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My overall experience at Northern Kentucky University has been a great experience. The professors genuinely care about their students and their success, as well as making the students feel a welcoming environment.
I love NKU. I have really benefitted from living on campus, furthering my education, and budgeting my time wisely. There are many things I have gained from living on campus that I wouldn't have learned otherwise.
I feel as though the university could do a better job reviewing transcripts better to determine the competency of courses completed in the past.
Review Northern Kentucky University
Fantastic school with so much to offer. Our programs are great especially out IT program. Its a beautiful campus near Cincinnati Ohio. There is so much to do and many opportunistic
NKU is a pretty nice place to be, the campus is small compared to UC or OSU. Its a big commuter school, which kinda sucks because if you live on campus there isn't much to do on the weekend people tend to go home or go to other university to visit friends. The food could be better but I would say they have a nice variety selection of food. A big disadvantages is they don't have a football team so in the fall your going to be bored till basketball season comes. Greek life is pretty big here and the NHPC Greeks are know for throwing the best parties. But overall NKU is a nice place it can be your home away from home if you make it .
All the staff are SO helpful. This place feels like home to me. I can go to any faculty and staff and ask for help and they will be so honored in helping.
Before I started here I didn't want to go because I was scared. Now that I've been there a year I absolutely love it. I think some of the teachers could use a little bit of work, such as being nicer or actually put grades up on blackboard.
Great students, great faculty, and great atmosphere. People have said that you have to go to a huge university to live the college life. I disagree, NKU is a small school which is on the rise.
Get learning environment. Close to home. I always feel welcomed. Great professors and advisor always there to help.
If I had to say anything about NKU, it's that it has definitely seen a huge growth in the past few years both attendance and campus wise. Not to mention our sports teams have gotten only better and better every year; we even managed to get into the NCAA this year as a Division 1 school. The impression that i had, and the one most visiting students probably get about NKU is that it is a small campus; yes, unfortunately there's not much campus ground but it more than makes up for it in its class sizes. My one concern about first entering college was one about being overlooked by a professor in a huge lecture class, well fortunately here at NKU the classes are made to accommodate the students. Not once have I had a huge lecture class in which I felt I had no strong engagement with my professor, in actuality I refer to my professors by their first name, and that the kind of relationship that really will help you feel at home and help you grow here at NKU!
I love this school, it has been a great place to live and study while transitioning into adulthood, making great friends, and getting involved in the areas I am interested in.
NKU's campus is beautiful. The teachers are amazing and very helpful. I feel very close to home on this campus.
My experience so far at Northern has not been bad. It's not too big but it's not too small. The professors are very helpful and understanding as well as all of the super cool people I have met so far.
The educational staff is nothing short of fantastic. My only complaint is that the student life is relatively dull.
I transferred to NKU and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made! The classes are small and you feel very connected to your professors. The department I studied in had some of the most knowledgeable, professional and helpful professors I've ever met. I was so pleased in my undergrad at NKU, I'm attending NKU for graduate school.
I am very satisfied with the education that NKU provides. The gen eds are not my favorite part of the college experience but once you get into your major classes your teachers become involved in your learning process. It is a very safe environment and I encourage students to apply.
Northern Kentucky University is an outstanding university! The school has small class sizes, so even the professor will know and even remember your name. This allows for a relationship with the professor and a better learning atmosphere. The professors truly care about the students learning and well-being. There are also a ton of clubs and fraternity/sorority to get more involved. Overall, this campus is unlike any other, due to their love for students and faculty alike.
Review Northern Kentucky University
My classes and professors are great. My professors were all very reasonable and understanding, and none of my classes were too hard or too easy. I feel that the student body is very diverse, at least compared to the Northern Kentucky area. The only thing I would like to see changed is the food. It's not horrible, but the range of choices is somewhat lacking, especially in the evenings.

I can't comment on the party scene or housing because I did not experience those things this semester. There does seem to be a lack of decent clubs at the school, however.
My daughter is starting her transfer process. They have been very informative and helpful. Her advisor took over an hour in a half and explained the process. What credits were excepted and how they would be used. He made it easy to understand what she could expect to happen and the order it needed to happen. He gave her what she was responsible for and what she could do to help speed the process of some pending class credits.
I am currently a freshmen at NKU, and I love it! The school atmosphere, and administration are awesome! The professors are very understanding, and that is one of the best things I love about NKU. I would recommend anyone to attend Northern Kentucky University!
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