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Northern Oklahoma College has been the perfect college for a small town student like me. I graduated with 14 students in my class and I knew I was not ready for a class of 200. This has been such a wonderful transition as the professors are so helpful and want to see you succeed. Professors from my first semester here call me out by name down the hallways and I never thought I would feel as at home as I do here. I am so thankful this is what I chose to pursue.
My experience at Northern Oklahoma College I attend the Stillwater Campus has been nothing but rewarding. I am so thankful that they have the Gateway Program. I was a young freshman still 17 first time away from home the youngest in my family and I had no idea. But I have a counselor that worked with me helped me to get my class schedule . I had great teacher and they had a class for freshman that helped me to make the transition form home to college. Now I have gained the trust of my parents that I am independent and able to handle my affairs accordingly. I have made friends I have grown up in the last year and my parents like the fact that I show that I ma responsible .
It has a great atmosphere and continues to grow better. I've learned more from just attending this college compared to all four years of high school. Northern Oklahoma College, really opened up my eyes to what kind of person i strive to be. It's my goal to be a fellow educator and this college is helping me do so.
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Northern Oklahoma College is a good choice if your money is very tight. However, more than half of the classes on campus are poor and leave you learning nothing. It's an easy way to get your associates degree but don't expect to be learning much.
I absolutely love my professors. Each of them is willing to take time out of their day to help you and they genuinely want to see you succeed.
What I like about Northern Oklahoma College is the population - not too overcrowded like other colleges. The professors really care about the students. NOC is a good place to start your college career, and has an excellent reputation.
Good classes and professors. Pretty light workload, very easy to pass as long as you can write well and are willing to put in the time to study for exams. Professors have all been pretty good. Getting textbooks can be tricky since the bookstore ladies are a bunch of scammers but as long as you stand your ground and dig your heels in you'll be okay. Stay on top of your financial information and class info, especially before the semester starts. They do not communicate well.
I like that it is small and there isn't a lot of distance between everything on campus. Even though it's a community college, they still have a decent amount of things going on. I haven't had any problems with any of my classes and I enjoy the staff here. If I need help with anything, they are more than happy to help.
My experiences at Northern Oklahoma College were great! The professors were amazing at what they taught. They challenged each student who took their class, yet would help each student that was struggling. The college campus itself is small enough to get around easily. The only downfall to this campus and probably every college campus across the United States is that their working budgets have been drastically cut over the last four years. The amount paid per class is much lower than what is paid in the universities and other colleges throughout Oklahoma. This allows the student to get their basics out of the way and they can focus on their undergraduate courses after they graduate from Northern Oklahoma College. In the future for this college, I would love to see the funds returned so that the programs which have been cut could be restored. I would love to see the Roustabout program create their own museum to share with others the rich heritage which began in the 1960s.
I really enjoyed my Psychology and Comp classes the most. It's a flexible school that genuinely cares about their students. The professors are passionate about what they teach
I am starting my second year at Northern Oklahoma College in Stillwater Oklahoma. I came to the school to cheer for Oklahoma State University and gained a whole new family here in Oklahoma. The campus is much bigger than I imagined. The people are very friendly and helpful. I left my family and traveled half way across the country to go to this school. It has definitely been and experience. The campus is close to OSU campus, I walk everywhere. The buildings are all clearly marked and easily found. Again, this year has been a great experience and I look forward to continuing my schooling right here at NOC and then transferring to OSU when that time comes.
Not a very big school. Teachers are nice and cool not too hard. Very easy to meet new people. Not far from home at all. I go to the Enid campus and it is so affordable.
I absolutely loved NOC Tonkawa. The campus was small but not too small as were the classes. All the teachers were very caring and genuinely wanted each and every student to do the best they could. I met some life long friends here and I was always be thankful for the education I received at Northern Oklahoma College.
I attended the NOC branch in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I enjoyed attending classes there because the class room size was not that large and it felt more relaxing. Attending NOC in Stillwater gave students the same opportunities like the OSU students due to it being bridged with OSU.
NOC is a great college to attend. I recently decided to return to college after a few years of a break. NOC is a great place to return, the atmosphere is amazing and the professors are phenomenal.
The education is very good for a good price. The professors work with students a lot, but are definitely not pushovers. If you choose to come here, it will be an overall good experience, as long as education is your main concern.
I have mixed feelings about NOC. Went my alma mater, Philip University was forced to close its doors, NOC but the campus. So the campus brings back fond memories, but all the professors I knew are long gone. But this is a pretty good place to start your college career. Is a two-year college, and has a very good reputation.
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It's okay, overall. I wish there was more merit based scholarships and more transferrable credits. Attending community colleges are good ways to earn cheaper credits, but it's always best to consider the amount of scholarships you will receive as a freshman in a four year college first. NOC is an okay school considering affordability and learning environment.
Teachers are very intimate with students and are willing to answer any questions you might have regarding test materials or homework issues.
Great college for a cheap price. Perfect starter college. People are nice, classes are well taught, and even the food is really good.
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