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I liked the campus and professors. There were students of all backgrounds and ethnicities. They made sure to offer classes that were up to date and relevant to my degree.
I would rate my experience at Northern Michigan University 4 stars. It is located in the remote Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where you can escape to the great outdoors in a matter of a 5 minute drive. They have a wide range of degrees to choose from, and they have a very competitive and rewarding nursing program.
Northern Michigan University is a credible school. My experience so far has been good. The teachers I have had are well educated and are eager to help. As for the students most seem friendly and are easy to approach. One thing I do not like about the University is the location, due to the extreme winters. The nature is amazing and it is a great place. The winters are just a little to harsh for my standards.
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I believe this school is heart welcoming and beautiful. You meet and see a lot of the same people because it's such a small campus, which I love that. Although it is a small school, I feel that you are closer to the people around you. Including getting together for a hockey game.
Beautiful campus and beautiful learning environment . Professors that actually know what they are talking about . Friendly people all around . The area you live in is a great place to study and destress
Northern is a great school, but some of the teachers need to have a revision on how to teach or retire. Other than that it is a wonderful school!
NMU is a great school for anyone. It is a great place for people who like outdoor activities and a laid back atmosphere. The dorms are decent, the food could be better by changing up the menu. Could offer more sections of classes. Everyone is really helpful and nice.
NMU was able to provide a unique experience. The campus is small enough where staff and other students were able to get to know you personally.
I began pursuing computer animation. I was not prepared for the amount of art classes with very little focus on computers. I am paying a lot of money to sculpt play doh! Not necessary for what I need. I do not feel like I am learning much and not completely satisfied with my education thus far. I do like the atmosphere and Marquette is great.
I love Northern! The environment is awesome and if you love the outdoors and cold winters you will love it too.
It was so beautiful and the people were so kind. You can tell the people are engaged not only in the classrooms but outside. Which is good because they are learning outside the classroom which is healthy and memorable.
Great support system offered by school, they want to see you succeed. Very friendly environment. Winters are not as bad as others say, very tolerable. Everything on campus within walking distance from dorms. Market Place Dinning has great choices offered daily.
Great college. Nice sized classes. Professor are always ready to help you. Area is nice, people are friendly. The city loves the college students. Things to do especially outdoor activities. Sometimes a bit too much snow, but you get used to it.
Living in the dorms for my first few years was amazing, I gained a whole new family in the people with whom I lived with in the dorms. The location is beautiful, and the people are kind and helpful.
Northern Michigan University allows one the opportunity to study in an environmentally rich and community focused atmosphere. As a student in the biological studies, I feel that my academic experience has been enriched by the surrounding natural area of the Northern Great Lakes region and the immersive classroom experiences I've had outside. With lowering enrollment, NMU is unfortunately cutting back costs in key academic areas. I hope that with more recruitment and recommendations to incoming student from students like me, this won't be a problem in the future.
My Northern experience has been awesome so far. I like the inviting environment and how friendly everyone is.
I love how at home you feel at Northern Michigan University. When I went there for a visit I drove 8 hours to get there but I didn't even feel like I was that far away from home. I loved the people there because most of the time they had a smile on their face. I would definitely recommend for everyone to go and check out this amazing college.I am going to go to this university in the fall and I am more then excited to go. Also their book store and food is also amazing.
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The surrounding area is nearly as phenomenal as the college itself. The natural majesty of the Upper Peninsula provides an incredible outlet of in-school stress.
I love the location of the school. I love the environment. It is very beautiful in Marquette, MI. Everyone is so friendly and helpful! The class sizes are small and the campus isn't too large, easy to get around! So far I love it!
Northern Michigan University is a great place for an individual that likes a medium size campus, and the outdoors. Northern Michigan University has helped me become the successful student that I want to be. The university offers many resources for students so that students can become the best they can. The location of this campus is amazing being only a 10 minute drive from the beach and downtown area. Northern Michigan University is a very welcoming, comforting, and successful place to be. I am glad that I chose NMU and I am confident that it is perfect for me.
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