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I like the atmosphere of the campus but the three day orientation for new students could be shorter.
This is only my second semester at the college and with that I have been nothing but amazed. It is a wonderful campus staffed with some pretty amazing and helpful people.
I love NKU! It's a great campus despite what people say. I personally think it's a very pretty campus with the lake, plants, and ivy. It's definitely growing every year, and there's a new building coming plus lots of renovations! I feel everyone should consider it in their college search.
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My experience at Northern Kentucky University has been pleasant, thus far. I am a transfer, adult student and it's been over eight years since I have been a part of academia. NKU has made my transition smooth. The campus is an ideal size making the environment not too overwhelming and accessible . The rec- center facility is kept very nice and is one of the largest I have experienced--equipped with an Olympic size swimming pool, hot tub, indoor running track, climbing wall and state of the art work out equipment. The professors here at NKU are great, they are very helpful on assuring your understanding of the material and exude a passion for the subject they are teaching.
Northern Kentucky University is a great school to attend if you live in the trip-state area. Classes sizes are small and teachers are always willing to help if you ask in advance. NKU has a beautiful campus. Something I would like for NKU to change is the parking. At times it is very hard to find parking. Sometimes you have to arrive like an hour early or risk being late to classes. Also parking is far from buildings and during winter it can be harsh. Another thing the parking pass is extremely expensive. The campus food can use some improvement, along with the hours. The library hours are very convenient.
Currently I am a Senior at Northern KY University and I absolutely love it. The campus is easy to maneuver, parking is easy to find, and there's security on sight (even though nothing really happened during my time here. I really enjoy the atmosphere and the diversity at NKU. We are cultured and overall a unit. I couldn't have attended a better college.
I love Northern. I originally did not intend to go, but I got sick with an auto immune disease, and I couldn't travel. I was angry that I had to go to Northern, but now I can't imagine myself anywhere else. The professors are accommodating, the student life is great, and being close to Cincinnati is amazing.
I really enjoyed learning at NKU. It was stressful at times and I wanted to drop out from time to time but I enjoyed the people there. Although I wish that NKU would serve better food. Also I wish that NKU would have better student oragnizations. Overall, I really like NKU but, I wish that it would step up its game.
Great school it is in a very nice area. the people and the professor are very nice and glad to help student.
Small class sizes and personal attention from professors really nailed it for me. I was nervous moving from a small community college to a large university but the campus is smaller and more personable and very inclusive since I'm transgender. It made me feel less like an outsider and more like a part of a community.
This school overall is pretty good. I had some problems with the financial aid office throughout my years here. The academics and professors are great. There are many things to be involved with. I love the Campus Rec Center. Most of the athletes are terrible on and off the court.
I love the campus and social life of NKU. The professors are awesome but the administration is not too great. The administrators are not helpful whatsoever and have no lenience for anything. Also, the GPA scale is extremely unfair.
My overall experience at Northern Kentucky University has been a great experience. The professors genuinely care about their students and their success, as well as making the students feel a welcoming environment.
I love NKU. I have really benefitted from living on campus, furthering my education, and budgeting my time wisely. There are many things I have gained from living on campus that I wouldn't have learned otherwise.
I feel as though the university could do a better job reviewing transcripts better to determine the competency of courses completed in the past.
Fantastic school with so much to offer. Our programs are great especially out IT program. Its a beautiful campus near Cincinnati Ohio. There is so much to do and many opportunistic
NKU is a pretty nice place to be, the campus is small compared to UC or OSU. Its a big commuter school, which kinda sucks because if you live on campus there isn't much to do on the weekend people tend to go home or go to other university to visit friends. The food could be better but I would say they have a nice variety selection of food. A big disadvantages is they don't have a football team so in the fall your going to be bored till basketball season comes. Greek life is pretty big here and the NHPC Greeks are know for throwing the best parties. But overall NKU is a nice place it can be your home away from home if you make it .
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All the staff are SO helpful. This place feels like home to me. I can go to any faculty and staff and ask for help and they will be so honored in helping.
Before I started here I didn't want to go because I was scared. Now that I've been there a year I absolutely love it. I think some of the teachers could use a little bit of work, such as being nicer or actually put grades up on blackboard.
Great students, great faculty, and great atmosphere. People have said that you have to go to a huge university to live the college life. I disagree, NKU is a small school which is on the rise.
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