some horrible professors but I got on an expert to choose professors because I used ratemyprofessor website. I love the campus because its diversity and the students are awesome. They always have many activities going on during every week and it's very fun and helpful. The one thing I love the most is that they have guaranteed admission (GAA) to other colleges which makes much easier to transfer to four years university. The GAA tells you what are the requirements to transfer the specific college you want. It tells you the courses you need to complete in order to graduate and transfer to fours years University.
While being at the school for three in a half years I find the school to be good in terms of finding classes in different schedule but when it comes to professors it's a lot more work than what it seems also the staff there seem to be nice and had no problems with them and the students there are bit considered to okay but sometimes be noisy outside of class while other sessions are still being placed.
I recently just started here, but the school has been very helpful with everything I have needed to get started. They took the time to break down step by step what I needed to do in order to start my prerequisites. Even with paying for school they will help you with a payment plan. I look forward to discovering more about the school and to get involved with what this college has to offer it's students and I look forward to getting some of my education with a school I know is willing to help you to the best of their abilities.
I transferred to NOVA after attending school in South Carolina for a year due to my inability to pay for college, so I figured I’d come home and attend my local community college. Nova has some great professors but their advisors are not so great. I was never helped during my transition to nova. I was unsure of what classes I needed to take and when visiting an advisor they seem just as confused as me.
I absolutely love my school. My classes are great and I have met my closest friends at this campus. I try to study hard and do as good as I can. I have so many choices and opportunities
When you know what you want to do, specific major, specific university, this is when you go to a community college and save a ton of money.
It was a very good college, I enjoyed my time there. I truly believe if the buildings were all in one place it would be considered a university. It's resources were endless and I'm very grateful for them.
The teachers were very nice but also created a challenging curriculum that made me excited to go to class.
My counselor was amazing and the course selection is great! There is a lot of variety and many majors. If you are low on money, this is a great college to start your career with.
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Great school to get your foot in the door. Would recommend if you just graduated high school and want to go to college as its cheaper than a University. Staff overall are nice and teachers are helpful. Student life is fun you just have to get involved with the school as the experience is truly what you make of it.
I enjoy the diversity of the campus and all the resources it offers to its students. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Resources are useful and very encourage by professors. Professors are great quality as well.
Being a Community College, not only is it more affordable than 4 year colleges, but it is easier to hold a job at the same time, saving up for 4 year college. An added plus is that all community colleges in Virginia have a guaranteed admission agreement with all public 4 year colleges in the state and some private.
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