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Northern Maine Community College Reviews

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It is a very hands on learning environment. They stride right beside me to succeed. I feel very encouraged in my program. It is a smallink close nit school.
Personable college. Teachers are willing to help the students with any needs they have. Overall great experience.
This is the best 2 year college. The professors are totally invested in their students success and it is evident in the way students interact with them. The education received here will leave you prepared for transfer to university or prepared to start your new career. High caliber instructors, many with a doctorate and skill that makes you wonder why are they not somewhere bigger. The answer from them is always the same, they love this school and the campus atmosphere. What a great community college!
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The professors are really nice and they have a chance to know the students individually because of smaller class sizes. NMCC saves you money too compared to universities.
Very good school. I had a great time. Conducive learning environment.
The academic flexibility is not bad, definitely decent.
My experience has been awesome as far as education goes.
The financial aid process goes by smoothly and everything works out in the end.
Everything about this school is great, no better place out there.
My school is in the process in making a workout area. I think this will earn it a better rating in the future.
I have learned a lot with the courses I have taken to graduate.
The career center is very helpful in opinions on how I should approach my future.
I think the student body at NMCC is okay. The students should all get together and hang out more.
I think the online courses are great and convenient at Northern Maine Community College
the instructors really work with you and help you. If you need advice on classes or future career, they will help
I have no experience with online courses, but if at all possible I would like to try at least one online course.
Northern Maine Community College is open to all diversities of people. Acceptance is not based upon something a person cannot change about themselves. There are all kinds of different people in the student body. In a way it is similar to high school because everyone forms small groups based on interests and hobbies. Everyone is pretty friendly though and making new friends isn't too difficult.
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I'm not quite sure about this topic so I can't really say all that much. I know they offer a partnership with Husson University that allows students to continue their education without having to travel to the campus.
Some professors teach multiple classes which is beneficial in some aspects, but degrading in others. Having the same teacher for multiple classes helps because you can establish a good relationship with them and feel more comfortable when it comes time for your next class. It can however be monotonous listening to the same voice all day. Having multiple teachers with different personalities can spice things up a bit. I wouldn't change my professors I have now though, they are all amazing at what they do.
I'm currently enrolled for Computer Electronics major. I figured my classes would be focused around computer technology, but this first semester has mainly been general courses. I have learned more about the basics of electricity than I thought I had to, which is great because I understand more about how electricity impacts my major than I did before. The workload isn't at all that bad-- if you manage time wisely. There is ample time to finish all of the work assigned and then some. The curriculum is focused on computers but there are required electives that allow for the broadening of students' minds. If you are interested in psychology then that is available for you even if you have a major such as mine.
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