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Northern Tier Career Center Reviews

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Love It – I love my school. The teachers, students, and environment are friendly and welcoming. If I could do it all over again, I would choose my school hands down.
Health Assistant Rocks! I really enjoy my major, which is health assistant. My workload can be a little overwhelming at times but if I keep up with all my work, it is not that bad. I am very interested in my class.
Cool Incentive Program – My school has a incentive program that awards students who show up to class and work hard a lot. Halfway through the semester and the end, we get some sort of reward if we qualify. It can be a pizza party, a movie with popcorn, ice cream sundaes, etc.
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I Love My School! I absolutely love Northern Tier Career Center! The curriculum is not the easiest, okay, it involves a lot of hard work. But on the upside, it is worth it all in the end. The classes are flexible and fit well with my own schedule.
There are plenty of computers available to all students in every classroom. Students are allowed to print on campus and the network is reliable and fast. Personal computers and printers are not needed.
The student body consists of many students from a variety of ethnicity and backgrounds. Acceptance to NTCC is fair and there are no challenges due in regards to diversity.
Academic Experience and Background – The professors work with students and correctly equip them with the knowledge and skills they need in the world. The curriculum is helpful and exciting and the class registration process is pretty simple. The workload is of manageable amounts.
The tuition is well worth the education I am receiving at Northern Tier Career Center. The school does help out some financially but I am not exactly sure what other advice I can offer about financial aid.
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