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I love Northern! The environment is awesome and if you love the outdoors and cold winters you will love it too.
It was so beautiful and the people were so kind. You can tell the people are engaged not only in the classrooms but outside. Which is good because they are learning outside the classroom which is healthy and memorable.
Great support system offered by school, they want to see you succeed. Very friendly environment. Winters are not as bad as others say, very tolerable. Everything on campus within walking distance from dorms. Market Place Dinning has great choices offered daily.
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Great college. Nice sized classes. Professor are always ready to help you. Area is nice, people are friendly. The city loves the college students. Things to do especially outdoor activities. Sometimes a bit too much snow, but you get used to it.
Living in the dorms for my first few years was amazing, I gained a whole new family in the people with whom I lived with in the dorms. The location is beautiful, and the people are kind and helpful.
Northern Michigan University allows one the opportunity to study in an environmentally rich and community focused atmosphere. As a student in the biological studies, I feel that my academic experience has been enriched by the surrounding natural area of the Northern Great Lakes region and the immersive classroom experiences I've had outside. With lowering enrollment, NMU is unfortunately cutting back costs in key academic areas. I hope that with more recruitment and recommendations to incoming student from students like me, this won't be a problem in the future.
My Northern experience has been awesome so far. I like the inviting environment and how friendly everyone is.
I love how at home you feel at Northern Michigan University. When I went there for a visit I drove 8 hours to get there but I didn't even feel like I was that far away from home. I loved the people there because most of the time they had a smile on their face. I would definitely recommend for everyone to go and check out this amazing college.I am going to go to this university in the fall and I am more then excited to go. Also their book store and food is also amazing.
The surrounding area is nearly as phenomenal as the college itself. The natural majesty of the Upper Peninsula provides an incredible outlet of in-school stress.
I love the location of the school. I love the environment. It is very beautiful in Marquette, MI. Everyone is so friendly and helpful! The class sizes are small and the campus isn't too large, easy to get around! So far I love it!
Northern Michigan University is a great place for an individual that likes a medium size campus, and the outdoors. Northern Michigan University has helped me become the successful student that I want to be. The university offers many resources for students so that students can become the best they can. The location of this campus is amazing being only a 10 minute drive from the beach and downtown area. Northern Michigan University is a very welcoming, comforting, and successful place to be. I am glad that I chose NMU and I am confident that it is perfect for me.
My experience with NMU was wonderful overall. Marquette is a beautiful and safe place to live, with a great sense of community. If you love nature and the outdoors (and can handle cold & lots of snow!), this is a great place for you. Their education program is top-notch -- all of my professors were extremely knowledgeable and incredible mentors & teachers.

As far as campus, housing, and dorm life, some facilities are a little outdated. However, many have been updated or are in the works to be updated. The food on campus is alright, but there are quite a few options around so you can usually find something you enjoy! They were also extremely willing to work with food allergies, and now offer gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options.
Amazing experience, atmosphere, and people, both in the departments and those who attend. Dorms are in great condition, fantastic accommodations, good food. The only school I applied to and I haven't regretted it.
Going into my first year at Northern may have been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Not because this is a big scary, entire town campus... but it was hard because I was 500+ miles away from my home. Getting into the groove of things was easy, keeping my responsibilities in balance. Doing things and being on your own can be hard when you don't have a support system, but my goodness does Northern have one heck of a support system. This is a school oozing like-minded people and it's welcoming. i've toured a lot of different campuses, and what made northern stand out so much to me was the fact that campus was compact. Small, cozy, and a breath of fresh everything. Although the winters are brutal, the sensation you feel when the leaves start to change, and the breezes start to warm up makes battling the winter all worth it.
Northern is a great school. If you like the outdoors and enjoy exploring while learning and having fun, Northern is for you. I have very little to complain about. The instructors are great and really care about their students. All the faculty is very supportive and flexible. Dorm living could be a little cheaper given the housing has been there since the beginning. Northern is building new housing, so hopefully they will be more up to my standards. They have a variety of food options including two cafeterias and a few restaurants. Overall I would highly recommend NMU.
When I walked onto the campus it just felt like home! I didn't just fall in love with the campus, I also fell in love with the environment in which Northern is in. It is an awesome place, if you haven't been here yet, make the trip soon!
A lot of professors seem subpar. Food is terrible and dorms are alright if you're staying in one of the newer ones, the older dorms are in terrible shape and still have asbestos in them. NMU is facing huge budget cuts due to enrollment issues, and if you attend you know why enrollment is consistently declining.
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My experience at NMU has been amazing so far! Everyone here is so nice and ready to help you with anything and everything. The campus is small which is perfect; it's not overwhelming and it doesn't take much time to get to and from classes. The dorms are small and rather old, but living in the dorms here has given me the opportunity to make some amazing friends. NMU has a great Psychology program and I enjoy going to all of my classes this semester. Whenever I get bored of being on campus, I can easily get around and go explore all of what Marquette has to offer. Nature surrounds you, so whenever you get stressed out or depressed, it's super easy to submerge yourself in nature, which is a great way to unwind and take your mind off things. I come from Grand Rapids, MI and at first I thought the distance would be a problem, but it isn't. I'm so glad I chose NMU!
Northern Michigan is a decent college. Tuition rates are reasonable. I couldn't help but feel like the President and Dean and everyone else in charge didn't seem to care a whole lot for its students and faculty. Teachers getting laid off so the school can afford to upgrade its campus. Does that make sense? No. Selfish school, but great professors, and you can get your degree.
Decent academics, great profs, and a gorgeous setting. If you love the outdoors and can hack winter, this place can't be beat.
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