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I attended the NOC branch in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I enjoyed attending classes there because the class room size was not that large and it felt more relaxing. Attending NOC in Stillwater gave students the same opportunities like the OSU students due to it being bridged with OSU.
NOC is a great college to attend. I recently decided to return to college after a few years of a break. NOC is a great place to return, the atmosphere is amazing and the professors are phenomenal.
The education is very good for a good price. The professors work with students a lot, but are definitely not pushovers. If you choose to come here, it will be an overall good experience, as long as education is your main concern.
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I have mixed feelings about NOC. Went my alma mater, Philip University was forced to close its doors, NOC but the campus. So the campus brings back fond memories, but all the professors I knew are long gone. But this is a pretty good place to start your college career. Is a two-year college, and has a very good reputation.
It's okay, overall. I wish there was more merit based scholarships and more transferrable credits. Attending community colleges are good ways to earn cheaper credits, but it's always best to consider the amount of scholarships you will receive as a freshman in a four year college first. NOC is an okay school considering affordability and learning environment.
Teachers are very intimate with students and are willing to answer any questions you might have regarding test materials or homework issues.
Great college for a cheap price. Perfect starter college. People are nice, classes are well taught, and even the food is really good.
I love NOC! Great for anyone who wants to better themselves close to home! Northern definitely does this for me. Luckily I only live 10 minutes from the campus so it's really convenient!
Northern Oklahoma College is a great place to start your education off right. It has that small town college feel and is a fun environment.
I have gone to NOC on and off for 4 years. It is a good school with knowledgeable instructors. The administration department ie financial aid could be a little more knowledgeable.
I love the personal feel of each of the classes. It's easy to make a professional relationship with the professors.
This is a great place to start out, and figure out what you want to do with your life. You can switch majors as many times as you want without penalty.
NOC is a great starter college, the teacher and student one on one time is awesome! If you struggle in some classes do not worry! There are many tutors and teachers always have a time to help you out! Plus Northern is great for taking you basics and transferring to Oklahoma State because they work together so well many of your credits will transfer!
Northern Oklahoma college is the best community college I have been to so far. I have attended other community colleges and none of them have offered anything like NOC does. The classrooms there are a great learning environment, the staff are all very knowledgeable and very helpful, and everyone is so nice. They make everything a lot less stressful and very pleasent, plus every where you go you are in a safe clean environment.
NOC presents a feeling of community through its dedication of professors, the history of its campus, and the open hearts and minds of the fellow administration. My experience at Northern Oklahoma College has fueled my inspiration for my goals as well as served as an important stepping stone to walk towards my future career. Attending NOC has helped me become a well rounded student through its offered writing courses, math subjects, and other essential classes. I will continue to cherish the memories made and grow from the relationships built here at NOC. It has not only shown me the importance of education, but also the value of a community and its efforts in education.
My experience with Northern Oklahoma College in Stillwater has so far been great! All of my professors are extremely helpful with work and any other issues students may have. Their student success center is great for getting an extra opinion about an essay or any other assignments.
My experience has been tremendous and how conveniently everyone wants to help you.
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I still get the great teacher feel whenever I take thee classes which I really enjoy.
I haven't experience this yet but from others I have heard the post grad systems in amazing due to this feeding into a big school.
I love my teachers because they want what's best for the student. I have noticed most take pride in what they do and clearly state everything to make sure its clear.
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