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I like going to northern essex community college because they offer day and night classes, the professors are super helpful, and they offer a great toturing program.
NECC is a great college that has help me in so many ways and has given me the opportunity to continue my education.
Northern Essex Community College has been an amazing experience. Everyone is so kind and genuine. The professors are hard working and care about their students. My experience at NECC has been a journey but I have enjoyed every minute of it!
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Teachers were great, people are very welcoming. NECC Cafe employees are wonderful and so welcoming and attentive! Coursework isn't overwhelming but keeps you busy.
I firmly believe that in the Northern Essex Community College will in the future provide me with many opportunities. While your time in college is a very favorable experience to live by, I hope all of the students looking to attend here know some very important points in college. It’s important to stay positive and initiate commitment, as an outcome from all the negativity, never dwell on the past, but know that something will always be learned from each and every other person that one may come across in life. As a new student learn to maintain a common ground with all that you meet, but always bear in mind that from the good ones you learn what is expected. In college, remember to stay on top of your game. Commemorate on the good times that will be spent in college, most importantly always recall to have a little extra room to make improvements to be a better person then what you were antecedently.
My experience with this college has changed me a lot on how I see things with my major and myself leadership wise with the clubs, sports and organizations I joined with my 3 years at this college. I have been apart of the Student Government Association, served on the Board of Trustees, was apart of Improv Club, joined the National Society of Leadership and Success, etc... I don't think I know anything that can be change from this college.
The teachers and extra help that is offered by this school (specifically in computer science) is exemplary. I am continuously happy with how interesting the teachers manage to make the material while teaching you a lot as well. For the cost, it’s well worth the degree with enough wiggle room to maybe get two.
I absolutely love NECC. the professors are very good at teaching and also are very educated on their subjects. They are always finding new ways to present material and you can tell that they genuinely enjoy what they are doing. I have never not LOVED my professor and their teaching style. They're always fair and always willing to make accommodations when needed.
Northern Essex Community College was the best choice I have ever made. The campus is beautiful, Lawrence campus is in the heart of my city and the Haverhill campus is peaceful. The transportation is reliable and the staff members are the best.
I am a student college at Northern Essex C.C. and what I like about it is that they have a lot of good teachers who try to help their students to succeed. Also, this college is close to my house, so I do not have to travel long distances.
Im rating Northern Essex community college 3 stars because of their professors. They do have some really nice professors, but unfortunately I had bad experiences with some. Overall, NECC is a really nice school.
Like the Criminal Justice department and the baseball staff and team. Being part of the Baseball team has been very rewarding for me. It has made it easier to meet and make some new friends. Teamwork and a lot of practice whether on the field or in the batting cages during the off season helps me focus on my studies to achieve good grades. The environment at the school is welcoming.
This is my first year but second semester. I have really enjoyed my experience here. It’s a great place to start your college experience. Most state school and those in the surrounding states allow your credits to transfer over. Myself I am transferring to a 4 year nursing program and all my credit should carry over. Saved me a lot of money.
I am currently enrolled in school after graduating high school 31 years ago. I really enjoy campus life.
I graduated as a dental assistant at Northern Essex Community College.This school is great. They are very attentive and they staff wants to make sure that you graduate and help you reach your goals.
I started at NECC in Fall of 2016 and I am about to start my fourth semester there this January for the Spring 2018 semester. I can honestly say that I am so grateful for NECC. It is definitely more affordable than other schools which is a blessing because other colleges are just far too expensive. I am able to go to a school and continue my education and work towards my degree in Elementary Education without feeling like I am getting the short end of the stick. The staff members are very kind and all of the instructors I have had the past three semesters have been amazing. I recommend NECC to all of my friends and family that are looking into colleges.
Like in every college there are good professors and bad ones. The safety in the parking lots its not so good. There are no cameras in the parking lots (which I think is absurd). Someone scratched my car and I was unable to find out who it was because there are no cameras.
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I am in my first year here so far I really enjoy going here. All the professors are there to help. You are given every opportunity to get any help you need to succeed.
Great staff of caring professors who are knowledgeable, coupled with the smaller class size allows for a more personal education experience.
I am dual enrollment student at Northern Essex and I have not had any problems with the school and I like way that they try their best to give all their students the best college experience.
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