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Northern Virginia Community College has a very friendly and enriching community that creates a comfortable environment for people of all ages. However, the professors are very weak in specific departments especially in Math and Physics. Finding a good professor who can explain concepts in an efficient manner is very rare.
I like the diverse environment and the offering of online classes. However, the professors are not that great, they just do their job. There is not much to say.
My experience over the past to years here at Northern Virginia Communit College (NOVA) have been pretty good. If you are looking to stary somewhere small amd affordable I would recommend starting here! Although it is a pretty good local college, when it comes to counselors you help yourself more than they do. I've only seen my counselor twice the whole two years I've attended.
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My experience at Northern Virginia Community College was a positive one. I first attended this college right out of high school, but was nervous due to negative opinions of the school by classmates who were going on to attend four year colleges. I was glad to find out that NOVA was not bad at all. It was a great place for me to start off my college years closer to home, and at a lower cost. I enjoyed most of my classes and loved my professors. The learning environment was great and there were also various student activities to attend that livened up the semesters. The positive experiences far outweighed any negative.
The school is a nice place for kids who plan on making something of themselves but dont have the money to attend a 4 year college right away
It’s a very diverse college but one of the best things about it is that it feels and looks more like a four year institute rather than a 2 year community college, all the resources are available for the students to use.
I take ELI courses, the professors are nice and the courses are a mix of easy and difficult (depending on the course). You have to go to the campus to take ELI exams, or pay more money to be able to use ProctorU to take it at home, but you need a webcam etc.
Lots of activities to do on campus, even if you are an online student.
I like the diversity represented at NOVA CC. The staff are all very helpful and the college tour was excellent. I like that they allow active upperclassman to give the tour and info sessions to incoming students. It would be wonderful if the school's transportation could expand to the neighborhoods within a 20-25 mile radius as there are no means of public transportation in many of the surrounding and close neighborhoods. Many incoming students do not drive and/or do not have a car.
This college has been good so far. The fact that they have various campus in the area provides more flexibility to course election.
Overall, this college serves as a great opportunity to interact with people from all around the world because of its high diversity and location. The instructors are professional and the staff is friendly and there are many clubs in which you can join to be a part of the college community.
The college really helped me on working on transferring to other colleges, my advisors led me to what classes I need to take and the resources the school has that can help me with my classes and with financial aid.
It was an alright experience. You don't necessarily get the full experience of a four year college because there isn't that much of a student life experience. Despite it all, it helps to just study, get what you need to get done and then carry on with your career.
My experience at NOVA is great I love all the professor's because they all are very helpful and friendly. Although the students are not.
I think Northern Virginia Community College is a great college to finish prerequisites class to transfer to any universities in Virginia. Professors have a great amount of knowledge of the subject. Northern Virginia Community College has hardworking student that are friendly.
Nova is awesome place to start going to college if you want to go to college. They have a garrentee admissions program which helps you get into most of the 4 year universitys in the area. The professors are awesome, many who have come for schools like Harvard to teach.
Its very nice and it has a very relaxing atmosphere. Also, its a nice place to hang out with friends. The tutoring center some what sucks they have a rule of noting helping students with the homework assignments rather they prefer help educate you using the textbook. In my opinion kinds sucks i prefer them to help us with work that has been taught by professors in class. The foods prices are ridiculously high but keep in mind it is a college and not your local convenience stores. To wrap it up besides the negatives NOVA is a good college and you shouldn't underestimate it because its a "community college."
Its a very good Community College, Professors are willing to help you with the courses. There are also many activities that you can join around campus.
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Going to Northern Virginia Community College was the smartest decision I had ever taken. Straight out of high school it can be very hard for a student to know exactly what major they are interested in and going to NOVA allowed me to explore my options as well as saving money and still being able to transfer to a 4-year institution of my choice. The only sad thing about NOVA is that you won't get that "college experience" because it is more of a "bridge school" and everybody is just working as hard as they can to transfer to the best school possible from there.
When I first attended NVCC I was fresh out of high school. I thought it was pretty is but felt as though it was taking too long for me to actually start on my major. I was in school for nursing, which required a lot of pre-requisites. I ended up just giving up. That was probably the worst thing I could have even done. Although the classes weren't hard I gave up. That's why I applied again and this time i plan on giving it my all.
NoVa college is great. A broad spectrum of curriculums and academics. Professors are amazing. I am not fond of campus food in the cafeteria, it just doesn't taste good and contains a lot of calories.
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