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Not a lot going on here. Because it is so far away, it is hard to get a lot of those college experiences you always hear about. Education is average, some faculty are definitely much better than others. They screwed up the tuition system a few years back and I'm still upset about it. Nice campus, limited opportunities.
Would like to see more co-ed dorm rooms. The campus is beautiful and I love it there. I would like to see if they can advance so that people that are going to be a veterinarian can graduate a vet and not have to go through more schooling.
There are so many extracurriculars here which is super nice because it's helped me get to know people and feel like this is my home.
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Northern is an exciting place to attend college. The environmental science program is informative and very hands on.
I am currently a freshmen at NMU and I am very pleased with the college experience I am having so far. The campus is beautiful, the student body is open-minded and friendly, and the faculty is very helpful.
Currently a student. The professors are great, the fellow students are mostly very kind and inclusive. The only complaint I have is the cost... and the unnecessary construction projects. Overall, a great place to get an education, and a great place to become 'one with nature'.
I never imagined I would be able to go to a school so close to so many beautiful natural hiking trails and places to see outside of the classroom. I have loved the integration of the beauty of the Upper peninsula I have experienced in all of my classes
Everyone at NMU is very welcoming and intentional about their relationship with fellow students. They take great pride in their school and make sure to get everyone involved.
This was my first and only choice for college. I waited 5 years to come here and I will never regret it!
Northern Michigan University is a place where students can come in and feel like they are right at home. The students are so friendly, the professor are amazingly helpful, and sports are so fun to attend! The only thing I'd change is the variety of healthy food in cafeteria.
NMU is very middle of the road. The academics are okay and there are opportunities available if you seek them out. Considering the lower cost of tuition relative to other schools, it's a safe choice.
awesome teachers and staff, always willing to help when needed. I've switched my major tons and I always got the help I needed.
I liked the campus and professors. There were students of all backgrounds and ethnicities. They made sure to offer classes that were up to date and relevant to my degree.
I would rate my experience at Northern Michigan University 4 stars. It is located in the remote Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where you can escape to the great outdoors in a matter of a 5 minute drive. They have a wide range of degrees to choose from, and they have a very competitive and rewarding nursing program.
Northern Michigan University is a credible school. My experience so far has been good. The teachers I have had are well educated and are eager to help. As for the students most seem friendly and are easy to approach. One thing I do not like about the University is the location, due to the extreme winters. The nature is amazing and it is a great place. The winters are just a little to harsh for my standards.
I believe this school is heart welcoming and beautiful. You meet and see a lot of the same people because it's such a small campus, which I love that. Although it is a small school, I feel that you are closer to the people around you. Including getting together for a hockey game.
Beautiful campus and beautiful learning environment . Professors that actually know what they are talking about . Friendly people all around . The area you live in is a great place to study and destress
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Northern is a great school, but some of the teachers need to have a revision on how to teach or retire. Other than that it is a wonderful school!
NMU is a great school for anyone. It is a great place for people who like outdoor activities and a laid back atmosphere. The dorms are decent, the food could be better by changing up the menu. Could offer more sections of classes. Everyone is really helpful and nice.
NMU was able to provide a unique experience. The campus is small enough where staff and other students were able to get to know you personally.
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