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Thus far it has been really good. I work and go to school so this is the perfect place for me. Most classes are pretty small which is something I really like, NOVA is also affordable which is a plus for everyone. overall I would recommend others to go to nova!
I like that the campus are very open to talk to, you can always find something to do at all campuses and all the campuses are connected in some way. I would change for more communication between campuses.
This NOVA is wonderful. For anyone who wants to earn a degree or a pathway with affordable price along with quality, go to NOVA!
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I enjoy how hands on the teachers can be with their students as well as the programs offered from the school. I just wish theyd consider building another testing center.
At Northern Virginia Community College I have had great professors. I enjoyed the small classes and the interactions I had with my classmates. It was affordable and close to home.
I enjoy the diversity. I would like more help because all the help is mostly somewhere unknown. I am currently looking for a job and he only jobs that are hiring are commissioned jobs. I tired to look for a job on campus, and I was told that all the spots are taken. I feel like they were not being truthful. It would be helpful if they were able to help look for jobs.
My professor is amazing. I can't imagine finding a better professor at any other university. I'm getting straight A's in my most challenging subject: Math. I am extremely grateful to be dual-enrolled here, and I look forward to spending my first two college years exploring NOVA further.
I enjoyed how I got quality education at a reasonable price. Go here if you want to spend your first two years in college without debt!
While attending northern Virginia for my second year, i did love the diversity the school has. Another reason why we NVCC is the best in NOVA is because of the amount of student life that goes on as well with the great professors.
I like that the students were involved and made you have fun at the school. Teachers take time to sit with you and listen to you. Students are friendly and nice. The school is big.
The things I like about NOVA is that it is a very diverse school. It has many opportunities and very helpful staff in guiding students.
I like the affordability of the college and the flexibility of the professors. I would highly recommend attending this school. It is very diverse and offers a lot of opportunities for students.
I could write a lot about Northern Virginia community college (NOVA) as currently studying here has been one of my best experiences of academics.NOVA is a really diverse college with all types of cultures and races of people thus enabling us to interact, observe and learn from everyone.Academically it is a superb college with really experienced and cooperative professors as it indeed helped me become a top level student.NOVA is not just academically strong but it has extra curricular activities involved every week to help students get a sigh of relief.The thing I most appreciate is the faculty and staff of NOVA which is super cooperative every time.I rated NOVA with 4 stars instead of 5 because I think it lacks some sports or athletic activities specifically in our campus.But overall is a very good college.
About what you'd expect from a community college. Overall, the quality of professors is higher than what you'd find at many other community colleges. They have transfer agreements with almost every college in Virginia, and many out-of-state as well. A good deal.
I truly enjoyed going to Northern Virginia Community College. Especially going into college at a young age! I never knew what I wanted to get into so nova really helped me figure out what subjects and classes were right for me. The professors there are amazing. I love how small the classes, you get a lot of one on one time with your professors. The professor will get to know you and you'll always have time to interact and ask plenty of questions! Not to mention how great how helpful the staff is with helping students find a university after completing 60 credits.
I love NOVA. The tuition is comparatively cheap, class sizes are small, and I've only had professors who were caring and knowledgeable.
Helpful staff who will help you transfer into your 4-year school of choice. There are really good teachers, and there are some that are just hard to understand; this can be dealt with by reading the reviews of students who have had these teachers in the past.
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I really enjoyed my experience at Northern Virginia Community College because I was able to complete my entire associates degree online. I have attended 1 other community college that offered online classes and NOVA does a much better job.
NOVA is a good way to get your general classes out of the way before transferring. This school will save you money!
NOVA is a great school that allows you to manage your schedule promptly, there are professors that teach from other schools and give you some insight on university courses and academics. NOVA is paired with internships and many universities making your journey to completing your degree phenomenal. Students from around the world travel just to attend this community college.
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