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Northern New Mexico College is about improving our community through education. The city of Espanola it self is suffering but the college and our young generations see the suffering and find education to be an outlet. Our instructors see our success as their success I am proud to be obtaining a nursing degree from NNMC.
I am currently enrolled at Northern and i have to say that it is an amazing college even though it might look like a small college, it is really amazing. Professors are very helpful and the programs they offer really help and make an impact on students.
I liked how small the college is. I don’t like the lack of professionalism and the lack of materials for school.
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They offer a lot of programs and help with multiple things, they'll never leave you lost. They have great teachers who help and understand you. They have helped me change my life and I'm forever grateful!
Its a very small college, classes are small, people are generally friendly. Professors are very up to date with their information.
I appreciate a small town like Espanola has a place like NNMC for adults and parents to further their education!
They make it hard to transfer credits from bigger universities.
This school has offered tutoring assistance to students the whole time I attended.
I enjoyed NNMC until I experienced lack of communication from teachers throughout the last semesters. There is hardly any accountability for teachers not responding to students via email.
Better at this school since its small than a bigger school I previously attended.
I have learned a lot of new material regarding project management.
Northern New Mexico College is a small college. It is easy to find teachers if they work there full-time. Their funding has forced the school to hire only part-time teachers, who work elsewhere full-time. It is difficult locating the part-time professors. I have experienced a lack of communication with teachers in past semesters. There has been no accountability when teachers don't respond to student emails because the school needs their part-time employees.

When I first attended NNMC, I thought they put me back on track. Now, I feel they hurt a student's chance of graduating on time by only offering classes certain semesters. There has been a shift ever since their funding went down. I hope that other students can have a better experience at NNMC.
HARD WORK is needed for online, READ your chapters
Hope to use career in my community possibly at t his school
Teachers expect you to put the most effort into your work and their class.
Great local place to come to school, work, and be close to kids and family
There are a few mishaps in communication. Students must follow through and follow up to make sure that your records are updated and correct.
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When possible I love to take on line classes. This help me with time management. I have a family and at times find it convenient to do reading assignments and course work on my available time.
Several professors have connections at other universities. When it comes tI me to continue our schooling they are willing to get us n in contact with these people. Even making the contacts early in our studies.
I am very involved with my studies, my department, and in clubs and associations. I feel that I talk to all the professors and treat my schooling as a job. I have made many relationships that I believe will last for a long time.
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