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Northern Kentucky University Reviews

1,599 reviews
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My experience so far at Northern has not been bad. It's not too big but it's not too small. The professors are very helpful and understanding as well as all of the super cool people I have met so far.
The educational staff is nothing short of fantastic. My only complaint is that the student life is relatively dull.
I transferred to NKU and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made! The classes are small and you feel very connected to your professors. The department I studied in had some of the most knowledgeable, professional and helpful professors I've ever met. I was so pleased in my undergrad at NKU, I'm attending NKU for graduate school.
I am very satisfied with the education that NKU provides. The gen eds are not my favorite part of the college experience but once you get into your major classes your teachers become involved in your learning process. It is a very safe environment and I encourage students to apply.
Northern Kentucky University is an outstanding university! The school has small class sizes, so even the professor will know and even remember your name. This allows for a relationship with the professor and a better learning atmosphere. The professors truly care about the students learning and well-being. There are also a ton of clubs and fraternity/sorority to get more involved. Overall, this campus is unlike any other, due to their love for students and faculty alike.
My classes and professors are great. My professors were all very reasonable and understanding, and none of my classes were too hard or too easy. I feel that the student body is very diverse, at least compared to the Northern Kentucky area. The only thing I would like to see changed is the food. It's not horrible, but the range of choices is somewhat lacking, especially in the evenings.

I can't comment on the party scene or housing because I did not experience those things this semester. There does seem to be a lack of decent clubs at the school, however.
My daughter is starting her transfer process. They have been very informative and helpful. Her advisor took over an hour in a half and explained the process. What credits were excepted and how they would be used. He made it easy to understand what she could expect to happen and the order it needed to happen. He gave her what she was responsible for and what she could do to help speed the process of some pending class credits.
I am currently a freshmen at NKU, and I love it! The school atmosphere, and administration are awesome! The professors are very understanding, and that is one of the best things I love about NKU. I would recommend anyone to attend Northern Kentucky University!
I LOVE NKU. This is the most inviting campus I have ever been to. The people are amazing and so nice. The professors are involved with things on campus, the food is so good! Nku offers amazing opportunities for all students who are attending whether you are commuting or you are a resident. The organization opportunities are through the roof, from Greek Life, to sports teams, NKU offers something for every taste, and if they don't have something you want, they will help you create a program for it!
Ive visited many times and am vert highly considering it to be my future school so im very excited to see where everything takes me.
I am a senior at Butler High School right now but I have gotten accepted to this school. I plan on moving in and starting in my fall semester next year. I took a campus tour and fell in love with it in an instant second. The campus is beautiful and all of their students there are very welcoming. Classroom sizes are small, about 25 students in a class average, and that was one of my big worries because I'm not a fan of big schools. Overall it is a good school and I feel that I will be very successful there.
Northern Kentucky University(NKU) is an amazing school. It is a diverse community that has many international students from different countries. It is a relatively safe campus.In addition,the faculty are willing to help students achieve their career goals.
Overall, I think Northern Kentucky University is a great school for a laid back person like myself. NKU has overall average qualities in all aspects. This campus is very new so everything is nicely built and has a nice environment surrounding it. The staff at NKU is very friendly which has definitely made my experience better and I would recommend this school to anyone.
Even NKU lacks a football team, it make sup for it by providing tons of organizations for students to get involved in. NKU offers tutoring services, promotes student wellness, and is overall a very friendly campus!
This college is amazing! From the moment I stepped foot onto the campus, I felt it was my home. Not only did I have such a strong feeling about it, but so did the thousands of others students that also attend there.
For the duration that I have been at Northern Kentucky University, I can say that I made the right college choice. The amount of diversity of academics and the intellect of the professors there are out of this world. Currently, I am majoring in journalism inside the building called griffin hall, aka the College of Informatics. I have never seen a building as dedicated and institutionalized to its specific majors as much as that one. Overall, everything there is enjoyable. If it would be one thing that I would change it would be the tuition. Currently to live in Hamilton county, Ohio, it costs double the amount if you lived in Kentucky which I just don't understand. But I still do not regret going to NKU.
As a freshman, I have never felt so welcomed to a school. Everyone is very nice and always willing to help me out. This is great since I am a commuter student. There is always something to get involved in as a commuter student. The professors are great and the campus is beautiful.
Honestly I love NKU. It is such a diverse scene compared to how my highschool was. Everyone is so opening and welcome. I feel as if all the professors are great and actually care about the students. Also, the partying is not too bad. It is cool that the fraternities rent out places so that it is a welcome atmosphere for all students. The food is good; a few more places would be nice but it is not terrible right now. There are always activities happening which is great and makes it super easy to get involved
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